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    I've been trying to eat strictly Primal/Paleo, but have relapsed on sugar. Grains, legumes and dairy don't seem to pose any problem to me and I really don't miss them when I'm without them, but I've come to accept that I truly am a sugar ADDICT and that the stuff really wreaks havoc.

    I'm officially committing to finally conquering the demons that lead me to binge on sugar and to just avoiding sugar, grains, legumes and dairy at all costs until I can reach the point where the cravings substantially subside and maybe eventually completely disappear (DOES that happen? Please reassure me, I need to believe that it does.)

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    Taz, congrats on your commitment and good luck!

    The sugar cravings do subside a lot. I was profoundly addicted myself. When I first went primal, walking by a Cinnabon felt like attending my best friend's funeral. That stuff rarely interests me now; it starts to look good if I haven't eaten in a long time, but then I eat something healthy (with plenty of fat) and I no longer care for it. A few times a week, I eat some fruit or some sweet potatoes, and this probably sounds crazy but those give me more sheer pleasure than all the sugary stuff in the world used to do.

    So hang in there, brother. I remember being in your shoes and being skeptical that the cravings would ever stop. But they do, and it only gets easier from where you are now.


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      I would say the cravings do go away, just find some new ways to curb the sweet tooth with some primal choices- they may not be the sugar you are looking for, but they may just help in curbing the cravings. I like to juice a grapefruit and maybe a few oranges together- place in blender with ice and mint leaves ( fresh)- it is refreshing! I also do coconut flour crepes with berries and bananas pureed for the filling I do this on the weekend as my "guilty pleasure"

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        Thanks so much, Timothy, that definitely gives me hope and makes me feel more optimistic! Sweet potatoes once in a while sounds like a good idea.
        And btw, I'm a 'sister', not a 'brother'. I know my nickname is pretty ambiguous though.


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          Thanks so much for the encouragement and ideas for ways to curb the sweet tooth, Lexxy! It means a lot to me!!


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            Sorry about that, Taz! I have a male friend of the same name so I made a poor assumption. But sugar cravings are an equal-opportunity affliction.


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              No worries, Timonthy, a lot of people would do the same thing!


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                Days 2/3

                I've made it to Day 3, no slip-ups, woohoo! I created a FitDay account yesterday and have been logging my food/activity there; it's a pretty cool site! I made slow cooker pork loin last night with butternut squash and cauliflower. I love my slow cooker, it's my June Cleaver!

                I also did not set an alarm for this morning. I woke up, felt certain I'd overslept and that it was probably 10am, but it was actually 7:30! So impressed with myself, lol. It wasn't quite early enough to make the 7am CrossFit class though. Baby steps.

                Hope everyone else is doing well and feeling strong!



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                  Gah, I'm starting to daydream about cookies, cake, doughnuts and ice cream. I was surrounded by a lot of sweet treats last night and while I didn't indulge or even salivate at the sight of them, they have been on my mind. Now my friend just told me about some white chocolate, coconut "Maui Wowie" cookies at Whole Foods. :-/ Need to stop thinking about these things. I've got a bag of baby carrot sticks and some walnuts at my desk, but they're not helping...

                  I'm determined not to give in, but wish these thoughts would get out of my brain!


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                    Keep it up, Taz! This is the hardest time, but the rewards for persevering are beyond worthwhile. Here is something that may help you:

                    Stanford marshmallow experiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                    Moral of the story: don't look at the marshmallow!


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                      Awesome, so I get to have 2 marshmallows instead of 1 at the "end" of this?? Haha, completely kidding. :-p

                      Looking away is a good idea, but the marshmallows can also be a metaphor for all the rewards and benefits there are to reap for those who can conquer the temptation.

                      Thanks so much, Timothy, you are a marvel of inspiration!!


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                        Aw Taz, go on with ya!

                        What inspires me is when somebody kicks their sugar habit for the first time. It's easy when it's months behind you, but making that change for the first time and sticking to it takes serious gumption, all the more so since we live in a society of enablers who don't recognize it for the serious addiction it is.

                        So thank you!