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    Primal Blueprint 30-day Challenge

    1. Lose weight and KICK ASS!
    2. Cut out grain 100%, cut out sugar 100%, cut out dairy 100%(have to finish a jug of milk first, but after that)
    3. Absolutely NO CHEAT MEALS during these 30 days. I'm low on money right now but I'm going to throw out the pizza I have in my fridge anyway.
    4. Commit to swimming OR walking around the neighborhood for 60 minutes OR running on the treadmill for the C25k program.
    5. Ice lower back/psoas 4 times a day to numbness, perform physical therapy for over-extension and get back in to functioning shape.
    6. Improve sleep habits and duration.
    7. Clean the apartment and KEEP it clean.
    8. Start from the beginning of and follow each video each day for better mobility, flexibility and overall health.
    9. Finish all the tea in my house (I have tons and tons of loose leaf, it's ridiculous. I have to finish it all before buying anything new, so I will drink it like crazy here instead of beer!)

    Primal Cheats (cheats that are primal but are "use sparingly")
    1. Occasional high quality beer, 1 at a time, 1 per day max
    2. Red wine at most once every two days

    Primal Blueprint Book
    PB Cookbook
    Primal Fuel
    Resistance Bands and Lacrosse balls (mobility WOD requirements)
    The Paleo Solution book

    I will be posting daily, right before bed with a report on ALL the food I consumed, all the activity I did and any physical therapy updates.

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    Welcome! Kick ass dude!
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Day 1

      Not a primal day sadly, mostly because I only jumped in midday. This was a day full of failures, and I will list them as a record, despite the pain. I had to skip breakfast due to some water in the bathroom from a stray toilet. I treated this like if Grok had to deal with a family emergency that took him away form the hunt and deprived him of breakfast. This was really the only grok-positive thing in my day. At work we were given free doughnuts at our desks which made it hard to pass up, especially with having skipped breakfast. I ate two (they were Dunkin Doughnuts) and then when my way. Lunch was a cheat meal that I get every Monday, which kind of added to the terribleness. It was a burger with organic local meat, bacon, american cheese, fixins, mustard and fries with ketchup. I had 1 cup of sugary Dr. Pepper (bad me) and one of diet (bad but better). Next Monday I will still have this meal but I'll cut the fries out and discard the bun. If I get soda (which I probably won't) I'll get diet. I may opt for water instead. I resisted the free snacks and actually had no soda aside from at lunch. Usually I have 2-3 diet sodas a day because they are provided free by our company. When I got home I had 1 snakebite which is hard cider and beer half and half. That was my one beer a day limit. I intend to cut back to maybe one every two days, but it's a problem right now so I'm slowly working away from it. I also had a Dark n Stormy cocktail which is black rum (yum!) and ginger ale (yum but sugar). The ginger ale was australian national ginger ale and so significantly less in sugar than Verners or some such. For dinner I had a fillet of fish with some green seasoning. Very good!! As an evening snack I worked on finishing off the cheetos (should have just thrown them out but it's hard to throw away something you've put money in to when you're living paycheck to paycheck like I am). I'm still going to toss the pizza but I may scavenge the cheese and toppings as a meal tomorrow. There's pepperoni and anchovies on there, and the cheese is good. Will dump the bread happily.

      For better horizons tomorrow in the food department! Today I also purchased a bed finally. It's all set up and just beckoning to me (can't wait to try it out!!) My work out today was the moving of all the bed stuff. There was a heavy railroad tie bed frame to carry up which I ended up doing with one hand, balancing on my shoulder. This was a good work out up the stairs. Then with the help of my neighbor we brought the box spring up and then the mattress. Both were quite heavy. I assembled the frame and unbagged the mattresses, placing them with great effort on to the frame. I also had to do some cleaning in my bedroom for it to fit.

      On the schedule for tomorrow: beef sausage for breakfast! Shopping for eggs to make into hard boiled eggs for quick breakfasts (which I NEED to stay primal for breakfast. Otherwise it's Mcdonalds :x). Will also need to get bacon which is wonderfully cheap at about $3 a bag. I can get about 4 servings out of the bag, and that's while eating 4 pieces a morning!

      I'm going to see how long I can go with no sugar at all but I think it might be difficult to avoid natural sugars in veggies and fruit. I won't beat myself up over those sorts of sugars if I get them. That being said I'm not buying fruit this month.

