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Jacey's Primal Journal - 2011 30 Day Challenge

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  • Jacey's Primal Journal - 2011 30 Day Challenge

    Ok, I'm starting this journal here because aside from my husband (and thank God he's with me on this) I have virtually no supportive community to help me get through this first 30 Day Challenge.

    I will fill in more bio tomorrow when I have a little more time and energy, but up front and quick I am a 27 yr old female, mother of a 6yo and 4yo, full time college student studying English Literature. My husband (also a full time college student) and I have been married for 8 years and in those 8 years we have constantly been "dieting" and "trying to get more healthy." I really want to stop trying. I just want to be healthy and for the first time I think we've found something that can actually work.

    I also started a blog so that I can start tracking my foods and posting pretty pictures. I'm only partially joking about posting the pretty food pictures. Unfortunately, I've been so burned out on trying to eat healthy and cook food, that I need something to help motivate me to want to keep going. I love food blogs, so I think if I can start to take pride in the things I am doing and the food I'm making, then it will help go a long way to keep me motivated. I sure hope so anyway!

    I'm pretty sure the hardest part of this whole thing for me will be giving up Diet Pepsi. *cringe* I know. I drank half of one today. (Usually this number is 4-5 cans or at least one giant fountain pop.)

    That's it for today! I have my food tracked in a hard copy journal and I'll get it posted tomorrow.
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    Oh by the way. I told my oldest today that we weren't going to have sandwiches anymore and he almost cried. I take back the Diet Pepsi comment. The absolute hardest thing about transitioning to primal has been getting my kids on board. Especially the 6yo as he was raised on more crackers and juice than my 4yo. We've been going 90% primal at home but only about 75% with the kids. I haven't made the transition on lunches yet at home.

    My goal will be at the end of this challenge to be 100% primal at home (or 95%? with the occasional 'treat') and after the challenge to then make the transition to packing primal lunches for the kids. That's the thing I'm most scared of.
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      Welcome Jacey. Diet Coke isn't the worst thing to drink but I have started flavoring seltzer water. I love cream soda as much as Coke, so I put vanilla extract and stevia in it.

      Maybe look into making a primal/paleo bread for the kid's sandwiches?
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        Hedonist, thanks for the tip. I think it would be too much to be baking bread so that the kids can have sandwiches every day (and pretty calorie dense too using all that almond flour) but starting this weekend I'm going to bake on the weekends WITH the kids. Hopefully if I show them that they can still have some of the foods they love, just in a healthier way, they'll be more on board with this. One day at a time with them!

        • Scrambled Eggs, 2 slices of Bacon, Americano (cream and splenda)
        • Curried rotisserei chicken & summer squash
        • Carrot, Diet Pepsi
        • Sausage & Cabbage "Noodles"
        • Walked to and from school, 25 minutes total

        • 2 Fried Eggs, 3 slices of Bacon
        • 2 oz. Beef Jerky, Diet Pepsi
        • Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Sauteed Zucchini
        • Small handful of Roast Almonds
        • (Definitely did not eat enough during the middle of this day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard because of my school schedule and I need to plan something out better)
        • Walked to and from school, 25 minutes total

        • Scrambled Eggs, 3 Sausage links
        • Coffee w/ coconut milk cream (Just discovered this, so good!) x 2
        • Small handful Roasted Almonds
        • Chicken Tacos w/ homemade tortillas (Thanks Mark for this recipe)
        • 2 pieces of Dark Chocolate and 1 glass of Red Wine
        • (I feel like I may have eaten too much this day. I'm still unsure of how much is "ok" to indulge in for things like wine and dark chocolate. Had friends over this night and was proud of the fact that I served them Primal food and didn't cave and buy chips to dip into our guacamole like we usually do.)
        • Lifted at the gym for the first time in several months. Squats, Lat pulldowns and bench presses. Also walked for 25 minutes at the gym and rode my bike back and forth to school for a total of about 35 minutes of low-intensity aerobic activity

        • Kelbasa, a small amount of Scrambled Eggs (forgot to go shopping so let the kids eat most of them!)
        • Coffee w/ coconut cream & splenda
        • ~5 roasted almonds
        • Leftover chicken taco meat with some guacamole and hot sauce
        • Sugar Free Iced Mocha with Whole Milk
        • (I caved today. I don't even know if this can be classified as primal but I'm pretty sure it isn't. I had a job interview today and afterward I bought the coffee. I'll tell you what though, in the past after an extrememly stressful situation my first reaction has literally been to go straight to a fast food restaurant and "reward" myself with food that I didn't have to cook; greasy, salty, bun filled, fast food burgers and fries. I still wanted to do this ... badly. But we have tons of leftovers in the fridge and that's the plan for dinner tonight. Probably shouldn't have allowed myself get the iced mocha but I think this is still a step in the right direction.)
        • Walked to and from school, 25 minutes total