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  • Ultrarunner going Primal

    Day 1 of the 30 Day Primal Challenge and so far so good. No Splenda, no sugar, no grains and feeling great!

    A little introduction: Julie from MN, 46 years old, love to run, lift, swim, bike, hike, practice yoga. I coach runners, I love to attend both of my sons baseball & football games.

    I fell into the trap that runners need high carb diet and put on weight eating bagels, rice, pasta, you know, the white stuff. Cut way back, lost the weight, found myself binging on sugary bakery items 1 each week. Gave up sugar for a while, began adding Splenda to coffee and drinking Diet Coke.

    Earlier this year I had a total radical hysterectomy, was laid up for 6 weeks. When I began running and lifting again I noticed arm tingling, numb hand, etc. While running Minneapolis Marathon in May it really bothered me, running Afton 50 Mile in July I noticed my upper spine was sore. Eventually it became painful to run so I finally went in and learned I had two hemoraged discs. Hmph. Could have been from laying around cooperating from hysterectomy, from increasing mileage, from deadlifting 225 pounds, from getting older, Dr. says it just happens.

    Ive noticed that when I eat oats I have more nerve pain than when I don't. Same with brown rice. The grains cause inflammation which causes the nerves to receive more pressure and I feel more zinging and numbness.

    Long story short I want to be in the best condition I can and primal can do that for me. I'm ready!

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    Day 1 comes to a close.
    B: 2 eggs+spinach - lots
    S: apple
    L: 4 oz crab+celery
    S:4 oz sirloin, 3 cucumbers, olive oil
    D:6 oz lean burger, 1 grilled acorn squash, butter
    S:1/2 c berries. 2T cream
    No Splenda so sugar no pop! Yahoo.
    5 mile hike through State Park with Topaz, my Border Collie.


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      Goals: take the time to heal these herniated discs. Getting better every day. Begin running slowly and follow 10% rule. Don't increase mileage more than 10% each week. Yoga! Oh how I miss you! Back to CorePower 2x weekly for vinyassa. Keep true to Primal. Moderation really doesn't work for me. Kick grains, sugar, Splenda to the curb!


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        Day 2 has gone very well! Cutting out the grains has eased the inflammation around my herniated discs. I was able to run/walk 5 miles today on soft trail. First running steps in 6 weeks. Yahoo! Physical Therapy @ 5. Will be interesting to see therapists reaction when I tell her I think elimination of grains is lessening pain and inflammation.
        I am enjoying not rushing around to fix breakfast in the morning when I'm really not hungry. I'm hungry around 10 so eat at work. Common sense.
        B: Apple 2 HB egg
        L: 6 oz chicken, spinach, olive oil, pepper
        S: almonds, berries
        D: will be Chipotle bowl-lettuce, double meat, salsa, guac
        S: will be 2 HB eggs, olive oil


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          PT went great today. I have increased strength in left arm and increased range of motion. I ordered the double steak, lettuce, fajita vegs, guac and the waiter didn't blink an eye. Chipotle tasted very good.PT told me I could try yoga, just be careful but wait a while to get back to crossfit, run as able. I told him about the grains and inflammation and looked like he hadn't a clue what I was speaking of. I dont know if he knows what grains are! Excited for day 3'


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            Awesome! You're doing really great. Chipotle is delicious.


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              Thanks! So far so good. I'm surprised that I am not craving Oreo brownies or frosting! Yes, Chipotle was very good. I saw the Paleo to order version on Rob Wolffs webpage. He listed many food places where you could tweak the menu to be Paleo friendly. Keep at it!


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                How do I add my photo as avatar? I searched the question and response was 'in the green box with quotes when replying to thread there is a box to check...' I dont see that box to check or anything stating anything about avatars. Anyone?