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  • PBJ...hold the peanuts

    Roughly two weeks ago, I started the Whole30 Challenge. 30 days of super clean paleo style eating with no cheats (no dark chocolate, no honey, nothing). All was going well until this past weekend. I derailed. My husband who had been following it with me had flown the coop at Bob Evans while eating breakfast with his friends. Those pancakes he ate with his omelet derailed my prior efforts. Yes, this is happens more often than I'd like. So in a fit of sugar-deprived rage, I grabbed one of my Trader Joe's dark chocolate bars and devoured it furiously. Eric (hubby) had verbally tried to halt me, but I was not to be stopped. I tossed my dedication, rationality, and hard work to the wind and I convinced Eric to delve into our frozen wedding cake. We got married August 7th of this year. So in a little over a month, Eric and I ate our entire 8in wedding cake which should have happily resided in our freezer for another 10ish months. Sugar overload, crazy headache, upset stomach, the whole kit and kaboodle. I do not do well dealing with guilt.

    So today came as a ray of sunshine, both metaphorically and physically. Here in Indiana we had the first sunny, warm day all week. And this 30 day challenge from MDA is just what I needed-accountability and a fresh start to purge myself of the so delicious chocolate cake with almond butter-cream frosting. Ok, stop thinking about it.

    Moving on...I can do this. We can do this. Focus and determination, perseverance for the next 30 days. I can do this...and not just because I can have a little dark chocolate here and there. But not chocolate in the form of a glutenized, sugar loaded wedding cake.

    So for day 1:
    B-Kale frittata
    S-plum & pistachios (probably too many) and my pu-erh black tea
    L-Mexican salad: lettuce, grilled chicken breast, avocado, home-made salsa, sauteed veggies
    Herbal Berry tea
    D-Chicken veggie stew

    Round 1
    40 pushups PR
    10 pullups
    50 squats
    13 dive dombers PR
    2:30 forearm plank PR

    Round 2
    30 pushups
    7 pullups
    50 squats
    8 dive bombers
    90 sec forearm plank
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    Cheers for starting the 30 Day Challenge! Im beginning today, too. We can do this!


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      PBJ Day 3

      So day 3 is slightly less awesome than yesterday all because there is no sun. It is amazing how sensitive some people (myself) are to weather. I LOVE taking my 15 minute "Vit D breaks" at work. They revitalize me, and I look forward to 15 minutes of just laying in the grass or hanging from a tree branch (despite all the weird looks I get). Which brings me to another point: "acting like a child" has come to be synonymous with throwing a temper tantrum or acting immaturely. Hello, we are missing out on 90% of what being a kid is about-PLAYING! Well, not in this day and age. Play means-play video games, play computer games, etc. So people see me, a 22 year old woman with a real job, doing pull ups from a tree branch and think I'm weird. Yes, I climb trees over my lunch break. I traverse the brick wall around the lake, do "box jumps" off of the stone wall, and do sprints in the grassy field behind our building. Halfway through the work day I need to do something on the opposite end of the spectrum from sitting at my desk. So go, Mark, for encouraging adults to act a little less stuffy and serious and live a little. Guess where I used to spend my lunch hour? In the tiny workout room on the stairclimber and treadmill. Fun? No. Since going paleo, I work out WAY less than I did before, I have way more fun, way less stress, and look and feel amazing! Previously, I had been so afraid that if I cut back on my workout load, I would lose muscle definition and would become weaker. So not the case. Mashing overtraining with chronic cardio is a recipe for a stressful, compulsory attitude towards working out and overall fitness. So glad I'm free of that. I no longer think I have to "justify" what I eat each day because what I'm eating is amazing for me. So while today was gloomy and cold, I went outside anyway hoping some sun rays would sneak through the clouds. Still worth it just to be outside and lay in the grass.

      And to back up for yesterday's missed post:

      Day 2 Grub:
      B: Stuffed portabello mushroom caps with Whole Foods sausage and spinach (yes, from Marks' recipe book)
      S: breakfast leftovers (so much better than gorging myself on nuts)
      L: homemade wild caught salmon salad (homemade spicy chipotle mayo, red and sweet onion, celery, apples, and red pepper.
      S: farmer's market nectarine-THE BEST NECTARINE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE
      D: Beef Curry: the cavegirl dish: No Worry, (Paleo) Beef Curry.) Make it for yourself. It was amazing, and I used a 3lb grass fed chuck roast from this wonderful couple at Binford Farmer's Market
      Before bed dessert: strawberries dipped in melted 85% Trader Joe's chocolate!

      Day 3 Grub:
      B: Uncured, nitrate/ite free bacon, fried eggs, and braised cabbage with onion
      S: leftover kale frittata from a couple days ago and some shredded chicken breast
      L: Garlic/peppercorn crusted pork loin over a bed of salad greens with cucumber, farmer's market tomato, and avocado.
      S: another FM nectarine!!!
      D: LO (leftover) homemade chicken soup

      Day 2 WOD:
      I barefooted my way over to the field behind work. I wanted to see in 15 minutes how many rounds of 55meter sprint followed by a descending pyramid of pushups and situps I could do. This is confusing-I will explain. I set the timer for 15 minutes. I then sprint 55m to a tree, drop and do 1 pushup, 1 situp. Then I sprint the 55m back, do 2 pushups, 2 situps. Spring 55 to tree, 3 pushups, 3 situps...okay I think you get the picture. Well, I did 16 rounds which ended up with 880 meters sprinted total, 136 pushups, and 136 situps. I like this workout; I will try to do it once a week to try to increase my rounds.

