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    9-12-11 Monday

    Im 30 yrs old full time student and employee, i love anything active and my life goals are to become a holistic nutritionist and live past a 100 while still being mindfull and very active. I have been very active my entire life with any sport i could get my hands on, i have always been trying to improve my eating style since high school. 1 year ago i was intruduced to the paleo diet and was very sceptical about no grains/legumes because of my trouble keeping muscle gains and reading way to many health and fitness mags. I stuck it out for 3 months and decided it wasnt all the hype so i began to put grains back into my diet and my body clearly disagreed with me and i had no choice but to listen. the next 4 months i droped from 180lbs 12%fat to 160lbs 4%fat where i stayed. I fell onto MDA 3 months ago started to learn about healthy fats and started to notice strength and lean muscle gains while fat % stayed the same. I have been primal for 3 months at about 95-5 and saw the challenge. excited !!!!

    today was an off day :/

    7 hrs sleep
    brkfst- a mix of raw nuts, serving of grapes, kiwi,
    lnch-4 organic eggs, raw nuts,whey protien,daily v.
    dnnr-organic grass fed goundbeef w/ Org. onion,garlic,asparagus,bll peppr,portabello mushrooms,fresh oregano,thyme,cayenne and black pepper,mixed garden greens.

    sun- yes
    movement- 1hr full body stretch/yoga
    water-half gallon
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    9-13-11 Tuesday
    Can anyone tell me how to add to my own thread besides me replying to it? Please leave comments on weather my shake is primal as i dont own the primal blue print book. thanks

    B-5 organic eggs, multi vit.
    L-previous days dinner
    P.W. shake- whey protein,plain kefer,raw coconut oil,raw cocoa powder,raw honey,water
    other- 16oz cofee with dash of coconut milk
    grazing- grapes, 2 large handfuls of mixed nuts, half of the juice from a brown coconut,couple pieces of coconut meat.
    dinner-raw coconut oil, chkn liver,ground beef,tomatoe,green nd red bll pepper,portabello mushroom,kale,onion,garlic,cayenne pepper, fresh thyme,oregano,taragon,salt,lime juice,bed of mixed greens,dressed with a lil olive oil, 2g omega 3's.

    sun- its not really out today
    workout-body weight pull ups(wide,shoulder width and reverse, bent over rows,front lever rows,front lever pulls bent knees,standing bi curls, preacher curls, all workout ranging from 12-1 rep max.
    movement- stretch/yoga half hour
    water- 1+gal
    lots of good food today
    sleep night before-7hrs
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      Can anyone tell me how to add to my own thread besides me replying to it?
      Click on the big green forum button, then on whichever forum you want to post in. Then click on the big dark green +Post New Thread. Is that what you were asking?
      Ancestral Health Info

      I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

      Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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        yes,thankyou very much!


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          9-14-11 Wednesday My 31st birthday!!!!!!!!

          Very, very sore from yesterdays workout and because of the busy day between work and school today is going to be rest and stretch. But because of the busy day I also dont feel as if i provided my body with the nutrients I would have liked too.

          I just now decided that im going to put my meals down in numbers because i eat by how i feel as far as time and quantity goes.

          meal 1- 5 eggs,handful of blueberries, 1 strawberry, daily vit., 1g omega 3's
          meal 2- previous nights dinner
          meal 3- 1 cup mixed nuts, 1 cup grapes, half cup fresh coconut meat
          meal 4- protein shake: whey protein, 1/4 cup blueberries, coconut oil, cocoa powder, kefer, water
          meal 5- last of previous nights dinner with couple handfulls of mixed nuts
          meal 6- a total of about 1pound of organic ground chicken and beef, handfull of nuts,whey protein w water

          no sun exposure besides face and arms
          1+ gal of water could have drank a lot more due to work load
          7 hours of sleep could have used more with the workout i did yesterday
          workout- off day
          movement- half hour stretching/lower body

          i would fail myself for today as far as primal goes, because of lack of time today i went for to many nuts and a second helping of whey protein, i should have had more veggies and greens,
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            9-15-11 Thursday

            smoothie and salad i made at whole foods. I try to limit doing this more than twice a week only because it gets very expensive but its a great alternative to everything else out there. If i spend more than i want than ill cut back somewhere else on the weekends, i think spending money on the healthiest food available is an investment and not a waste.

