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    Day 12 Smoke free
    Weight: 267
    Height 5'8"
    Stress: 6

    Day 1:

    I must say I'm more scared of this than I was to quit smoking. My day starts at 0600 when My alarms go off and my 7 year old comes bounding into my room "mom its monday! SCHOOL!!!". Followed by me rolling (yes i mean rolling) out of my bed and trying to make sure I dont wake the sleeping (or what sounds like sleeping) bear laying next to me.

    After wrangling a 7 yr old and a 3 yr old (not to mention the dog under foot) trying to get everyone ready to get out of the house I realize I didnt eat anything. SHOOT! Well that screws up my whole day! I grab a Frusion smoothie and throw it in my bag for the gym....and im off.

    First walk of the day consists of pushing a jogging stroller with a 35 lb 3 yr old for .83 of a mile. Almost a mile! At that point I felt accomplished and just wanted to go home and lay on the couch and drink a coffee.

    Next stop....the gym. I get in my car (with above mentioned 3 yr old) and drive 10 minutes to the aweful gym while drinking my 7 oz of pre packaged smoothie. Only reason i joined was because my SIL told me to....oh and the 2 hrs of child care while I look like a pig in a sweat factory among other pigs about to be slaughtered. I drop her off and make a beeline for the door.

    I then get on the elliptical and suddenly all my sleepiness leaves my body and im ready to go! And I go....and go....and GO! 50 minutes later my legs feel like jell-o (oh how i love jell-o). 3.48 miles is what the screen reads....Really? Really? No way!

    I stumble to get the 3 yr old again and get home. I had asked the husband if we could go for a walk when I got home. Get him moving and get the dog out....i surly didnt need to go on ANOTHER walk. Get home and there the love of my life his robe! um...HELLO!?!?

    So we set off...Kid on a fisher price quad behind us and a 150 pound pup in front of us. 1 mile later we make it back to our driveway.....Its now 10 and I realize....i havent eaten anything! Same thing different day...what am I going to eat. I rummage the pantry...fridge...freezer...over and over for about 10 minutes. Finally i settlee on eggs...not just any eggs. I am going to make an omelet!

    It consists of:
    1 whole extra large omega-3 egg
    3 extra large omega-3 egg whites
    S&P to taste
    small crumble of goat cheese
    1 slice of turkey lunch meat (cut up)
    2 pieces of provo inside and one outside.

    by now im on my 5th cup of water! and 6th trip to the bathroom

    We start our day and run our errands.

    1300 rolls around and suddenly my stomach is screaming at me again! and its not just FEED ME its FEED ME NOW BEFORE I ESCAPE AND FIND MY OWN FOOD!

    Off to the gas station we go. I refuse to go through a drive through if I wont be eating any of it!
    My wonderful husband comes back with a package of apples, package of veggies (celery and carrots) and cheese. Once again my stomach is happy with me!

    Run more errands and then its time to make dinner. I have been dreaming of this dinner since I woke up. Found on one of the many Paleo recipe sites i have been frequenting.

    Pork chops in a mustard sauce and sauteed spinach with onions and red bell pepper. It was worth the wait!

    so thats where I am right now. 7pm...finishing my delightful dinner and putting kids to bed. Now comes the hard part....night time munchies. I am confident in my ability and im sure ill post more.

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    its like clockwork! the house is quiet and i am ready to raid the pantry....Ive got my water and its going fast. I feel like I just finished dinner (around 7) but my mind says its time to eat again. my wonderful love has some raw nuts he measured out...I think I will go enjoy those and then head to bed. 0600 comes fast!


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      day 2

      Its a new day!

      day 13 smoke free

      Armed with my water and will power I will achieve my goals today! I am strong, I am beautiful and It is time I start believing it!

      This morning I am going to make myself a protein shake! 1 metabolic drive strawberry flavor treat with 8 oz. of almond milk. Its great with water but today Im living on the edge!

      Ill be back after my adventure in the sweat hut....

      did my normal walk to and from the bus stop. just under a mile and then i did 4.5 miles at the gym (in 60 minutes) i am very proud of myself!

      Breakfast is going to include a 4 egg omelet with ham, spinach, and onions! YUM!

      Got some great news today. Hopefully we will be getting my husbands VA rating by the end of the month! We have been fighting along side our congresswoman for his rating for the last year. he was medically retired 100% P&T from the Army last Oct. I am his full time care taker as he can not work. YAY for one of the BIG stresses in my life hopefully going away soon!

      Tonights dinner is going to consist of burger patties with sauteed onions and peppers with garlic. So far the day has gone good and im doing alright.
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