      Day 3 WOD:
      I have heard of the 100 burpees in 10 minutes challenge, so I decided to give it a go. I completed 100 burpees in 12:40. So, definitely room for improvement, but I was so pooped. Amazing workout. Then I did a little yoga/stretching while watching NCIS over my lunch break.

      I hope all you on the 30 day challenge are loving it and starting to reap the benefits of giving your body what it really wants. And more than anything, I hope you're having FUN. My husband and I are going climbing again at our gym tonight. We got married in August and haven't been climbing in a couple months, so we are weaksauce. We are anxious to get back into the swing and find out strength again. Till tomorrow...


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        PBJ Day 5

        Good morning, Winter! Thank you for showing up so early. Okay, so I am slightly exaggerating. It is September 16th here in Indianapolis, IN and it sure feels like winter. This may also be due to the fact that I am from Charlotte, NC. Day 5 on the 30 day challenge. I have to say (pansy or not) I feel like I'm going to do much better with this than my attempt at the Whole30. I know I am physically capable of not consuming dark chocolate in 30 days, but the ability to have some small indulgences here and there makes the journey easier.

        Recapping from my lack of post yesterday, here's the breakdown of Day 4.

        Day 4 Grub:
        B: Butternut squash with chicken apple sausage (from the Whole30 Success Guide recipe section)
        This breakfast is by far one of my most favorite breakfasts in the world. And my dear husband, who grew up hating squash, now begs for squash on a regular basis. I love fall for squashes-LOVE! For anyone who was a previously devoted oatmeal-er, this will more than satisfy your need for a full belly of warm, sweet goodness on a chilly morning.
        S: hamburger patty with a tomato slice (free picnic at work)
        L: LO (leftover) Salmon Salad with spinach
        S: cantaloupe from farmer's market (the thing was literally bigger than a basketball)
        D: LO beef curry-just as good if not better since the flavors had heightened overnight in the fridge
        Dessert!!! I had two ripe bananas. Split them each in half and brushed them with melted coconut oil, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and shredded coconut. Baked them in the oven for 15ish minutes on 425. While they were baking, I made Mark's whipped coconut cream adding some cocoa powder. PHENOMENAL! So sweet and warm; this dessert will convince you that something without added sugar can satisfy any sweet tooth.

        Day 4 WOD:
        Didn't do anything strictly workoutish. After climbing the night before, I wanted to give my body a chance to come back. Instead, I used my lunch hour to run some errands to Trader Joe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and PetSmart for our Ava's food (our 9 month old Australian Shepherd).

        One last piece of super exciting news. Since Eric and I got married a little over a month ago, we have been sleeping on his full size FUTON. This has not jived well with the paleo theme of sound sleep. So...using some of our wedding money, our new king sized mattress arrived yesterday!!! I quickly donned it with the jersey knit sheets we got and relished how ridiculously absurd a king size mattress is. For the record, I am 5'10 and Eric is 6'1 so we can justify it (not that you need to ) I'm looking forward to much better sleep from here on out. Ava, she's not so psyched. She is not full grown yet, therefore, she can't even see on top of the bed. We might need to get her a dog bed so she won't feel so left out.

        Well, today's Friday..and it's a pay Friday! Time to get carried away at the farmer's market tomorrow morning. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Today I plan on finishing up my meal plan for the week so I don't go absolutely nuts at the market tomorrow. I tend to over-buy simply because my senses are overwhelmed with all the beautiful looking produce and savory meats. I have also been rifling through paleo brownie recipes in an attempt to pacify Eric with this whole dietary switch thing. He still is in a mild state of depression over the thought of not being able to eat Papa Murphey's stuffed pizza and boxed brownies. I promised him I will out-do that gluten-sugary crap pile and blow him away with how amazing paleo desserts can stack up. Wish me luck!


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          PBJ Two Weeks in a Row???

          Are we sick of PBJ yet? Nope; loving it! So I have some catch-up work to do it seems. So I will quickly recap Friday.

          Day 5 Grub
          B: zucchini egg bake from Primal Blueprint Cookbook. I am LOVING my new food processor which shredded my 6 zucchini/yellow squash in SECONDS! The egg bake was made even more phenomenal by the hot Italian sausage from the farmer's market.
          L: BA salad with LO pork loin (so sad it's gone)
          D: LO chicken soup (now gone, and longing to make more)

          WOD Day 5:
          Round 1:
          40 pushups
          8 Tree branch pullups
          50 squats
          12 dive bombers
          3:30 forearm plank!!! PR

          Round 2:
          40 pushups
          8 reverse pullups
          50 squats
          10 dive bombers
          2:30 forearm plank!

          So, my workouts are getting stronger. I felt pretty weak on round 1, but my round 2 numbers were significantly higher than they normally are. Awesome!