            m 1- 5 eggs, hand full of blueberries, daily vit., 2g omega 3's.
            m 2- 2 hand fulls of mixed nuts,(raw and organic- brazil,almond,hazel,cashew,macadamian,pecans,pumpk in seeds) meat from half a coconut.
            m 3- 16oz green smoothie-kale,spinach i allways tell them heavy on the greens and they do it, mango,banana,strawberries,ginger,coconut water,scoop of protein.
            m 4- salad(from whole foods) spinach,arugula,tomato,celery,carrots,shoots,beets ,cucumber,soybeans,baked chicken leg and breast on the bone( all the way down to the marrow)
            m 5- chicken liver spiced with curry powder,cayenne,black p., vegies-kale,tomato,green and red pepper,long green onion tasting things,lots of garlic,thyme,oregano,tarragon, low low heat for just a couple minutes, to lighten up the 5 cloves of garlic. All on a bed of fresh greens

            sun- nope
            workout- no (rest needed) listening to your body and making sure you recover properly is just as important as the workouts.
            water-close to 2 gal
            nutrition- great today! at least i think, feel free to comment anyone
            sleep/previous night- 6 hrs.

            because of my workout 2 days ago and its intensity, work being very very physically demanding last 2 days, soreness in muscles not going away like normal. The number one thing i can do better is get more sleep and tonight i will do just that.
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              9-16-11 Friday

              Sooooooo..... although i want to leave a few things out and just forget them i dont believe it would be beneficial to me or to anyone reading my thread. Here it goes, I cheated! I will include the bad food and what happened that caused me to fall of my challenge. I am however starting over even though it wont be legit, i told myself i would do it and im going to do it. If this happens to anyone out there i guess all i can say is dont beat yourself up and dont ignore that you did it and try your best to finish your goal.

              m 1- 5 eggs, hand full of blueberries, daily vit., 2g Omega 3's
              m 2- 1/4 of the meat from full coconut, 4 strawberries
              m 3- half of my left overs from dinner
              m 4- the remaining 1/4 of the coconut, 4 strawberries
              m 5- the rest of the left overs from dinner
              All this was consumed by 4 o'clock. With plans to go eat at a Jamaican restaurant at 7:30 i didnt eat anything else. I was the first to arrive at the new restaurant and ordered a water and jerk shrimp with the mind set that i was not going to deviate from my challenge. My friends arrive and i order my meal(coconut curry scallops and shrimp) i wasnt aware that there were sides with this dish and when asked the 2 best options were fried plantains and steamed veggies, and the challenge starts to slip away from me. After the plantains the bar tender made coconut banana daiquiri and i commented on the fact that was my favorite so the kind bar tender she was she gave me the left overs and i didnt refuse, then my friend ordered my a red stripe and i didnt refuse that either. fried plantains,coconut banana daiquiri, 3 red stripes latter i caved all the way and ordered i Jamaican jerk fish patty( its fish inside of a light flaky pastry bread.

              sun- yes
              workout- no
              water- 1+ gal.
              nutrition- good up until dinner
              sleep- this i did improve and i got just a little over 9 hours and felt great
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                9-17-11 Saturday

                woke up with a horrible stomach ache!!! thats what i get for not having will power.

                m 1- 5 eggs, couple slices of bacon
                m 2- post workout shake( whey protein,coconut oil,strawberries
                m 3- salad(spinach,1 avocado,1 tomato,sugar snap peas,mushrooms,mixed nuts) very filling!
                m 4- huge serving of shrimp with shredded coconut,coconut oil,lemon juice,cumin,black and cayenne pepper
                m 5- banana with 2 hand fulls mixed nuts

                Tonight I went to a friends house to watch the Mayweather and Ortiz fight. I was positive there would be lots of temptations so I stuffed myself with one of my favorite foods, coconut shrimp. I was right about the food, lots of pizza,chips,soda,cookies, just to name a few. I brought with me a banana and lots of my favorite mixed nuts to eat when i wanted to cheat. Just like Mayweather i left victorious but without any controversy.

                sun- just enough
                workout- shoulders/chest- overhead barbell press,handstand pushups,arnold presses,ring dips,ring pushups.
                water-2+ gal. felt like i had to flush the bad from the day before
                nutrition- not the best as far as quantity but very fresh and healthy food today
                sleep- just over 8 hrs/good
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                  9-18-11 Sunday

                  m 1- water, 2 plums and mixed nuts( went hiking first thing in the morning, so i had some sugars,fats and hydrated)
                  m 2- green smoothie(kale,spinach,strawberries,banana,blueberr ies,whey protein,cocoa powder,coconut water) and good serving of ribs.
                  m 3- 4 eggs
                  m 4- salad(spinach,coconut shrimp)
                  m 5- went to my parents to celebrate my b-day. chicken,raw veggies-tomatoes,bell peppers,carrots,broccoli,sugar snap peas.
                  m 6- per my request of no cake my mom put candles in a mountain of strawberries and had lots of sliced apples,bananas,strawberries with melted dark chocolate in place of cake. It was delicious and the best part about it is everyone had no choice but to eat a tasty healthy dinner because it was my b-day and thats what i wanted

                  sun-lots of sun today
                  workout- hiked camelback mountain- ascent is 1,280 feet in 1.4 miles. reached the top in under 30 min
                  water- 2 gal
                  nutrition- overall good
                  sleep - 8hrs


