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    I grew up thin and athletic. I never had to worry about what I ate – I could eat whatever I desired and I was thin and muscular. I had tons of energy. Growing up we were pretty poor but we ate really healthy. My mom was a hippy so we ate lots of veggies and fruit. I had my first baby at age 18, lost the baby weight within 6 weeks. Had a second baby at age 20 and again lost the weight within 6 or 8 weeks. I stayed the same weight for the next 6 years until my 3rd child was born. I was misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and after reading an article in Lancet that suggested that eating animal protein was the reason for the arthritic symptoms switched to a strict vegetarian diet with NO fat. Thus begun an 8 year vegetarian odyssey. The first 6 years I was strict vegan with little to no fat. The last 2 years I started eating small amounts of dairy again, mostly cheese. By the end of those 8 years I had gained a total of 50 pounds and had no energy. I was trying to walk and exercise but there were days I could barely get myself moving. I managed to keep up with my 4 kids and work but I was dragging all the time.
    I decided it was time for a change and I read Eat Right for Your Blood Type. It made sense so I started eating meat, cut out wheat, corn, dairy and potatoes – started eating even more veggies than I had as a vegetarian. I lost 35 pounds and had more energy than I knew what to do with. I still did not exercise but I looked and felt better than I had in years. That was 12 years ago. Since then my weight has crept up with small increments of decreases.
    I spent the last year or two working hard at exercise and getting fit. I spent a lot of time counting calories. I have worked out with a trainer that inferred that I must be eating more than 1,500 calories or I would be losing weight. I have lost only about 20 pounds but I have gained muscle too. I lost one dress size. I now wear the same dress size that I wore 40 pounds ago. Everyone that knows me would tell you that I am one of the healthiest eaters they know. I believe in eating fresh, local, organic, delicious food. I thought I had it dialed in…. boy was I wrong…
    After talking to my wellness coach, she suggested that I consider low-carb. Atkins was the only low-carb regime that I knew about so on August 15th I started low-carbing with Atkins but I hated it. There was too much reliance on bars and meal replacements and I was hungry! Later the same week, I stumbled upon Marks Daily Apple and fell head over heels. Here was someone that I could get behind. Fresh, locally sourced organic REAL food. I have gone all the way with regards the diet except for a couple of parties where I indulged with a drink or several. Even at the parties I have been able to eat within the Primal Blueprint. I already walk 4-7 hours per week with my dog. I have sprinted on two occasions (my knees are not so happy) at the beach while barefoot – my dog thinks this is a great new game! On Friday, my new barefoot shoes arrived (Merrell Pace Gloves).
    Day one of Primal Blueprint 30 day challenge –
    B – coffee with 1 TBS of coconut oil – skipped the food part as part of Intermittent Fast challenge (does it count if I had coconut oil?)
    L – Big Ass Salad – 1 fairly large heirloom tomato, 4 cups of organic salad greens, 4 ounces grilled organic chicken breast, ¼ cup homemade guacamole, 1 ounce of feta cheese. No dressing needed – the tomato was really juicy. Also, ate ½ of a Larabar (cherry).
    S – 2 coconut chocolate cookies (Primal Food Lover’s recipe)
    D – Beef Tips, mashed potatoes (with organic butter, cream cheese and sour cream) & Caprese Salad (Heirloom Tomatoes, organic basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, balsalmic vinegar)
    Activity – Walked 1.5 hours total today in my barefoot shoes!
    Diver Girl goes Primal Journal

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    Great first day! Good job sticking to it, and good luck!


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      Originally posted by robotunicr0n View Post
      Great first day! Good job sticking to it, and good luck!
      Thanks! There are so many that I did not think anyone would read it.
      Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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        Forgot to post this before I went to bed last night -

        Day 2 –
        Slept terribly last night. Theoretically I should have gotten a little over 7 hours of sleep however I had a lot of trouble falling asleep (maybe I wanted it too much?) and then I woke up 4 or 5 times (this is rarely an issue for me). I had bizarre dreams too.
        B – 2 eggs, 1 oz cheddar cheese, 2 cups spinach, coffee w/1 TBS coconut oil
        L – Big Ass Salad – 4 cups greens, 1 cup pea shoots, 1 oz feta cheese, 1 med-lg heirloom tomato, ½ small avocado
        S – 2 Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies (Food Lovers Primal recipe)
        D – 2 cups Swiss Chard cooked with onion, butter, & a touch of bacon grease, ¼ lb spicy chicken sausage made by a local company, some marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. 2 squares 85% dark chocolate.
        Walked 45 minutes in my barefoot shoes with my dog before dinner.
        Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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          Day 3 -
          Wow the dreams I have been having are CRAZY! I went to bed earlier than normal and slept harder than usual but I had crazy dreams. Maybe from going into deeper sleep? I slept a solid 7.5 hours - really good for me. Did not even hear the hubby's alarm. I don't have an alarm and I usually get up earlier than he does.

          Food so far today - the rest will follow -
          B - coffee with coconut oil, 2 eggs, 2 cups chopped swiss chard, 1 oz feta
          L - Big Ass Salad - 4 cups greens, 1 cup pea shoots, 3 oz chicken, 1 oz feta, 1/2 avocado, and med-lg heirloom tomato
          S - The last 2 coconut chocolate chip paleo cookies
          Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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            Day 3 continued - Perfect Primal Dinner - So YUMMY!
            1/3 lb grass fed burger patty w/Gruyere cheese
            Artichokes with Kerry Gold butter
            Heirloom Caprese Salad (Tomatoes, basil & fresh mozarella)

            Probably eating too much cheese?

