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  • Ready, Set, Go!!

    Well, I have been dabbling in Primal Lifestyle for a few months now..... I do very well eating since I LOVE to eat this way anyay! But I keep falling down when it comes to getting exercise and NOT drinking alcohol! Big Time! I hope if I journal, I will be more accountable. If I even stick to ONE glass of wine at night, that will be about 80% better than the whole bottle every night. (I love me some wine). I love to cook, especially MEAT!

    So, I will get out my weights and medicine ball, and will take many walks in the sun. I will even attempt a sprint or 2!

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    So far today I have had 2 egg muffins (eggs, bacon and shredded zucchini baked in muffin pan) and coffee with coconut oil. Lunch was a big scoop of tuna and dill pickle. I notice that whan I have eggs, I stay full for a very long time!

    My weight has been bouncing back and forth between 153 and 156 for about a month or so. I am 5'7" and am 41 years old.


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      Welcome Laura! You can do it!
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