      Workout tomorrow will be either a swim to cool off after work or a long walk around my neighborhood, which I have yet to explore since moving here.

      Grok on!


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        Don't call the whole day a fail. You made some progress at cutting back. Just keep working it.
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          Thanks for the support Hedonist! I guess you're right!

          Day 2
          Today I had cheetos. On the brightside, aside from 1 beer, that was the only carbs I've had. I'm making chicken for dinner and then heading to bed. In all I've probably had a total of 50g carbs. Bad choice, but not the end of the world. Tomorrow I'll be hard-boiling a good number of my eggs. I found a great deal on maple bacon (no carbs, surprisingly, perhaps because it's cured) so I'm stocked up for 2 weeks on that alone (a $12 or so purchase.. Breakfast for two weeks. WOW!) I also didn't have time to do my walk today due to some absolutely required shopping. Everything is set now, so I will be on board with the walking/swimming tomorrow!

          For breakfast I had a sausage, for lunch we went to Rudy's BBQ where I had 1/2 pound of extra moist brisket, 1/4 pound of the most amazing pork loin I've ever had, and a full on sausage with delicious crispy skin. It reminded me of the Czech street food. Cheetos and milk as a snack (forgot, the milk was a carb too). Will be making some chicken here in a few minutes unless I crash (which is possible, I'm tired!).

          All in all, not a terrible day, but definitely room for improvement.


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            Take baby steps, don't rush into it! I've been trying to motivate to go Primal for awhile now and only after I made slow cut backs (no pizza, bread, buns, cereal, sweets) am I actually sticking with it now! Don't push yourself too hard when you've got a full plate (haha pun-y). Good luck on the rest of your journey!


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              Day 3

              Well I my carb intake got out of control today, but it's my own fault for putting the high carb things in my fridge. None of it was gluten, at least not from wheat, but I still ranged somewhere between 100-200 carbs which is not what I need.

              Breakfast was innocent -> a sausage
              I brought lunch as a chicken breast from dinner the night before but for some reason I went with friends to a burger joint where I had 80 carbs in bread. This was still salvagable though. Sure the sugar level in my blood rose but I still was in the "safe" zone for weight loss. That failed when I got home and ate cheetos and drank milk instead of making chicken or eating what I brought for lunch (forgot to bring it home though :/). I also had an extra beer past what I was intending since my neighbor/coworker needed some emotional support since he was working on a problem for work after hours. He came over and asked for a cold beer which I happily obliged. It was a snakebite he wanted so it required half of 2 bottles. I wasn't going to let them sit open in the fridge so I made myself one too. This was one and would have been okay, but I had another when I went over later to play games with him. Once I got back (20 mintues ago) I ate more cheetos and drank more milk.

              My main problem is these damn cheetos. Thankfully they're almost gone, but it's tough. I can't throw them out without feeling guilty about money. I know it's not healthy and that I'll save money in the long run if I do get rid of them, but with my finances as they are currently it's too nerve-wracking to throw anything of value out.

              On the success side, two things. First I shared a success story with Mark in the hopes of winning some Vibrams Five Fingers. This included a small but significant success of 20 pounds lost. The other victory was that I went for a good long walk, maybe 40 minutes of walking around the neighborhood and getting lost. Soaked up the sun for a bit and enjoyed seeing parts of the new city I'm in that I hadn't seen before. Felt good and found salt from the sweat on my forehead, 3 hours later, so I know it was a good workout.

              All in all a pretty bad day, but bad days exist as markers for good days. Now that my bad food stock is lower, I should come out ahead for the rest of the 30 days. It's also an accomplishment that I've posted every day so far. I intend to stick with that, even if it's my only victory.


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                Day 4

                This is late but I got tied up helping to move my friend into my apartment yesterday. I'll refer to it as "today" for ease of understanding.

