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Primal Journal-JasonF ~I'm Takin' It Back.. OOK~

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  • Primal Journal-JasonF ~I'm Takin' It Back.. OOK~

    I have been lost.... I'm 34, 5'6" and right now weight is about 260...
    I was 330 pounds 2 years ago, heavy my whole life.... I decided to get a handle on my life and started MMA... I brought the weight down to 220 and was loving life... found primal/paleo about a year ago when I started crossfit... The stress in my life caved in on me and so I have just spent the past 6 months eating and drinking myself into oblivion once again... I haven't been able to sleep, concentrate or anything. I was on the right track to getting my weight down to where I wanted it, I was actually fighting for a while, doubled the weight on all my lifts and then stopped...
    I WANT MY LIFE BACK... and I'm taking it by force from whatever demons I have allowed into control.
    So today is the perfect day, received an email like usual, since I'm on the mailing list and BAM.... 30 day primal challenge begins today... there's the sign. Went back to my sensei and told him I will be heading back over there, spoke to my coach and am going to get back in there.

    So here I am. Day One
    Had a vat of black coffee for breakfast

    L: Greek salad with grilled calamari

    D: Spice Rub slow cooked Chicken
    and sauted some kale and broccoli slaw (threw in some shredded coconut too) in bacon grease

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    I was not able to sleep last night, dragging serious ass today...