          And so the weekend began. Saturday morning was started off with the farmer's market routine. I love seasons. And fall=squashes! As I have previously mentioned, I have turned my husband into quite the squash lover, so I'm getting my hands on as many varieties as I can. I bought a beautiful pumpkin which will probably end up as my famous pumpkin curry soup-yum! I had so much fun planning all my meals this past week, so I knew exactly what I needed to buy. I think it's awesome when your fridge goes from bare bones to "feed and army" fridge overnight. Probably a healthy sign that everything in your fridge is fresh and perishable-plus it helps me know I'm not being wasteful because I'm eating everything I buy. One of the things I hate most is throwing things away. So no matter how beautiful the produce at the market, I have to rein myself in knowing we can only eat so much. I also went overboard with buying meat as there were some great deals. Emily came over all day Saturday and said Eric and I could probably survive for months based on how stocked our freezer is already. I need to make headway on eating the freezer empty because my uncle has promised me a deer this October hopefully!!!!!!!! And Eric is also set to go deer hunting with one of his friend's dad. I can't honestly think of a gift I'd rather receive than a freezer full of wild deer meat.

          So here is the most exciting part of the weekend-and it's all about my girl Emily. Emily has GERD and has had a terrible time of it especially over the last year. She was over last weekend, and I told her about the article Mark had just written about GERD and all the success stories in the comments. I sent her the article, and we spent a good part of last weekend just talking about the paleo diet that Eric and I have been following. She came over this weekend and spent all day Saturday with me and told me she had gone that whole week gluten-free! She had not mentioned to me at all that she was even thinking of trying it out, but she had gone to Trader Joe's to find some edibles for that past week. And Emily, she is a pasta/bread loving girl. She would turn to pretzel twists and bread when her GERD got bad thinking that those foods would help (she knows better now). She told me it only takes her about a week or two to get through a whole bottle of Tums. But for the past week-NOTHING! She went the whole week forging her beloved pasta and bread and had no symptoms! She said she was really hungry early on but started adjusting near the end of the week. On Friday, she decided to put it to the test and ate some pretzel twists to experiment. Immediately, her stomach started yelling at her. So that was the only Tums she took all week. She's so excited to dive into this new diet. She stopped by the bookstore to buy two gluten-free cookbooks, and she's committed to not eaten gluten ever again if she can help it. I am going to encourage her to get on here and write her own success story, but I was so psyched for her! I love Emily; she kept me company all day Saturday while Eric was at school doing homework and I was in the kitchen. I could cook all day long and not get sick of it-and that's exactly what I did. Over the course of Saturday I made paleo-approved Fig Newtons, roasted spiced nuts, egg omelet muffins, spiced butternut squash and carrot soup (AMAZING!), and the mocha truffles from The Food Lovers' Primal Palate: Dark Chocolate Mocha Truffles. These are to die for! Quite literally, because Eric is risking his life by trying to sneak past me to eat them all! For dinner, I made stuffed acorn squash with the rest of the Hot Italian sausage, onion, and a honey-crisp apple. Emily didn't say a word, but after finishing her whole plate, she said that until then, she had HATED squash. I love turning people from the dark to the light.

          Sunday morning Eric and I ate some omelet muffins for breakfast running out to the 9am service at Horizon Christian Fellowship. After church, we stopped at home to grab Ava, and we headed to Eric's mom's house for lunch. I am so glad that I am decent in the kitchen because Sarah (Eric's mom) is a mean cook. We had 10 people over for lunch which consisted of the juiciest smoked pork chops, roasted sweet potato and rutabaga, a purple cabbage spinach salad (with homemade balsamic), an absolutely beautiful beet salad, and a giant fresh fruit salad. Wow! I know right? You're jealous. And you should be. I stuffed myself. I kept thinking of myself as a hungry lion; when a lion catches a gazelle it doesn't think, "I really should watch my calories. I'll save that leg for later." No, they mow down as much as they can. Now, I am not saying I advocate gorging yourself, but every now and again, I like to feast. I had three helpings of the spinach salad, and I ate my entire pork chop. I only wish I had taken a picture of those chops because if you saw a picture of one, you truly would be impressed that I ate the whole thing. Sarah knew of Eric and my's restrictions, so she graciously made everything paleo approved! The fruit salad more than took care of my sweet tooth, but she had some strawberry rhubarb pie for those who were hankering for a sugar overload. As we drove home, my mind couldn't think about anything but pie. So that was that. I was going to make a pie. I found a recipe for apple-concord grape pie and adapted it to fit my needs. I wish I could virtually serve you all a slice of this heaven that I made. I did a bottom crush with almond and coconut flour, salt, and coconut oil/ghee. The filling was phenomenal: honey crisp apples, concord grapes, lemon juice, spices, and a little tapioca starch. The grapes as phenomenal as they are any way you eat them, were a pain to prepare. You have to pop them out of their shells, cook the centers, and find an efficient way to remove the seeds. I tried everything from strainers to slotted spoons and eventually wound up using my hands. Tedious and time consuming, but I must say it's worth it for that pie. I did a crumb topping with the flours and some crushed walnuts. The recipe called for sugar for the filling of course, and I thought of just adding some honey. However, after tasting the filling before I baked it, there is no way in the world I was going to add anything else. Those apples and the perfectly ripe grapes stand alone proudly. The perfect blend of sweet and tart, and the finished pie was beyond perfect. It sliced well, served well, and served the belly well.