                Today was another meh day but a little better than Day 3. Breakfast was a hard boiled egg and a sausage. Very primal and pretty tasty! At work I stayed away from the snacks but it was cookie thursday and before I knew it I had had 3 cookies. Going to work on cutting down/out this snack time. Lunch I resisted going out and came home to eat some leftover chicken. I ended up eating some mochi ice cream which was bad, but I ate fewer than I had other days and so still count that as a success. We had our company beer bash where I restricted myself to 1 beer but had to finish the one at home that my friend didn't want. (Before y'all say it was an act of weakness or a lame excuse... it was Guinness Extra Stout. I mean.. come one. One, it's my favorite beer ever, and two he was just going to let it sit out and three it's rather expensive :/) Not to say that I was right in drinking in but I like to protect my purchases, whenever possible! I pretty much threw out the Cheetos.. my roommate said he might eat them so I left them for him but I likely won't eat any more of them. We ended up going out for dinner which I would have preferred not to do but we did anyway. I had a Mojito so that upped my sugar/carb count a bit and nachos with corn tortilla chips. Corn is not primal, I know, but at the very least they are gluten free (I think...? :/) The legumes were also non-primal things but getting those beat either spending more money then I could afford on a steak or something with lots of wheat like pizza or a burger or something. It's a small success, and a small failure. We had more mochi before bed but I think I'm going to give the rest to my roommate. I can't believe they dust them in flour.. that's aggravating.

                For workout I ended up helping move my friends stuff from the car into the apartment which included a couple really heavy things and a lot of up and down the stairs. We also picked up a futon from downtown and brought it back north, carrying it up the stairs when we got back to the apartment. Good workout.

                All in all a good day, but not a great day. Today I'm aiming for a great day!


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                  It seems that my previously employed method of journaling wasn't effective for my needs at this time. There are many things that have gone wrong since starting the 30 day Primal challenge, some which were out of my control. I'll take full responsibility for all the non-Primal eating I've done. There is no excuse for it. I did it and now I'm seeing the consequences in my waist. My work slacks no longer need a belt to hold them up. The scale shows that I'm almost up to 290 again. It's hard in a world of work and a disorganized home to keep everything in line.

                  A friend of mine just moved in with me from out of state. He disrupts my energy in a sometimes aggressive way and is mean when he wants his way, which is usually always. I've roomed with him 3 times before while we were in college and I consider him at least an okay friend, so I accepted him into my home since he'll be able to help pay the rent. For now, we're stuck in my 1 bedroom apartment which is very close quarters. He's sleeping on my futon in my living room, so I can understand how he must feel, not really having a private space of his own. I've experienced that myself and because I'm a person who needs a lot of personal time to sort things out, it's really tough for me to deal with. I think he's different in that respect but it still must bother him.

                  Adding to this is the fact that my apartment is not tidy. It is in such a mess because I looked desperately for a device that I had lost and tore into all of my storage bins looking for it. I didn't have the time to clean it up and now, everything is messy. He yells at me sometimes because of the mess, or harasses me when I try to give him advice on things, citing such hurtful, unnecessary, and contextually irrelevant things as my supposed inability to court the opposite sex, or the fact that I can't shed the pounds that have weighed my frame down since middle school, or the fact that I can't even keep my own apartment clean. I don't want to give in to his attacks, but I'm not very good at being aggressive back. I usually just end up hurt. Surprisingly, this doesn't lead to emotional eating or anything like that. I wish that was my problem as I think I'd be better equipped to deal with it, since I've conquered depression on my own in the past. The bite with which he speaks to me splits the very core of my heart into a pile of shattered ruby gems. And then sometimes he's nice. He offers to help in some way, suggests that he might buy all the groceries next time, or something like that. It's as if he tends the tenuous connection between us, ever so carefully thwapping the corroding string with razor blades and then reinforcing the weak spots. What have I got myself into?

                  Among these other problems, my lower back overextension has just intensified from helping my roommate move in and doing some cleaning that required squatting for awhile and leaning over a lot. I now ice whenever I get the chance but the pain has moved from just my lower back to my low middle back and my glutes are once more in a state of fritz where they hurt but only in a way that indicates something is wrong with my lower back. I hate this so much. It debilitates me to the point where it is difficult to put on my underwear. In fact, just a few weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my mid/upper back because I spent too much time bent over trying to pick my leg far enough up to slip it through the hole in my skivvies. I'm too afraid to stretch it and icing only goes so far. Too bad I can't afford physical therapy. I've searched mobilitywod and emailed Kelly. He actually responded. His response was that I should ice it 4 times a day, which is difficult with my work schedule. I'll keep doing it when I can but I'm not convinced it will be enough. My bed is also new which means it's very firm. This isn't really helping my problem.

