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  • Originally posted by Saoirse View Post
    what is the significance of the weight change post-workout?
    Saoirse, it was just a little experiment I was doing to see how much water I retained in a typical workout (I sip a lot between sets) and to see if there was a correlation with DOMS the next day. At first the correlation seemed significant, but in the past couple of workouts, my weight did not change at all (where did all the water go??) and DOMS is just as present as ever. So that hypothesis is busted.

    Originally posted by Bane
    Here you go.
    Hehe, Bane, that is a neat trick.

    SP, the quick summary is that Fitocracy is a workout-tracking web site, crossed with a social media web site, crossed with a game. So you get points for doing various exercises which eventually cause you to "level up". You get cute tokens for reaching "achievements" like lifting X% of your bodyweight. And you can do "quests" like a finishing a certain series of exercises, reaching a certain level of performance, etc. Some people might find it silly but for me it's strangely compelling and motivating. The community is also very supportive and there are some MDA folks on there (Beaver, aka Revaeb on Fitocracy, has really been inspiring me lately.)

    The only thing is it's still in Beta, so you need an invite from an existing member to create your own account.

    Originally posted by firemedicgrok
    If your wife is 37 weeks all means choose your words carefully...........very very carefully.
    Intellectually, I know this, but sleep deprivation impairs my judgment drastically. I'm doing the best I can with my fragile prefrontal cortex. Thanks for the well wishes! The new arrival will be here any day... any moment!


    • Wednesday

      This journal is transforming into a collection of random thoughts, which is more fun anyway. My workout details are on Fitocracy and my diet details are utterly boring, even to me. Calorie counting is a chore, so I just count protein, make sure I'm eating real food, save my carbs for workout days, and keep fat low enough that I go to bed a little bit hungry most nights. So far this is working. Now that it's 2012, I've got to get sliced up for PrimalCon!

      Wednesday my wife was having difficulties -- high blood pressure -- and I was obliged to stay home to help. I was anxious at the thought of work piling up at my job, but soon forgot about that when I realized it was a beautiful day and could take the toddler to the beach. We had so much fun! Toddler ran some amazing sprints, cackling like a mad goblin, for almost a mile.

      We reached the junior muscle-beach area just south of Santa Monica Pier and I had great fun on the tarzan rings (for lack of a better term). Let me tell you, the guys (and occasional girl) that hang out at this contraption have incredible physiques. Being able to partake of their pastime is one of my most treasured primal achievements. I had almost completed a whole circuit when the toddler's boredom became terminal. "Dada come down please," he asked politely. And how could I refuse!

      So I took him over to a smaller set of rings. He loves to swing from the rings and do partial pullups. He may be just two years old, but he has lats of steel and crazy baby abs. He also seems to be even more of an adrenaline junkie than his dad. Giggled like a lunatic when I held him in the inverted position and swung him that way.

      Then he crouched in the shade and started digging in the sand, which I have learned means that he is utterly exhausted. So I took him for a quick tour of the pier, and then to the car, where he ate an astonishing amount of peas. He fell asleep with his hand in the bag.


      Shocked to find that I had lost all of my holiday weight, with a full 4.5 pounds dropped since Tuesday. Perhaps it was all just glycogen? This is a little faster than I would like to lose weight. 1.5 - 2 pounds per week until PrimalCon is my rough target. If I can drop another 4 pounds -- without getting yet another cold -- I'll be in breakthrough territory.

      Stellar pressing workout today. Moved up on every single exercise from last week! That doesn't happen often. Tuesday's pulling workout was likewise blockbuster. Maybe I should massively overfeed on dark chocolate more often...

      Another insight from Arnold Schwarzenegger came into play today. I'm reading his Encyclopedia for the third time, and on the first two passes I skipped over the posing section. No way am I advanced enough to touch that, I thought. But now I was curious and I delved into it. And I realized that posing -- that is, holding certain extremely flexed isometric positions -- is actually a brilliant complement to a lifting workout. Done between sets, it raises the intensity and pump and seems to improve circulation and neural control. Going to do this as part of my routine from now on, although I will have to be discreet lest others think me a narcissistic bastard. Or more of one, anyway =\

      Arnold has really fired my imagination. Gotta see that movie Pumping Iron. I understand it also has Franco Columbu, who is possibly my favorite bodybuilder of all.


      • People looking for fitocracy invites can try this link. There's 88 on there currently and I think each new signup gets 10 invites of their own. It also adds you to the Primal group automatically.


        • Thanks for that, ajrw! I would love to see more Primal people on Fitocracy.

          Many thanks, uuelanaeq41! Primal living has transformed me. But in many ways it feels as though the transformation has barely begun. There is still so much to learn and so many experiments to do...


          • Woot! My second child was born today. His name is Max. Could it be otherwise?

            Thanks to my invincible warrior princess bride, I now have two sons who will surely rival Romulus and Remus. Even better, it was a completely natural delivery at home. No drugs, no hospital, no surgery. This was an amazing victory for my wife because her first pregnancy ended in emergency c-section.

            Workouts and posting are going to be erratic while I figure out what the hell I've gotten myself into! Two mouths to feed in an uncertain world. Learning to deal with a newborn again in all his fragility. A doting toddler who is accustomed to getting all the attention. Holy crap!

            But despite all that, I feel at peace. Productive primal people will navigate their way through the shoals of modernity, just like our ancestors navigated the tempests of their times. And our ancestors did not survive against all odds just to see their lineage sputter out. It is each generation's sacred duty to hand the torch to the next, whether to their own children or to worthy others. Challenge accepted!