          Wow, this was a long post. But I meant to blog on Saturday so I just had way more to talk about today. I plan on also making fruit "leather" with my new dehydrator. I still have tons of concord grapes left, a huge bag of peaches (peach chips anyone?), and lots of apples. We'll see what happens. I'm psyched for meals this week. I have some wonderful things on the menu which you will all hear about as they go down. Tonight is jambalaya! Yum yum. Egg foo young will be soon to follow since I bought a big bag of shrimp. I hope you all are doing awesome on your challenge. I actually need to get around to doing some of these challenges-the prizes are drool worthy. Keep up the strong work, and put it a little extra effort this week into your WODs, take a little more time to plan a delicious meal, and arrange your schedule so you have your 15 minutes of respite and relaxation in some sun (if you have it-it's currently raining in Indy).


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            Jambled who?

            Jambalaya! That was for dinner last night. Thank you once again to the Primal Blueprint Cookbook (with some slight tweaks). So today is Day 9 of the PB challenge. To be perfectly honest, I don't feel it at all. I promise all you doubters out there, you get used to not cooking/eating grain products. Seriously. You will get over it. There are simply so many amazing vegetables and fruits out there that can tackle almost any craving you have. If you are addicted to pasta, try a spaghetti squash or make your own noodles from zucchini or yellow squash. Sweet potatoes make a mean breakfast hash, and if you have the time, there are zillions of recipes for paleo baked goods. Eric and I have already eaten half the pan of the paleo-fig bars I made this weekend, and we are steadily working our way through the mocha truffles. And we have devoured half of my honey crisp/concord grape pie. So I probably need to tend towards more of the moderation side. But it is astounding how easily my sweet-tooth is satisfied with plain fruit, and my pie doesn't have any added sugar whatsoever (no honey, agave, syrup, nada).

            Yesterday at work, I was heating up my spiced butternut squash/carrot soup with chorizo sausage. One of my coworkers commented how good it looked, but quickly added she was just too lazy for that sort of thing. Seriously? I literally chopped up some veggies and threw them in a pot to simmer for 30minutes then blended them up. Dump some spices in and you're done! Manpower time: 10 minutes (maybe less). I have come to realize that a lot of your success with your diet/lifestyle eating comes down to planning. If you aren't prepared, you won't succeed. You can't fast every single day for lunch because you can't spend 10 minutes prepping something the night before. As important as quality sleep is, if it means you take 10 of those minutes to draw up a quick meal plan or prep your lunch, it will be worth it. I find being organized makes a world of difference and keeps me from stressing about meals.

            Simple steps to seek success:
            1. Download a free weekly meal template online.
            2. Plan out your meals-to keep it simple, you may want to just double your dinner recipe for lunch leftovers.
            3. Write down your grocery list for all your meals so you know exactly what you will use that week.
            4. Try to do all your grocery shopping in one fell swoop.
            5. Shock your coworkers/family with how chef-like you can be in the kitchen.
            Tip: I like to use weekends as a time to make easy to grab lunch items for the upcoming week. Things like soup, tuna or chicken salad, or a bunch of grilled chicken breasts for BA salads are quick and easy.

            All this food talk...on to yesterday's grub fest

            Day 8 Grub:
            B: Spaghetti squash omelet with cherry tomatoes and broccoli-PB Easy Meals
            S: LO zucc egg bake and concord grapes
            L: my soup with chorizo
            S: plum, almond butter, and one fig bar
            D: Jambalaya! While I was cooking it I munched on some nuts dipped in LO chocolate from my mocha balls.
            Dessert: Slice of my pie and 2 mocha truffles. I try to justify this to myself by saying the pie has no added sugar.

            Day 8 WOD:
            LHT Cycle 1
            45 pushups PR!
            7 pullups
            50 squats
            12 divebombers
            3 minute forearm plank

            Cycle 2
            35 pushups
            7 pullups
            50 squats
            12 divebombers
            2 minute forearm plank

            I didn't feel too stellar with the workout yesterday. It was thunderstorming out so there was no going outside. I was missing my Vitamin D. Today should be sunny though, so hopefully I will be going outside for my lunch break. Have an awesome day, everyone!


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              Eat, Sleep, Bake

              To say I've been baking a bit would be an understatement. Since I discovered that there are about 2 gazillion paleo cooking blogs on the web, I have been overwhelmed with delicious recipes. Armed with coconut flour, almond flour and meal, and loads of fresh farmer's market fruit, I have been on a mission to surprise my husband with how amazing paleo desserts can be. Last night, I made a quick batch of peach/strawberry coconut muffins as some of my peaches were on their last breath. This morning, I whipped up a pan of peach/strawberry cobbler (I can't wait to get home to try some).