            I am a happy, happy girl!

            Walked for 1.5 hours in my barefoot shoes. My dog went psycho half way through our walk and nearly tore my wrist off!
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            Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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              There are lots of journals, but inevitably yours will get read a lot over time since whenever you post it goes to the top. Keep chuggin! Great job!


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                The barefoot walking will definitely pay off. I've been walking "barefoot" in water shoes 8 hours a day all week and my legs are definitely getting a workout! Not that we're supposed to worry about calories, but it seems evident that I'm expending more effort and energy walking this way. I land toes first and let my heel gently touch down. And the aches I usually had by the end of my shift? All gone! I thought I had bad feet all these years. Nope. Just bad shoes.
                Crohn's, doing SCD


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                  Day 4 - I should probably note here that I started eating Primal on 8/15 so this is actually 30 days of eating right but Day 4 of the Challenge. The only bad thing that I have ingested is alcohol! And I have not had any of that in a week (I did really overindulge last Thursday!)

                  I know I shouldn't be a slave to the scale but I was curious so I stepped on today - I shouldn't have. I have not lost anything in the last two weeks. I feel thinner and my clothes are slightly looser but I feel fantastic so I am not going to worry for now. So far today -
                  B - Coffee with coconut oil, 2eggs, 2 cups spinach, a smidge of feta cheese and a pat of butter
                  L - Big Ass Salad - 4 cups of greens, 1/2 avocado, 1 heirloom tomato, 1.5 cups of caprese salad, 1.5 cups of shredded Mexican beef, 1 oz feta cheese

                  I already know that I will not be eating dinner - tonight is game night! We get together with a bunch of friends every Thursday for games. As I stated above, I overindulged on Mongolian Vodka last week. That will definitely not be happening this week. We all bring appetizers to share and I have been able to avoid all the grain filled crap. I have been bringing olives and cheese and salami. Probably just cheese today - don't think I have anything else in my pantry/fridge. I will report tomorrow how the evening went. I am not even planning on drinking any wine.

                  Oh - and I did the PBF LHT workout before lunch! I don't really know why I worked out with weights all those years - I weigh plenty! Either that or I have gotten weaker.
                  Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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                    Thanks Knifegill! I am loving my Merrell's. I have been wearing Tom's classics to work and they feel a lot like going barefoot too. They are a bit casual for women's shoes at work. I run around my house barefoot all the time and wear my Merrell's when I run errands or go for a walk. I am running/walking in a 3.5 mile race next Wednesday in San Francisco and I plan on wearing them for that. I have not yet run in the Merrell's but I have to trust that my knees won't hurt as much as wearing conventional shoes will. I am going to try and run as much of the race as possible but the most I was able to run previously before taking a walking break was 1/2 mile.
                    Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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                      Running barefoot is a lot different. You'll find yourself sort of hunkered down and gliding. While sprinting is always done on tip-toes, distance running while barefoot is a whole different game. I found out I can't go as fast...
                      Crohn's, doing SCD


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                        Questions -
                        What if I don't like fish? I also don't like fish supplements (fishy burps!)
                        What if the scale never moves?
                        Will I every get up enough confidence to check out the cross fit gym across the street from my office?
                        Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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                          1) If you have the money for grass-fed animal fats and other healthy sources of omega-3 rich (or at least balanced) food, don't worry about not eating fish. Just make it a point to avoid foods high in omega-6 and you won't be doing a balancing act at all.

                          2) If your body transformation achieves no net loss of weight, you'll look like a body builder, depending on weight. Enjoy. Just kidding, but you've never talked about your actual weight. Just that you've gained and lost some. If you are only a few pounds over where you think you should be, don't even worry about it. I lose, on average, a pound a month. I was 215 pounds a few years (total doughboy) ago and now I'm 170. But I look like a ken doll, so I'm not worried about it. I should supposedly weigh even less, but my abs are already defined and I'm not giving up strength via muscle degradation just because the government wants me to. I like the scale, but the mirror tells me more. A little salt and water will gain me five pounds in a day. Why pay attention to it? Watch the spare tire line for a better update!

                          3) Screw crossfit and any other system designed to empty your bank account. Check out your neighborhood playground for all the equipment you'll need.
                          Crohn's, doing SCD


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                            Wow - thanks Knifegill! You made me feel a lot better. I have been buying 1/2 beefs for the past few years from a local rancher that grows them as a hobby - totally grass fed, free ranging on his ranch out by the coast. We go through about 1/2 per year. I have a friend that started a business and I wanted to help him out but he insists on finishing them with grain so I went back to the other guy. I have been worried about the DHA - Omega 3.

                            I would really like to lose 2 pants sizes - I estimate based on previous weights that it would be about 40-50 lbs. I have always been densely muscular (according to my doctor and my massage therapist) so it is tough to tell (I always weigh quite a bit more than people estimate). That being said I am more focused on the clothing fitting, feeling strong and healthy which is one of the reasons I have not posted my weights.

                            Last night I did well - no alcohol and for dinner/snacks - cheese, kale chips, almonds and about 1/4 of a peach
                            Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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                              Day 5 of the challenge -
                              B - 3 eggs, 2 cups of spinach, pat of butter, coffee w/coconut oil
                              L - 1.5 cups of Mexican Shredded beef, cheese & an avocado
                              D - 1/2 cup of Mexican Shredded beef, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, cilantro & homemade guacamole.
                              No exercise - let's call it a rest day!

                              Update at 10:25 pm = ate 2 squares of dark chocolate and took a 1.5 hour cemetery tour - walking up and down hills. Not strenuous but active.
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                              Diver Girl goes Primal Journal