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    It's time I get a handle on this wylde_child! Started eating primal April 1, 2011. Lost 25# in 3 months then summer came on full with parties and vacations with lots of junk food and booze. Didn't hurt myself too much in my tumble off the wagon. I've only gained back about 4#.

    This 30 day challenge is coming at a perfect time (full moon and all.) I'm ready to get back on course. Woke up this morning with new resolve. Had 3 eggs, 4 rashers uncured bacon and 1T. cream with tea for breakfast. Then went to chiropractor. The drive home takes me past my favorite coffee hut that carries my favorite cookies (ginger cream with buttercream frosting) and wylde_child thought "It sure would be fun to stop and get a cookie!" Rational self screamed, "Why do I do that to myself!!???!! No, no, no!!!" I made it home without incident.

    My personal challenge this week is to stay strictly primal.

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    I wish you luck!

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      Thanks LexxyV86!

      My meals day one:

      B: 3 eggs, 4 rashers bacon, 1 T. cream in tea.
      L: 1 peach, 1 oz blueberries, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 oz walnuts.
      D: 3 oz london broil, kale with tomato, black olives and yogurt dressing.

      1265 Cal. 57% fat, 31% protein, 12% carbs
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        No alcohol yesterday and it's amazing how much better I feel today. Slept well, woke rested and clear, no pain in my joints. This is something I learn as if new again every time I drink. When will I remember before I take that drink? Anyway, bravo! on my first full day of 100% primal (I consider my dairy intake to be okay due to it's being total fat or fermented. Others may disagree.)

        Went to my Team Beach Body workout tonight. Did a P90X session. Felt strong again!

        Meals today:
        B: 3 fried eggs, 4 links sausage, 2T. cream in tea
        L: pork loin, cheese, peach, blueberries
        D: London broil, kale, tomatoes, black olives and yogurt dressing.
        S: 1 oz. mixed nuts

        1439 calories 60% fat, 26% protein, 14% carbs