              Day 9 Grub:
              B: Egg Foo Young! Again, much thanks to PBCookbook. It worked out perfectly since I had LO shrimp from making my jambalaya.
              S: Last piece of my zucc egg bake with sweet peas and my beloved Valentina, also a cup of my purple-sweetart-tasting concord grapes.
              L: Big-o-bowl of jambalaya
              S: Pistachios
              D: Crockpot chicken over bed of spinach
              Dessert: fresh baked muffins! and a couple mocha truffles

              A word on desserts: if you've been reading this blog at all, you may have noticed that I have been having at least one "dessert" every day. Well, they are here in my house, and they must be eaten as their shelf life is not comparable to all the "fresh-baked" nastiness from grocery stores. I am totally behind not overdoing even paleo desserts, but take for example my muffins. Strawberries, peaches, coconut flour, eggs, coconut oil, and a pinch of salt. THAT'S IT. So I honestly don't feel bad about eating one (okay, or two) every day. And along with the primal mindset, it's summer! Fruit is in abundance right now, and I intend to enjoy nature's bounty while it is here. As I trend to eating locally/seasonally, I expect my fruit intake to severely decline in the next couple months. That's the cycle of the seasons, and I will try to structure my diet as such. Eric did slice up a banana and an apple to test out our dehydrator, and they were super yummy!

              Day 9 WOD:
              2 Lake laps. These are awesome, and I totally enjoy them. They involve pullups on tree branches, random sprints across the field, "box-jumps" off a stone wall, traversing the 30 foot long brick wall, high jumps, and tree climbing. It was beautifully sunny, and I felt so alive and refreshed going back into the office building afterwards. I'm seriously considering going to our HR department to see how I can get involved with the Wellness team. Also, once my husband is gamefully employed and we are pulling down a slightly heftier income, I would love to go to a MovNat weekend. Some people covet nice cars, designer clothing, and expensive jewelry. Me, I drool for grass-fed meats, farm-fresh produce, any and all coconut products, and the opportunity to go to a MovNat event. I hope everyone is seeing, feeling, and tasting the difference in your overall quality of life with this 30 day challenge.


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                Too much of a good thing?

                Too many paleo approved desserts. Yes indeed. I am justifying them by using all my beautiful farmer's market fruit, but after Eric and I eat the last of my apple-grape pie tonight, I'm not baking this weekend. Yesterday was pretty awesome. Awesome because of an awesome workout. I'm going straight to the WOD because it was that exciting.

                Day 10 WOD:
                100 burpees in 10 minutes challenge: as you may recall, my last time was 12:40. Yesterday, clocked it at 10:23!!! I was so psyched! Still am psyched! I changed up my rhythm and instead of a slight rest after every 10, I kept going but at a slower pace. That way I made it to 50 before I took about a 20 second breather. So, only 23 more seconds to shave off and then I will have made it (though I will continue to try to improve that time). After the burpee challenge, I did 100 situps in 4:40, 100 squats in 3:50, and 50 prisoner get-ups in 4:10 (start sitting with arms crossed then stand up, sit down, stand up...). Awesome workout. Plus, I feel way more motivated with time challenges since it encourages me to push harder to beat my times. Nothing is more satisfying than a big fat PR. Alrighty, on to nom nom.

                Day 10 Grub:
                B: 2 fried eggs (runny yolks of course) and 2 straw/peach coconut muffins
                S: LO egg foo young
                L: LO buttsquash/carrot soup with chorizo sausage
                S: plum
                D: Crock pot chicken over spaghetti squash
                Dessert: straw/peach crumble-yum yum (and some finger-fuls of cashew butter before bed)

                Stayed up till 11pm (much too late) and I had to wake up at 4:45am to turn off my crock pot since I started my crock pot coffee chuck roast (from Civilized Caveman blog). That's for dinner tonight; I will let you know how delicious it is. Come on people, let's rally! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

                Does anyone have any awesome weekend plans? A new WOD or new recipe to try??? Post them!


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                  Yay it's Friday!

                  Yay Fridays! When I was in college there was this boy, Paul, who on every Friday chapel (I went to Taylor University in Upland, IN) would get up and shout, "HEY HEY IT'S FRIDAY!!!" He also had a Friday t-shirt. Everyone would uproariously yell, "IT'S FRIDAY!" And chapel would be dismissed. Awesome. Today is half as awesome as last Friday and next Friday because it is not pay day. But tomorrow is my 23rd birthday, and my wonderful husband who hates surprises himself is planning something secretive for me. I love surprises and thus couldn't be happier. Of course, he is a dear and is not starting the festivities until after I have time to go to the farmer's market in the morning. Anyway, yesterday's recap.

                  Day 11 Grub:
                  B: Spaghetti squash omelet with FM tomato
                  S: straw/peach coconut muffins (3 of)
                  L: jambalaya!
                  S: concord grapes and pistachios
                  D: the coffee chuck roast! It was amazing. 6 hours in the crock and the meat was medium and tender as all get-out.
                  Dessert: Eric and I finished the last of my apple/grape pie. We're sad to see it go.

                  Day 11 WOD:
                  Took the day off a strict workout. I used my lunch break to go home and let Little Stinker outside. Her little stomach hasn't been too hot lately. She was super psyched about Mom's surprise mid day homecoming.

                  And since I'm on a roll, I'm just going to keep going for today as Saturday I will be on my surprise birthday adventure. So without further ado

                  Day 12 Grub:
                  B: buttsquash/chicken apple sausage-thank you Whole30 Success Guide (Eric woke up this morning, begged me to have squash breakfast, and got out of bed to roast the squash)
                  S: concord grapes (I walked around the office to share those purple sweet-tart drops of heaven)
                  L: the last of the Jambalaya
                  No snack because tonight Eric and I are meeting my parents halfway from Illinois to Indiana at the Beefhouse for my birthday dinner. Heresy I know, but I will probably end up ordering the scallops since I hardly ever get those pricey little buggers. (I also called and they don't have any grass-fed options).