                  For today though, I've had a primal breakfast and an "okay" primal lunch. It had rice in it (sushi) but I didn't cheat. Dinner should be fish or chicken. I'm helplessly lost with an unsupportive roommate who always wants to be with me but also always displays aggression toward me. He's already signed my lease as a cosigner, so there is nothing I can do about that.


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                    Well my last few days have been less than optimal but in the long run of my "Primal" life it is these formative weeks that, while they won't achieve me victory in this contest, or any other weight loss contest I may be adhering to, will undoubtedly pave the pale red carpet to my success.

                    Here, a list of my current vices:
                    dark chocolate covered ginger (I eat too many of them at once)
                    taco bell in any form (and always a sugar loaded baja blast mountain dew.. just have to have that baja blast if I have taco bell...)
                    Mighty Fine Burgers and Fries. These will be the death of me, or at the very least my diet.
                    Tortilla chips for the homemade salsa that i try and make sometimes. Thus far a failure at that.

                    I'm eliminating these as best as I can. I used to drink soda a lot but I gave that up a long time ago and have never been happier. I drink diets frequently as a substitute for easy caffeine when I have no tea on hand, but other than that I'm avoiding them. Yay for way less sugar than most people!


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                      Day Something or Other

                      I have been battling an uphill challenge that is sadly not physical but mental. I've been at odds with my new/old roommate for the couple of weeks he's been here and have had a great deal of difficulty making good food choices, but even moreso holding any sort of respect for myself or for him. These are not the feelings that I want to express towards him or feel about him, but in the moment... when he stares glossy eyed at his computer screen for the 4th hour in a row, it feels so damn good to talk bad about him behind his back; to gripe and complain to everyone that would possibly care and even to those who wouldn't or who would rather say "I told you so." I can't hold back on that satisfaction. I can't deny myself the reward that comes with venting my hate. I wish that my lower back/psoas would get the hell back where it's supposed to be: a non-over-extended mess, so that I could take my anger out on the weights, on the trail or maybe even with a couple solid kicks to a punching bag.

                      When I was still in college I worked out at the gym for about 3-4 week in one of my many fitness stints that never lasted. It wasn't until the last day or two that I discovered a punching bag in the back room. The back room also contained undiscovered goodies at the time such as kettle bells and sand bags. Seeing this punching bag reminded me of my junior and senior year of high school when I was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with one of my friends. It was on campus (private institution, we lived in dorms) in the basement of my dorm. The sensei was a great friend and father figure to us and he trained us for awhile on a punching bag. He would sometimes leave it hanging in the basement on the weekends so that my friend and I could wail on it for a few hours. I desired the release of anger, futility, depression, and LIFE that came with the faint grazing of my knuckles to the raw leather, or plastic. I could never look as cool as my childhood role model, batman, while I punched the shit out of this bag, but my punches came in heavy and strong. My brain always had sense enough to make me stop before I split my knuckles, but I felt so much better walking out with roughed up knuckles, on the verge of bleeding, and a stoic, manly look on my face. Or at least as much of that look as I could have being an overweight 20 year old.

                      I need that punching bag back now. I need a high definition color detail photo of my roommates face to tape up on it so that I can look into his eyes when I lodge my fist between his ribs. I could never harm him personally unless he were trying to kill me or someone I cared for, but the fantasy is enough to satisfy the craving. While my eyes bug out with wild apprehension to the kill his passive, unmoving smile face swings back and forth as the breeze flops the sheet up and down against its feeble tape bastion, unmoved... unhurt by my aggression. It's the best I can do. It's all I can do.

                      I am your emotional pin cushion. You are my tattered, bleeding, punching bag.


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                        Wow, what Gay Panda learns from other people's journals! I had never even heard of psoas until now, and I assume you mean psoas the muscle, not Psoas the men's clothing manufacturer in Brooklyn. Ouch, that sounds like a bitchy injury.

                        Your roommate situation? FAIL. Total, utter fail.
                        JOIN THE PANDA SHOW!!! Primal With A Side Of FABULOUS and PANDALOONERY!


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                          An interesting revelation came to me a day or two ago. I realized that I hadn't actually read Mark's books all the way through and that I might have a great deal more interest in becoming a lighter person if I took on the 21 day Primal challenge, or finished his books.