            I haven't slept in over 36 hours and it feels like I never will. I am running on pure adrenaline and noradrenaline, which is actually kind of fun and I regret not being able to go to a rave right now. But it won't be pretty when I finally crash.

            Before that happens, I want to share with you a valuable insight I learned about weightlifting today:

            The proper level of intensity when lifting heavy weights is that of a woman about to give birth.

            I had never been witness to a natural childbirth before. The parallels with lifting were striking to me. Both lifting and labor are about producing extreme muscle contractions.

            Consider. For weeks beforehand, her abdomen had been tensing up lightlly in Braxton-Hicks contractions -- greasing the groove for future efforts. On the fated day, she first performed many low-rep, light-weight sets (contractions) with generous rest intervals. She gradually increased the weight (intensity of contraction) while cutting down the number of reps and shortening the rest period. When heavy labor began, she was working the heaviest weight of all and had dropped to 4-6 reps with a one-minute recovery period. Does this not seem like a form of pyramid training?

            A the top set, her intensity was beyond anything seen in weightlifting. It was the invincible expression of the will made flesh. Two million years of hominid evolution producing a howling force of nature. She was truly under the control of her ancestors! This is the same state I try so feebly to attain in the weight room, succeeding only fleetingly. And she did it in endless supersets!

            As an experiment, I tried flexing my whole body at the same times that she did. It quickly became excruciating and soon I could not keep up. Yet she continued for hours. By the end she had completed the equivalent of a weightlifting ultramarathon. Good lord, is the human body capable of such things...!

            But of course it is. In daily life we see only a glimmer of our true potential. Under the right circumstances, truly incredible achievements are possible. Let the everyday occurrence of childbirth remind us that we are all capable of miracles. Never doubt your true genetic potential!

            As for my wife, she has resolved to get in the best shape of her life now that the pregnancies are over. I have convinced her to start lifting heavy. She has also promised to grow braids. Braids + Heavy Lifting Warrior Vixen = DROOL.

            Please excuse me now as I return to the laughable charade of attempting to sleep.


            • Timothy, well done both of you and 'Hi' to Max.

              (Your post above is a joy to read. Your enthusiasm for life is so uplifting. Thank you.)
              activate the rhythm, the rhythm that has always been within


              • Timothy,

                I am very happy to the news. I remember how crazy it was when my wife delivered our second son. I was in the process of selling our home in the midst of everything. The remark of running on adrenaline and wishing for a rave............. just wait, it gets even better. By the way, I love to listen to trance in the mornings with a mug of coffee on the way to the fire station. It just seems to get me in the right frame of mind for the day.

                Since the upcoming months will be very crazy for you, please let me make a small suggestion. Sleep when you can. Eat clean. Workout when you can, but not at the expense of sleep. The time will pass very, very quickly(believe it or not).

                And, once again, Congrats on the arrival of Max. May he be healthy, happy, and safe.


                • Congrats!

                  Hi Timothy!
                  I've been reading through various people's journals, and today I read yours. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, and congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your baby! I had all 4 of my kids at home au natural, and it was hard work, but made me so much stronger.

                  Enjoy the day!
                  Terri the Harp Player

                  Wherever you go, there you are!


                  • Congratulations with the newborn!
                    Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

                    My journal

                    I see grain people...

                    Exist in shadow, drifting away.


                    • A hearty congratulations! They are lucky little boys indeed!
                      My True Primal Story


                      • Congratulations Timothy!
                        p90x2 Leangains Journal - Phase II (January - April 2012)

                        Leangains & Starting Strength Journal - Phase I (August - Dec 2011)


                        • Congratulations to you and the whole family! Excellent news!!
                          Live. Grow. Flourish.

                          My Journal/story is at


                          • Congratulations, Timothy! Having witnessed your parenting last year at PrimalCon, I can say your boys are lucky to have you as a father.
                            Il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister.


                            • Oh man! I missed congratulating you on your new little one! I've been off the Journal for a while, getting back to it though. Hope the new tyke is letting you get some sleep, man.
                              Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

                              My Primal Journal


                              • Hello everybody! Whew, five months went by in the blink of an eye. I regret dropping the ball so utterly and completely, but rest assured I've been keeping it very real indeed. My lifts... oh, Grok, my lifts. I'll spare you the details but it's all on Fitocracy (Gnugnug is my name there, some poser had already taken Timothy).

                                Oh, and I posted my latest shovelglove course just a couple of days ago! Now with video goodness: Shovelglove 201 - Comprehensive Review

                                @localad: Thank you! It was from the heart. And reading it really takes me back to those insane first days.

                                @firemedicgrok: Your advice was most appropriate. As it happened there was a bit of a health scare with the baby for a few weeks, and I buckled and ate restaurant food. Including pancakes! With god knows what in them and certainly gluten! Syrup too, which was surely nothing more than HFCS with industrial flavoring. I did not explode completely, but it was not fun. Gained 15 pounds which I only recently finished peeling off. Happily, Max pulled through magnificently and he is now disgustingly healthy. And say, do you happen to have any good trance recommendations? I thrive on that stuff.

                                @HarpLady: Wow, four kids! Cannot even "conceive" of it, haha. And all natural. You must be incredibly fit. Thanks for liking my journal!

                                @Sungrazer: Missed you! Got to catch up on your doings.

                                @Ray-NJ: Thanks, man!

                                @Phreebie: Much appreciated!

                                @superdeluxe: You're very kind to say that! We have been having a great time. Leo is totally affectionate and protective of his baby brother, the opposite of what I had feared. So proud of my little guys.

                                @Uncephalized: Been missing your trenchant remarks! Holy cow, so much catching up to do. Will take a long time indeed.

                                Now off to tackle 11 pages of subscribed threads...