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    Got to gym cycled for 40 minutes went on vibrating machine for 5 did some weights and stretches. Hubby originally signed up for 3 months and was told we could extend to a year if he wanted to continue. Now we are told he will have to pay a lot more if he extends. I'm not happy because it took a lot for him to agree to be a member and now his membership ran out.


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      So much has happened in the last 3 days.
      First of this really works. Did accidental IF for two out of the three days. Just wasn't hungry.

      Had really good nutrious meals. I love my veg so need to have that as the bulk of my meal also helps to stop constipation. Which is part of the IBS I suffer from on the semi-SAD diet.

      My challenge of 30 days primal has started on Fatsecret.

      Swam today with my youngest kid (12 year old ADHD) which is fun because he is so fast and good at swimming and needs the exercise for relieving the ADHD behavior.

      Wed night took Self magazine's boot camp exercises to the gym and did that
      Last night went out with my best friend trying to get her to give up processed foods...we had a salad with asparagus, green beans, sesame seeds and
      cashew nuts. I'm sure there was something in the dressing that was a lot of carbs. Showed a slight gain this morning but not worried it will come off. My friend told me I looked terrific as we hadnt seen each other for several months.

      Hubby went to Dr. and the Dr. was happy with his progress and commented that he should keep on. He should just have less dairy to help recover from a stomach virus he had last week. Hubby is moree like 70% 30% than 80% 20% but it still works for him.

      For Saturday I just finished cooking: meat burgers, steak and more steak, chicken soup is in crockpot, roasted potatoes for kids, rice (for kids), okra in wine and tomato sauce

      I have biscotti from last week and peanut butter cups also from last week for my 20%.


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        Finished 30 days but 4 pounds heavier

        Not good timing. My festivities kind of spoilt the hard work I've been doing for the last few months. I couldn't exercise as much as I usually do and I just overate. I'v been bouncing back and forth with 6 pounds for the past 1/2 a year and it is so frustrating.

        Back on track now with just one more long weekend that is a festival (starting on Wed evening) and my sabbath. I hope to stay on track this time. I find that the 80% 20% rule works for me during the week but at the weekend it is more like 60% 40% which isn't the greatest.

        The + side is that I finally have ankles (never had them before), they are stocky but they exist.

        I feel really sick when I eat grains or a lot of sugar and my IBS flares up. Not to mention that my energy just disappears. I need to remember how that extra piece of cake makes me feel before I let it get anywhere near my mouth.