                          Since the last time I spoke I've gained about 10 pounds, give or take. That puts me at over 300. Which, fortunately, is my "Oh shit no" limit. So I dutifully picked up the 21 day transformation book and set to reading last night while my cable experience an unfortunate death. By the time it was back up and watchable, I had read enough to get re-hooked. One thing I do want to say about the 21 day transformation is that it's hard to read the key concepts if you're already read a great deal of PB. That was what threw me off initially because it was dull and repetitive since PB was in my mind already.

                          I've been a bad unicr0n... eating pizza, and sandwiches, drinking lots of beer and being irresponsible all around. There is just something to be said for convenience. Perhaps one of my more difficult obstacles to overcome.

                          Yesterday I had a carby Mcdonalds breakfast for convenience on my first day back at work. Today, instead, I made 2 hard boiled eggs and 4 (sadly) puny strips of bacon. I took down my fish oil, master control formula, flora, and calm supplements and have been tasting fish oil burps all day. It sure as hell beats chewing the fish oil capsules though as that left a strange burning feeling in my mouth and side of my throat, and a lot of heartburn.

                          -2 Hard-Boiled Eggs
                          -4 Strips of Bacon
                          -McDonalds large latte with no sugar or flavor (I wanted coffee and nothing was on my way to work aside from McD. I showed great restraint!)

                          For lunch, I had leftover chicken from last night. I'm still trying to decide what I want my static chicken rub to be. Part of me doesn't want to set an exact formula because I'm afraid the taste will get boring. I also feel like, right now, since I had chicken last night and for lunch today, I don't want to eat any more chicken even though that's all I really have. I was considering going to the grocery store for some fish items, but in the interest of money I am going to cheat and eat some ramen I have that I refuse to throw out because of how cheap it is. Living as a new graduate is tough in a professional setting! I make due.

                          -Pan fried chicken (nothing but bare chicken and spices in olive oil)

                          I also bought beer yesterday, and another pack of cigarettes. I'm attempting to quit and am aided by the fact that I've only smoked on and off since July. Recently I've been having 1-2 cigarettes per day, which all things considered isn't too bad compared to some people. It all depends on what happens during my day and how tired I am when I get home. I find though that if I smoke the 2 more closely together that I get a very unpleasant nicotine rush that promotes my desire to quit. I guess in some ways that might be an argument in favor of smoking them close together, but that feeling makes me agitated, and the whole point of smoking in the first place, for me, is the relaxing effect it has. It also gets me out into the fresh air on my back porch for 30+ minutes as I often stay out there after I've finished, enjoying the sunset (or the sun if it is early enough). I purchased an electronic cigarette but accidentally got the wrong mg amount of nicotine, so it gives me strong heartburn and acidic throat, and also burns my throat. I'm going to dilute them with the help of my friend from 11mg to 4mg, which is about in line with the small amount I smoke each day. This should eventually ween me off the actual smoke version of cigarettes and allow me to work down the mg dosage to 0 over time. I am conflicted though, because I have a carton that has 3-4 packs left in it, then I have the pack I'm going through right now, and the other pack I just bought. I feel TERRIBLE if I toss them out so I usually try to hand them off to my friend, when possible, but he lives out of town and only comes occasionally. I'm afraid that I'm just going to smoke them down like I'm eating the ramen down. Do it slowly and spread out to minimize bodily damage.

                          I absolutely can't wait for summer. It's going to be my second summer ever in Central Texas and I honestly am bouncing off the walls waiting for heat again. I love the warm evenings and nights for hanging out with friends around the pool (in San Antonio when I visit) and just relaxing on my back porch shirtless. Hopefully I'll lose enough weight by then to show off the progress I've made in the sun. This will also give me more desire to come outside for my 15 minutes of sunlight. It's hard to want to come out when it's between 40-60 degrees outside with a chilly breeze.

                          I'm saving a sonic gift card for a cheat day. It's 10 bucks, so I'll use it for a lunch or something, even though I usually save cheat lunches for Monday when I go with all of my coworkers to a natural burger place very similar in quality to the ubiquitous In'n'out.

                          I think that's all for today. This is probably longer than I think it is. Anyway, I'll probably report in tonight about how crappy or shitty I feel. Maybe I'll stay inspired and get some lettuce at the store on the way home and have a massive salad. I just feel like my carbs thus far today (~15g) is far, far too few. I need to brainstorm better breakfast ideas to get some good carbs in there. My current breakfast is just 1 gram of carbs and it often leaves me with heartburn until lunch. Fuck heartburn!