                  Day 12 WOD:
                  Cycle 1:
                  45 pushups
                  8 pullups
                  50 squats
                  13 divebombers
                  2:30 forearm plank
                  Cycle 2:
                  36 pushups
                  10 reverse pullups
                  50 squats
                  10 divebombers
                  1:30 forearm plank

                  Felt weak today; probably because Eric and I went climbing last night at the gym. I actually sent about 3 new boulder problems I was working last time. Still building my skin back up since we took about a month and a half off.

                  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I found a really good paleo-lasagna recipe that looks a little timely so I might try it on Sunday.


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                    Lovin my BA salads

                    Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a phenomenal weekend. It rained here in Indianapolis over the weekend more than it has in June-August combined. But I honestly love a good rainy weekend here and there. Like weekends were I really have a lot of housework to catch up on. So Sunday, Eric and I tackled the upstairs since, as newlyweds, we have acquired a ton of crap. So after hours of cleaning, laundry, trashing, we have a beautiful apartment once again. Eric actually can walk to his closet without fear of being stabbed in the foot with a random hanger or busting his shins on boxes/bins. Saturday was amazing. Farmer's market in the morning, and I pre-ordered my Thanksgiving turkey from Darby (my egg guy ) I already have at least 4 possible FULL Thanksgiving menu options; can you tell I'm excited? After the market, Eric surprised me by taking me to see Cirque du Soleil in Ft. Wayne!!! I have never seen one before, and it was remarkable. Eric got the idea based upon our mutual love of "stupid human tricks" of which there were many incredible ones. I made tacos for dinner that night (a taco salad rather) after we had to navigate Applebees menu for lunch. Sunday we cleaned like fiends after a breakfast of lamb sausage with artichoke (from TJ's) and poached eggs. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Lunch was BA salads with coconut aminos/garlic/ginger marinaded chicken and stir-fried cabbage with yellow pepper. I made my BA salad for lunch today from those leftovers. Breakfast was an interesting experiment; I did creamed kale for the first time with coconut milk and served poached eggs over top. I actually really liked it, and it filled me up all morning. I snacked on half an avocado, more FM concord grapes, and a small handful of pistachios. For dinner tonight, I'm doing a Balsamic Rosemary Apple Roasted Chicken from Elana's Pantry. So excited. Eric and I are going climbing as well, so I didn't work out today over lunch. We are two weeks through the challenge everyone; stay strong!



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                      It's the simple joys in coconut

                      I typically don't blog this early in the day, but I am so excited with my new little concoction. I work from 10-7pmEST, and I eat breakfast around 9ish. So it is 12:33pm and I start getting a little hungry. I am trying to gravitate away from always snacking on nuts at this time, so I came to work armed with my leftover can of coconut milk (I made coconut whipped cream the other night for my pumpkin custard). So I brewed a cup of black cinnamon tea and poured in a significant amount of coconut milk and then dumped no small portion of sprinkled cinnamon on top. FABULOUS. I know this isn't like Julia Child's kitchen here, but I was amazed by how perfectly creamy and sweet it was with no sugar and considering that the coconut milk was more watered down than normal since I had scraped all the cream off the top the night before. Breakfast was equally as amazing.

                      Day 17 Grub:
                      B: lamb sausage with artichoke, red onion, topped with poached egg and FM pink tomato. Today, I broke out my new little egg-ring I bought. Cheesy, but the thing is incredible. I did "legit" poached eggs yesterday in a pan, but Eric summed it up perfectly: "I just feel like we don't end up with as much egg this way." A decent portion of the white decides it doesn't want to cuddle with the yolk and abandons ship. So the egg ring is perfect for this problem. I still get a wonderfully poached egg with all the egg. I wish I could give you all tasters of the lamb sausage. It's incredibly juicy and the fat drippings are so tasty.
                      S: coconut/cinnamon tea and concord grapes
                      And later on today here is the menu-
                      L: BA Salad
                      S: apple slices and almonds
                      D: the cavegirl dish: Grilled Salmon with Red Pepper Salsa and Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad I am so excited for this! I got a huge fillet of wild caught alaskan salmon on sale a while back, and I was more than happy to finally pull it out of the freezer.

