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  • Primal BLueprint journa l(Wild-Thing)

    Day 1
    Primal food

    2 cups water out with the dogs walking in the dew

    Breakfast ,2 range free eggs, 4 pieces of naturally cured bacon, black coffee,

    lunch. Chicken..10 oz at work

    very hungry in the afternoon

    Dinner: home made low carb Paleo style... Italian Wedding soup
    (no pasta) celery, onion, saute'd in butter, chicken broth and spinach added, basil, salt pepper, meatballs made with ground meat, egg, onion, basil and parmesan cheese and dropped into the boiling broth.

    2 ozs macadamia nuts 1 oz mozz cheese

    Worked out legs. Lunges w 20 # dumb bells, leg extensions, 50# hamstring curls,60# calf raises,180# adductor and abductor 40# each.

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    Day 2

    coffee with an effort to stave off hunger in the afternoon.

    4 bacon and 3 eggs

    I am going to a friends home in a minute while they are gone and doing gardening in their front yard. It is a beautiful day. Their flower beds certainly need help. It will bring me joy to do it. Weed, mulch, trim, plant mums, edge walkways... put away bags and dirt, and buckets and stuff laying around... and clean off the driveway.

    Lunch .. salmon and greens

    Dinner... steak sliced thin and stir fried with spices, onion, peppers, mushrooms and served over organic greens, or on the side...

    Gardening is exercise...but I may do some body weight stuff like push ups, dips, free squats and stuff like that.


    Well....I had two cups of coffee with cream . I was not hungry and did not even think about eating I went to my friends home and worked from 9 am till 330 pm. I weeded, and mulched and cleaned up a lot of branches and sticks. I drank a quart of water, but I never thought about food, Just getting the job done. I came home and ate 3/4 of an avocado and took a shower and then soaked in Epson salt water for half an hour to get rid of the ache. Now I'm listening to my husband shred his guitar... amazing sounds coming out of that Strat. I will make him dinner but I am not hungry in the least.
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      day 2 ended up being....

      I drank two cups of coffee with cream, then I went to a friends home. I was there from 9 am till 330 pm, I weeded and mulched a huge load of mulch and planted a garden of mums. I worked HARD all day. I drank water and never even thought about eating. When I returned home at 345, I remembered that I had not even eaten breakfast. That is the strangest thing...I am amazed I ate 3/4 of an avocado and took a hot Epson salt bath, and just hung out with my little beasties for the evening. My husband taught a class. When he returned home, I made him a stir fry with some left over steak. Too tired to work out...but I guess I had a REAL work out.
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        Day 3
        Sore from Tuesday
        Breakfast: bacon and coffee with cream...I worked at the podiatrist office all day...
        Lunch :chicken 10 oz
        Dinner: I took 4 huge banana sized banana peppers . I cut them in half lengthwise, cleaned out the seeds and filled them each with pizza sausage. Then I laid them on a foil covered cookie sheet and baked them at 400 till the meat was done, and browning. While that was cooking, I diced plum tomatoes and sliced fresh mushrooms sauteed them with basil, salt, pepper,oregano and garlic until the mushrooms were cooked.
        When I took the peppers from the oven, I put three on each plate, sprinkled them with a little shredded mozz and then spooned some hot tomato mixture on them and sprinkled this with a little Parmesan cheese...Closest thing I have come to a Paleo pizza.
        I am still too sore to work out...maybe tomorrow.
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          Those peppers sound amazing! I'll have to try them this weekend.
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            Day 4.. day off work...getting ready for a week vacation with my husbands four sisters. I have to pack. We are headed to Gatlinburg Tenn to stay in a mountain chalet up in the hills.. I plan on zip lining, hiking, and shopping. His sisters are 70, 68 , 54, and 52. My husband is 57 and I am 56. This is a celebration of His oldest sister turning 70. The two oldest and the youngest are at least 100 pounds over weight. They all eat crap for food. It is a sugar fest when we have family gatherings. The oldest sister suggested that we each take a night to cook dinner. I would love to do that.. But I told them that I am allergic to ALL grain..boy, you should have seen their faces...

            "What do you EAT???" they asked

            " Meat and vegetables," I said... "coffee, real cream. No processed foods cause wheat is in most of them, or corn, or food color, preservatives , additives, MSG, and artificial sweetners, corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, all of which I am allergic to.. I can eat Bacon and eggs, bacon being the only processed food I eat. Low glycemic vegetables..

            . "what does glycemic mean?" they asked...( oh boy)

            I am bringing range free eggs and natural bacon for a few days breakfasts, and frozen steaks for my meal to cook. There will be 8 of us. 3 spouses.
            I will take some canned meat and some sardines to get me through if need be. I have no idea if they can understand and I wonder how much I will be teaching while I am there, of if they will argue with me, or who knows, I might just convince them all and next vacation we will all be in great shape.

            The 70 and the 68 year old want to go zip lining with me. The 70 year old has both knees replaced. Hopefully She can get from the car to where the zip lining starts. I don't think she will need her knees much while attached to the cable.I was thrilled that they wanted to do it. I had my doubts.

            Yesterday when I got home from gardening, I could pull my size 12 jeans off with out unsnapping them or unzipping them. Very soon I will be shopping for jeans. I have one super pair of 10's. I am losing weight so fast that I don't want to buy more jeans. Who knows what size I will end up?
            Son #2 is getting married Nov 5. I am going to look amazing by then in this awesome dress I bought. I need to lose a bit more to have a smooth belly but I am getting there.
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              Congrats on your success so far! Love reading your posts, especially the dialogue wiht the SILs Keep up the great work and have an awesome vacation!
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                OK! Back from the vacation... What a trip! I had a good time. I listened to many sighs and questions about my eating. Lot's of criticism and ridicule....but my ever loving husband was spot on with the Paleo diet and jumped right in with hilarious answers to their questions and ridicule. His sisters are all over weight. Two of them by 100 pounds. One is about 80 pounds over weight and another about 40 pounds over weight. Me..I still have 30 pounds to go, but the weight loss I have had so far is very noticeable.
                I had no trouble staying on a Paleo diet when we vacationed. I may not have been able to eat grass fed beef, but I ate beef. I had eggs. I made salads and snacks. I bypassed hot apple pie, ice cream cones, chocolate fudge, turtles, caramel corn, chips, m&m's, cookies. 8 people on the same vacation ... They tried to make sure that what they made was something I could eat...for instance, they did not make goulash. One person made pasta salad to go with Rib eye steaks, but there was plenty of left over greens. I brought organic greens and vegetables for the week. Most of them did not eat them, so there was plenty for me. I had left over steak for breakfast,. They ate zucchini bread. I ate eggs and bacon, they ate bagels and cheese. I ate celery while they ate chips.I drank water while they ate ice cream and I thanked God that I had the knowledge from you all, to be healthy and not steeped any longer in ignorance.
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