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                            Well yesterday wasn't so great, but today has been and will be great! Yesterday and the day before, I kind of let myself go with the smoking and I finished up a pack (3-4 for the day). Yesterday I opened a new pack. I will not throw them out for two reasons: cold turkey doesn't work for me, I only have 3 packs left including the currently opened one, I can't afford to throw money away like that, and I can donate some to one of my smoking friends when he comes visit next, which might not be for a month or two though.

                            Once I run out of packs, I have an ecig with nicotine juice in it that I can slowly decrease the dosage of. This problem will be solved in a few months time, easily.

                            Also yesterday I skipped lunch for an intermittent fast but ended up binging on snack food at work. I did manage to keep half the snacking to primal nuts, but I had 4-5 handfuls of cheesy puffs along with some other very not primal things. Follow that up with a double serving of ramen and that puts me 1. way over my daily carb target and 2. feeling bleck all evening.

                            So today, I got up and actually managed to get up. Going to bed at ~1100 really helps getting up at 7-8ish. I managed to drag myself out of bed at 730am. I was going to put the coffee on and then take a shower, but I got absorbed with figuring out how to use my new burr grinder and determining how many cups of coffee were yielded from a 20 sec grind (~5 cups as per the measurements on the pitcher). Now that I have that down, it's as easy as turning on the timer. Morning life will now be much easier.

                            So I gave up my shower time and instead tried something new for breakfast. Often when I eat primal breakfast (which isn't enough.. going to make omelet muffins on Sunday to help remedy this problem) I'll cook 4 pieces of bacon and 2-3 hard boiled eggs. This is tasty, delicious, all that etc. but it's not very filling. There are 0 carbs in it (woohoo) and lots of fat and protein, but my stomach is still quite large and if I eat just that I'll have heartburn and a growling stomach full of pain by 10am, 2 hours before I can make poor lunch decisions. And if I am hungry at 10, sadly that's all I do, is make poor lunch decisions. So instead, this morning, I made an omelet. The first of its kind, and probably the last of this particular incarnation. I think my mayo might be bad. It's been sitting out of the fridge for quite a while, opened. I think I'm going to toss it because of mixed information online about whether or not it needs refrigerating. It also seems to have added sugar so it's something I'll want to dump anyway. Maybe I can add coconut milk to my eggs next time.

                            Anyway, this omelet: I pan cooked 4 pieces bacon, cut, and 1/4 onion diced. I don't think the bacon cooked well enough but I'm not sick thus far so I'm sure it's fine. Since it was taking awhile and I had a cup of good coffee, I decided to go out for a smoke. I don't usually smoke in the morning, but since I had some time to kill and tobacco + coffee is really good, I went out for some fresh air and some smokey air. I'll work this in to my daily limit, probably only having 1 or 2 more when I get home from work. I feel good about eliminating this habit, because often my throat gets little pangs of pain and I'm not really that happy with the nicotine rush to be perfectly honest.

                            I came back in and the onions had caramelized a little and the bacon was visibly cooked enough to be ok. I dumped it into a small mixing bowl and then poured my egg into the pan. 4 eggs LOOKED like it was going to be too thin so I scooted up one side of the egg flapjack and made a 3/4 moon out of it. In retrospect, it rises enough while heating up that whole pan is the right length. It took a long while for the middle to become solid so I swiped some of the liquid off the top and into the cleared area of the pan. This worked pretty nicely. The cheese in the eggs acted as a good bonding agent too. I was quite content with the decision to put it in there. I poured the onion and bacon mix on top of the omelet and put the rest of the cheese over it, then folded it up. It had a really nice color! I was worried about it burning, but it was nice a yellow with some brown spotting and a firm but nicely textured crust layer. The cheese melted fabulously and the omelet came together really well. I could do without the mayo in it though. I also put some herbes de provence on it for a nice side flavor, since I like those spices with eggs. Next time I'll actually mix the herbes into the egg mix instead of sprinkling it on top after it was in the pan. I sat down with my coffee and my omelet and enjoyed a very tasty and cheesy meal.

