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    I'm a little bit late to the party, it has been so insane this last weekend that I only got to reading my email about the 30 day challenge this evening. I've been up for waaaaay too long today and I can hardly think straight at the moment so introductions will have to wait until tomorrow.

    Intake for the day:
    B: Chicken, apple and tomato.
    S: Lemon Tea, walnut (singular....I got distracted).
    L: Spinach, chicken, avocado, sunflower seeds, cucumber.
    S: Orange Blossom tea, pached egg, and carrots outside in the sun!
    D: Steak, portobello mushroom with olive oil....made broccoli and I'm trying to eat it, I'm just so not hungry!

    I've been doing the Primal/Paleo thing for only a few weeks now but I must say, my allergies have really improved and I'm almost never "Gonna eat the steering wheel" hungry even on days like today when breakfast was at 05:30 and lunch didn't happen until 14:30 (dinner didn't happen until 21:15!)

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    Welcome. You may go to bed without finishing your broccoli. :-) I'm glad you are off to a good start.
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      I never did get the broccoli down last night. I was so tired that it was hard enough convincing myself to eat at all...on the upside the broccoli must have been good, because when offered the rest of my plate with some of that chewy steak grossness and the grilled broccoli the dog went right for the greens before he even sniffed the beef; my husband insists this is a sign that I have somehow damaged the dog.

      That introduction I promised probably ought to come next, huh? I live in NE Ohio with my two "boys"; a musically inclined husband and a most excellent pup named Gus. I am a Celiac, so I have been gluten free for nearly nine years, the last six of which my husband and I have focused on eating foods that are naturally gluten free rather than substitute foods which are often very expensive and don't often taste as good as one might hope. I like to think that this gives me a little bit of an edge in going completely grain free. (I like to think a lot of things....not all of them make sense to other people! ) I am a reformed vegetarian that still has trouble with meat (I started eating it again when I went GF), and a very slow distance runner/walker. I am making progress on my goals to lose approximately 45 pounds and have been following a largely paleo/primal style of eating for about three weeks now, which means that I really have only 35 pounds to lose now! Since changing my eating I've felt better than ever, the allergies/asthma seem to be less of a problem and I'm finally seeing the scale move, the trifecta! I am still reading and learning as much as I can about all of these approaches to the world of label free food which seems to be treating me so well.

      On to the day's eats, it's been a weird one and I certainly have not had enough to eat although I'm not hungry and I hate to eat for the sake of eating, it's not fun:

      B: Steak, small apple, tomato.
      S: Tea, walnuts, small apple.
      L: Romaine, cucumber, avocado, chicken, sunflower seeds, HB egg, kids milkshake (we have visitors in at work that came bearing gifts after lunch, ah well.)
      S: Walnuts, carrots.
      D: Deciding between bed and chicken with a green pepper....bed really sounds nice, and so cozy!

      Already I'm feeling a little more stuffy this evening than is usual, I'm wondering if I'm just paranoid or that milkshake really could be causing the tired, sluggish, snotty feelings.



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        Wednesday. Definitely have a sinus headache today, my second since cutting dairy out of my daily life....stupid dairy, I'm really beginning to think that you hate me!

        B: Chicken, apple, cucumber, decongestant. .
        L: Turkey, bacon, mixed veggies.
        S: Dark chocolate, egg, carrots, Benadryl, decongestent and allergy shot.
        D:Ummm....Chicken, avocado, romaine, cucumber, sunflower seeds (raw), egg.

        On my way home from getting my shot I stopped by a small shop and picked up some bison burgers. If I get brave enough I'll cook 'em up and try them tomorrow.


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          Yesterday got away from me somehow. Amazing what will happen when you work 13 hours and then stay out until 2:30 driving the "drunk bus". Oy!

          Thursday's Eats:
          B: Chicken, apple, cucumber
          L: Romaine, chicken, avocado, sunflower seeds, cucumber.
          S: Carrots, walnuts.
          D: Coffee, chicken, carrots, tiny tomatoes, peppers, celery.

          Friday's Eats:
          B: Eggs, sausage, cucumber, apple.
          L: Romaine, strawberries, cucumber, avocado, chicken, dark chocolate.
          D: Spaghetti squash, mushrooms, bison, olive oil.

          Tomorrow is another crazy long day so I'm getting ready to go to bed as soon as I drop off my husband at the neighbor's house...hoping for a good long night in my comfy cozy bed!


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            It's been what feels like the longest weekend ever, and I learned a few things:

            1) Dairy still hates me, three times now I've gotten extra stuffy and had major headaches within a few hours of eating dairy...message received.
            2) Grains, even GF grains, make me feel all puffy, bloated and doughy. I swear that after an hour or two I went from being normal/fat to seven months pregnant, and got another headache.
            3) A day without my favorite salad makes me sad...and makes my tummy sad too.
            4) Even during "that time" I can lose weight eating Primal/Paleo, who knew that was even possible?!?
            5) As hard as it was to put it down, life without my salt shaker is pretty awesome.

            That being said, today was a funny day for food. I came back after a few days away to find that my husband tossed out my prepared lettuce to make room for more beer...made for a tricky veggie day with no warning.

            B: Chicken, cucumber, apple, coconut cream.
            L: Mixed nuts, raisins, chicken, carrots.
            D: Chicken, shrimp, celery, coconut cream.


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              Short and sweet:

              B: Chicken, coconut milk, cucumber.
              L: Chicken, spinach, cucumber, sunflower seeds, avocado.
              S: Dark chocolate, grapes.
              D: Chicken, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, coconut milk.

              Turns out those sprouts are much better without the butter!


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                B: Chicken, celery, sunbutter.
                L: Chicken, avocado, tomato, lettuce, cheese, pepper.
                D: Chicken, greenbeans, coconut milk.

                Also planning to take measurements this evening....if I can stay awake long enough that it.