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                    9-19-11 Monday

                    m 1- no surprises, 5 eggs,multi vit,2 g Omega 3's
                    m 2- handfull of mixed nuts and banana
                    m 3- green smoothie- kale,spinach,mango,peach,ginger,coconut water
                    m 4- post workout whey protein with water
                    m 5- heart,kidney,liver,and neck and a few other organs from a whole chicken,spinach,mixed greens,tomato,onion,garlic,red pepper
                    m 6- shrimp cooked in coconut oil,garlic,thyme,tarragon,cayenne pepper

                    sun- nope
                    workout- oac assisted pullups,toes to bar,planche tuck,front lever rows-flat tuck,reverse muscle ups,front lever pulls in tuck
                    water-2 gal
                    sleep-allmost 8 hours


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                      9-20-11 Tuesday

                      m 1- 5 eggs, daily vit,
                      m 2- banana, mixed nuts
                      m 3- post workout shake- whey protein, coconut oil
                      m 4- salad-shrimp cooked with coconut oil,garlic,onion,thyme,tarragon. raw-broccoli,spinach,mixed greens,tomato,mushrooms,sugar snap peas,green pepper,avocado. toped with olive oil and lemon
                      m 5- same raw veggies as previous salad but the meat was organic grass fed cow liver, 3 g. Omega 3's
                      thru out the day i also consumed an orange,mango, and another banana

                      sun- yes
                      workout- handstand pushups, pike to handstand with feet on wall,ring pushups,ring dips,regular pushups.
                      water 1.5 gal.
                      nutrition- solid day
                      sleep 8+ hours


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                        9-21-11 Wednesday

                        m 1- 5 eggs,multi vit, 1g omega 3's, chia tea
                        m 2- green smoothie- kale,spinach,bluberries,strawberries,banana,cocoa powder,coconut water
                        m 3- 2 cups of mixed nuts with salt
                        m 4- salad-spinach,arugula,mushrooms,beets,carrots,celery,squ ash,green peppers,grapes,onions,tomatoes,cucumber,radish, 1 lb of salmon
                        m 5- post workout shack- whey,water,coconut oil
                        m 6- 1 lb grass fed tbone steak. cooked on low heat for about 3 mins both sides. it was pretty much raw. Hopefully the quality is as good as wholefoods said. half an avocado.

                        workout-10 min sprints
                        water- 1+ gal
                        nutrition- good i think
                        sleep-9 hours


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                          Hi centenarian, I've always had trouble keeping weight on too so I empathise with your plight, despite being fairly skinny all my life, however, I've also found it easy to put on fat which sucks - I'm currently around 18% but down from nearly 25% at around 180 pounds. I'm currently trying to realign my body's way of partitioning the energy so I can get lean and build some proper muscles - I'm sick of working out hard with little to show for it.

                          I'm keen to watch your progress and I'll keep an eye out for you. It's well worth picking up a copy of Mark's book - lot's of great information in there.

                          Good luck! Jp
                          Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

                          JpGrok Journal


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                            thanks Jp!

                            realigning the bodies energy is great! I just ordered the book and cant wait to memorize it! Im interested in following your progress as well, and with my eating habits the way they are I've been slowly gaining muscle and keeping fat way down for the first time in my life.

                            Good luck to you too


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                              9-22-11 Thursday

                              m 1-grapefruit,large hand full of mixed nuts, half hour later whey protein with coconut oil( this was before first of 2 workouts today)
                              m 2- green smoothie- kale,spinach,strawberries,blueberries,coconut water,flaxseed oil,spirulina,
                              m 3- Half lb fatty steak,mixed nuts
                              m 4- grazed for a few hours on coconut oil,avocados,nuts,berries,grapes
                              m 5-post workout shake, whey, coconut oil
                              m 6- 6 eggs 3 peices of bacon, large bed of spinach and mixed greens, tomato, garlic, onion,green pepper,carrots,avocado,mushrooms,flax seed oil, spices.
                              m 7- grazing again on nuts, grapes, coconut oil, 1/4 pound of grass fed organic cow liver.

                              sun- lots on my hike. shoulders a tint of red
                              workout- 1st early morning was camelback mountain heart rate at 170 most the time. 2nd was mid afternoon lots of pull up variations, back extensions,biceps.
                              movement- I havent been including my prehab or stretching! 1 hour stretch today and band work for shoulder range of motion.
                              nutrition- overall good
                              water-2+ gal
                              sleep- 9+ hrs night before and 1+ hour nap between workouts