                            Here's the readout from my nutrition tracking thingy: (carbs, fat, protein)
                            0.0 28.0 35.0
                            4.0 5.0 0.0
                            0.0 22.5 17.5
                            6.0 0.0 0.0
                            0.0 16.0 12.0
                            Fats: Animal Fats
                            0.0 19.8 0.0
                            0.0 0.0 0.0

                            That was painful to format and still looks awful. My apologies. Not a bad overall nutritional breakfast. The ingredients will be similar for my egg muffins. I'm also thinking of dropping 40 dollars on a little pie iron. I saw someone in who was proselytizing how nice of an egg pot pie it made him.

                            For lunch, I didn't eat anything again. I came back to work and discovered that the nut jar was still out from the party at work last night. So I spent 10 minutes foraging through the many peanuts to pull out pecans, cashews, and almonds. I need to check if cashew is too similar to peanuts or if it counts as a primal nut. I like them, but I won't eat them if they aren't Primal. For dinner I have 2-3 options. I could either make my Texas Chili, saute up a catfish fillet I bought the day before yesterday, or I could cook up the pound of shrimp I purchased and froze. I'm kind of inclined to make my dad's cajun shrimp since it's delicious and primal aside from the worcestershire sauce. I might count that as a cheat or just leave it out. I guess we'll see... The main problem is that my family traditionally consumes that meal with large hunks of french bread. I'm not sure what to eat in the bread's place. It's great for sopping up the buttery spicy goodness after the shrimp are gone but I don't want to eat bread, obviously. I wouldn't be opposed to drinking the sauce straight, but that still seems just a little weird, even for me. Maybe I'll just suck it up and dump it, or better yet, save it as a sauce for some chicken or something. I think that's what I'll do... If I have the spices, I'll make the shrimp tonight!

                            I haven't started doing any movement yet, mostly because I'm still dealing with my lower back issue, but I am prepping to start Mark's 21 day transformation book on the 9th of January. I'll be cutting out all sugar, most dairy aside from cheese and some milk for omelets and things like that. I've also decided on a CSA type program to join. It's expensive but they have a full range of wonderful meats available, all grass finished (which I'm guessing means also grass fed) as well as some other great choices. When I join and order stuff, I'll post here what I got.

                            I think this CSA type thing will help me stay Primal as it will keep me out of the grocery store. I can get raw milk, plenty of eggs, even some local cheese, I think. I'm kind of excited!

                            On the personal side, I'll be focusing on my credit card debt, as I have school loans coming up pretty soon here. I need to figure out what, precisely, I'm paying each month total out of my salary, and then cut out whatever is needed to be able to add a 200 dollar payment a month. It doesn't seem like much on a 2.8k a month salary, but with another two 200-300 payments as well as my ~800 rent, it adds up to quite a lot. I hate having to be responsible!

                            I leave you with a humorous thought that traveled through my head the last time I ventured in to the work kitchen for a cup of water:

                            robot soul: Mm those cheese puffs were delicious yesterday. I bet they are delicious today.
                            robotunicr0n: Hm. They were tasty weren't they. I was pretty bad yesterday though and didn't feel too hot.
                            robot soul: yeah yeah but that was from the ramen you had. The cheese puffs made you feel great!
                            robotunicr0n: True. Very true soul. But I've been good so far today. I want to keep that goodness going all day because it would speak bounds for my self control and willpower if I could do 100% paleo for even 1 day.
                            robot soul: I AM your willpower and self control. Eat it mannnn!
                            robotunicr0n: Maybe. They do look awfully tasty.
                            robot soul: Do it!
                            robotunicr0n: Nah. My cup is full of water now so I'm going to leave. Though they were salty and cheesy and delicious.
                            robot soul: YOU COULD AT LEAST LICK THEM. THAT'S PRIMAL RIGHT?
                            robotunicr0n: Uh no. Robot soul, you are going to the corner for 5 hours
                            robot soul: Aww man. You're a terrible owner!
                            robotunicr0n: Yeah yeah. Don't forget your dunce hat.


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                              I think I've solidly determined that I am bad at this thing called journaling. What started out as a journal for a 30 day health challenge turned into an empty mess of pages that have dates on them but no words. Okay well this is all in my head, of course, but I suppose it is a fitting metaphor.