                      And now I must rave about last night's dinner. Thank you thank you, Elana's Pantry, for the amazing recipe- Everyone else, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! I followed the directions to a T and the chicken came out incredible. And when you're cooking with a $15 chicken, it's important not to screw it up. I made gravy out of the pan drippings which will probably be the best gravy ever. The combination of balsamic, rosemary, and apple was to die for. I had cooked the chicken before Eric and I went climbing, so needless to say, I could not focus to save my life on climbing. I was mentally drooling over the chicken until we got home. Every once in a while, it's nice to eat caveman style, so Eric barehanded ripped the leg/thighs off that bird and threw them on a plate where we quickly devoured every shred of meat on those bones. Thank you, "beyond organic" pastured, non-GMO fed chicken, for allowing me to eat your deliciously crispy skin which I would always previously pick off and discard. Dessert was equally as amazing- Elana's pantry is incredible I tell you. This was almost the easiest thing I have ever made as it was all done in the food processor. Topped with coconut whipped cream, I left the table absolutely stuffed. I had planned on doing my FM green beans with bacon and red onion, but we were so hungry when we got home we just ate them plain with our fingers. Did I mention I covered them in a bit of the pastured pork lard from the FM? Delicious! Tomorrow at work we are having a pitch-in lunch, and I still haven't decided what to make. So far, there are a variety of macaroni salads, coleslaw, brownies and the like, ect...if you have any ideas throw them at me. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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                        Ext of Day 17...I needed to add on after what an amazing WOD I had today. I started off completely unmotivated. The weather is gloomy, I was feeling sluggish and tired, and all I really wanted to do was eat my BA salad. But as usual, once you kick your butt into gear, you won't regret it. Plus, I had records to beat. Today was my burpee, situp, squat, prisoner-getup challenge day. As soon as I hit the timer to start my 100 burpees, I heard my brain say, "Meaghan, there will be some days you don't beat your record. And you have to be okay with that. Today just isn't your day." And I agreed. For like, 5 seconds. Then I came to my senses, told my brain to shut its pie hole, and told my muscles to get it in gear. The big moment...I FINALLY DID IT! I completed the 100 burpees in under 10 minutes challenge!!!....WITH A TIME OF 9:30!!! So, I cut almost a minute off of my prior time and was totally stoked. To top it off, I beat all my other records as well.

                        Day 17 WOD:
                        100 burpees in 9:30!!! (53 seconds cut)
                        100 situps in 4:11 PR (29 sec cut)
                        100 squats in 3:18 PR (32 sec cut)
                        50 prisoner get-ups in 3:43 PR (27 sec cut)

                        So I was super dead at the end, and mowed down my BA salad in no time. Loving the apple/balsamic combo. No surprise, I was still a little hungry so I had a small handful of almonds and 2 squares of my Dagoba xocolatl bar (amazing: rich dark chocolate, chilies & nibs). And now I'm so looking forward to my salmon dinner...


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                          The Hump

                          Good morning 10 degrees below the average, Indianapolis. It's quite cold. Yesterday was phenomenal-perfect weather by all accounts. I thoroughly enjoyed my 15 minute sub break. I worked through lunch so that I could leave early since I was going to go to the climbing gym before Eric got home from school.

                          Day 18 Grub:
                          B: Fried okra with bacon-I know right?!? I'm from NC, so I don't know how southern that makes me to warrant fried okra but it was good. I cooked the bacon first, then "breaded" the egg-dipped okra rings in almond meal. Pretty simple and I fried it till it was nice and crispy, served it with crumbled bacon, and topped it with Valentina! Yesterday at work was also the company Pitch-In where everyone brings a dish to share. There was literally nothing there to suit a caveman. The only thing that was on the fence was the Italian beef which was swimming in a pool of unknown liquids. Plus, I came armed with my leftovers from the previous night's salmon dinner, so I knew goodness awaited me. There were brownies, cookies, cupcakes, chips, pies, you name it, they had it. And, in all honesty, I swear to you, cross my heart, I WAS NOT TEMPTED! Unbelievable right? A huge chocolate cake dripping with chocolate fudge? How could that not stir the senses? It's all about the Hump, people. I can't say exactly when it hits. In fact, you'll probably hit it then find one again next month. Who knows. All I'm saying is that, at some point, it gets easier to resist those prior temptations. When you keep filling your body with what it truly craves and thrives on, the other crap is just that-crap. Now what is tantalizing would be a homemade chocolate cake from my kitchen. You can make equivalents of almost anything that you used to crave from your SAD diet. I need to make Eric paleo brownies soon before he abandons ship on my again. So yesterday was a huge success as far as resisting temptations goes (since there truly wasn't any really).

                          Climbing was awesome. Eric has decided he will only climb 2 days a week since he feels like he recovers the best at that frequency. For me, I feel like that's too long and I feel weaker. So I went solo last night, and I felt great. I easily repeated a couple of newly-sent problems, and made significant progress on some others that I had really struggled with before. Afterwards, I got to come home to my wonderful husband and psychopath puppy and feast on leftovers from Elana's Pantry chicken from 2 nights back. I reheated the chicken with the gravy I made from the pan drippings, reheated the green beans with the LO apple slices and some toasted hazelnuts. I also made up the roasted cauliflower recipe from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook...IT WAS AWESOME! Super easy, and the dressing was phenomenal. I used purple cauliflower; I love colors. It was so fun to eat. Eric swears up and down it "tasted purple" whatever that means. Either way, super yummy meal, and finished off with a couple pieces of Green & Black 85%, I was happy as a clam.

                          Today: Trifecta! Pay day, Friday, and Jeans day at work!

                          Day 19 Grub:
                          B: Breakfast pizza! Cooking Demo – Breakfast Paleo Pizza! | Everyday Paleo
                          S: I didn't finish all my breakfast so I brought that. Also, my new-usual cup of cinnamon tea with coconut milk.
                          L: LO chicken with salad
                          S: herbal tea and concord grapes
                          D: Uh...what do I have planned? Crap-I don't! We may use one of our restaurant gift cards from our wedding present stash tonight. We got a gift card to this new restaurant called Seasons 52 which features locally grown, in season delicious dishes. I am already drooling looking at their menu.