                              I just reread the whole journal... not much to read really. I am rather impressed with the bitching I wrote about my previous roommate. It was quite eloquent and I enjoyed rereading it!

                              At this point I probably won't post in here everyday, but more likely when I remember. I will try to add this as a daily habit though. I have successfully added making my coffee at home as a habit, so that's nice! Perhaps I can do this as my "first 10 minutes of work" habit or something. In any case.

                              I now live in Seattle and work for a large company so that is fun. Over the past week or so, I've lost about 10 pounds. As of this morning I weigh 340 pounds. Humorous that previously in my journal I pointed out that 300 was my "oh shit no" weight. Well apparently my oh shit no feeling didn't do much. My highest was 350 and since cutting out bread exclusively a week ago or so, I'm down about 10 pounds.

                              While I have cheated a fair bit over this last week, it has all been fairly sensible. Mostly it was a cheat in the high carb aspect of things. I exuded excellent self control when the pizza place I ordered a gluten free pizza from failed to deliver me a gluten free pizza, instead trying to entice me with a mashed up wheat pizza. I called them angrily and demanded my gluten free pizza, which they did eventually deliver. I've noticed that gluten free pizza from this place particularly does not bloat me and also doesn't make me feel crappy. That's a nice thing to not feel!

                              Overall my energy has been higher. To resolve my breakfast issues, I started creating high fat coffee with 1 tblspn butter and 1 tblspn coconut oil. Usually it fills me up just enough to get me through the morning, and I hardly ever need to eat anything else. I've also discovered a kitchen in my new workplace where I can order omelets and scrambles every morning if I need to. Thankfully here in Seattle I no longer drive to work, I take the bus, so the access to fast food is much, much lower. My roommate and I order out a lot, but at almost every spot he wants to order from, I have discovered some form of delicious low carb/paleo option to munch on. So far my favorite is "Low Carb Addict" from an italian pizza place down the street. It's essentially a platter of meatballs with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese all over. It's excellently delicious!

                              For now, I intend to just keep doing what I've been doing. I cooked up two whole chickens and froze most of it. I have those as backup meals. I also have the makings for stir fry with nice beef. I let one of the packages go by accident thanks to a bit of a 4 day drudge that kept me from wanting to cook. I'll have to toss it, but I have another package frozen that will use up all my veggies, I think. I should probably make the stir fry tonight so my veggies don't go bad.

                              A nice cheat I found that doesn't spike my blood sugar but is still mildly sweet is coconut milk ice cream! You can get this at most grocery stores and if you get the right one, they sweeten it with agave nectar. Obviously not ideal when avoiding sugar, but MUCH, MUCH better than dairy based ice cream with normal amounts of sugar added. I love ice cream and while the coconut milk version isn't very satisfying, it satisfies enough to not make me feel guilty for eating half of the pint. Progress in small steps, I suppose, is the way to accomplish my goals.

                              There are a multitude of paleo options nearby my workplace for food, including a remarkable paleo food truck called Outside the Box! It only comes on Wednesday though If I were actively doing crossfit (something I'm afraid to start again until I'm lost a bunch of weight and strengthened up my core) I would go search out the different boxes where this food truck parks for after work out meals. I think the closest location is Bellevue, but I work and live close to downtown, so that makes it rather difficult to drive that far.

                              I had a membership going at a 24 hour fitness for awhile. I went swimming there but noticed I wasn't in any way sore after swimming, which made me a little worried. I stopped eventually when I finished my current contract and switched to a new contract. I canceled it last week and will return to just doing walking for now. I think As a reward for getting down to 315 pounds, when that happens, I will begin doing the set of Primal Blueprint fitness workouts in any number of Mark's books that I own. This will keep me motivated to strengthen my core up, and I will also inevitably use my foam roller and resistance band to stretch and loosen my muscles. This is important in getting back to good functionality throughout my body. At 300 pounds I will likely need to shop for some new clothes. Trying not to buy too many new items before then, but I expect it will take around 2 months to get down to 300 pounds. I can't wait that long for new jeans, so I'm ordering! Plus jeans can get modified down if need be.

                              Well that's it for today. About to run and get some Jimmy Johns in Unwich form! Feeling a little dizzy and weird and hoping it wasn't something in my breakfast messing with me, or from my mio drink I just made. Hopefully the fresh air will help out. Pinning this tab now so I can come back to it tomorrow!