                          I will update later this afternoon after my WOD. It's cold, but hopefully it won't be raining. I have in mind to do my sprint workout today.

                          Happy Friday, everyone!


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                            Happy October!

                            Day 22 of the PB Challenge! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend; I certainly did. As you know, I didn't have any dinner planned for Friday, but Eric and I went on a Whole Foods shopping date where I bought fixins to make Cottage Flower Pie. (Paleo Comfort Food: Cottage-Flower Pie | theclothesmakethegirl) Another huge winner! I will never fail to be amazed by cauliflower. That one will definitely show up again.

                            Saturday morning at the farmer's market was FREEZING. That has been the theme; the morning starts off freezing and then the afternoon turns into a beautiful sunny 70ish day. I spent basically all day Saturday in my kitchen-and I love it! I made FOUR soups! Emily came over to keep me company while food was flying all over the kitchen. One of my friends gave me this amazing soup cookbook, and I plan to try to cook through as much of it as I can this fall/winter.

                            My four soups:
                            1-spicy cilantro tomato
                            2-creamy summer tomato
                            3-cauliflower walnut
                            4-broccoli almond

                            Before I started making the soups, I had started my carnitas!!! carnitas the crankin' kitchen!
                            I followed the recipe to a T and got amazing results! I had made a spicy cabbage slaw to go with it (cabbage, carrots, poblanos, banana peppers) and we splurged and got a small block of raw yogurt cheese from the market (first time we've had cheese in a while). We also got organic corn tortillas and salsa verde. It truly was a feast to remember, and we all felt just fine afterward. While I don't plan on making corn/cheese anything more than a sparse/once in a blue moon treat, it was all too fitting to serve with carnitas. Eric is such an amazingly wonderful husband he did almost all my dishes from my kitchen craze.

                            Sunday-the day I had been looking forward to all week long. Eric and I knocked out about an hour and a half of climbing before I got on the road to Champaign, IL. My grandpa was having his 83rd birthday, and all my family was making a day of it at Curtis Orchard. It was a beautiful day, and my grandpa and my dad helped me fill my half-peck bag with beautiful Golden Delicious apples straight from the orchard. I also bough a peck of Honeycrisp which may just be my favorite for baking/eating. There were so many amazing looking jams/preserves, but alas, all with an unhealthy dump of sugar. After the orchard, it was back to my aunt's house to feast. This was my first family function after going paleo, and I was psyched to share my new dishes. I made a delicious warm purple cabbage spinach salad with a balsamic vinagrette which was a huge hit. I also made sweet potato salad with my homemade chipotle chili cilantro mayo. They held their own against the cheesy/sour creamy white potato salad my mom made and the pasta salads and rolls. We had 2 huge smoked pork butts which were to die for! Dinner was soon followed with an array of delicious looking desserts, and I remained steadfast. I had, after all, made my own paleo-approved apple crisp to compete with my mom's. It was phenomenal, and though I didn't try my mom's to compare, I couldn't have been happier with mine. All it needed was some coconut ice cream, but I hadn't had time to make my own. I do have leftovers though, so I may be whipping some up this week. Overall, everyone was thrilled with my exciting, new dishes and are looking forward to what I will be featuring for Thanksgiving. Certainly, the pumpkin custard from Elana's Pantry will probably be making an appearance.

                            I started this week with a delicious breakfast of "eggs in a nest" of chard, red kale, and cabbage topped with some hot Italian chicken sausage from TJ's. I have a Golden Delicious apple and almond butter as my mid morning snack (along with my now-regular cinnamon tea with coconut milk). Lunch is LO bacon/egg/avocado/tomato salad from the Reader-Inspired Cookbook on MDA with some greens. I have planned my grass-fed beef patties from the FM along with carrot fries for dinner tonight. I got a sweet manager special 99 cents price on 2 portabello mushroom caps, so I bought 2 packages for our "buns" tonight. I will be posting my WOD later this afternoon-back to work now...


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                              WOD for today:

                              Cycle 1:
                              51 pushups PR!!!
                              50 squats
                              10 pullups
                              14 divebombers PR I believe
                              4 minute forearm plank!!! PR!!!

                              1 Lake Lap

                              Cycle 2:
                              45 pushups
                              50 squats
                              10 pullups
                              10 divebombers
                              14 forearm to hand planks

                              Overall, I was psyched. The weather was glorious; I had brought a long sleeve and ended up ditching it. On my first cycle during forearm plank, I was feeling tired and mentally resigned myself to just trying to make it to 2:30. Then, my ba side got fired up and said it was time to set a new PR. 4 minutes! Only one more minute to go. I hope the weather stays this good; I'm feeling like I'm headed for a winter depression with no warm sun breaks at work. My lunch was incredible by the way. It cracks me up how counter-CW it is. It was basically a big bowl-o-fat. Avocado, egg, bacon...atop a bed of greens. I was so wonderfully full after eating it that I still haven't eaten my concord grapes I had brought. I love how filling good fat it! D

                              Have a wonderful evening, everyone. Dear hubby has asked me to stop at TJ's to buy more ginormously-huge butternut squashes. I seriously think his nose and ears are going to tint orange here very soon. I almost hope they do as that would truly amuse me. Good eatin' and good night!