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  • No more half assing it!

    Thank you Mark! This challenge is just what I needed to stop the madness. I have been half assing Primal living for a few months now and now is the time to perfect it.

    I am a Wife and Mama of three. Loving life except for one thing. I have the dreaded last 10-12 lb of pregnancy weight to drop. My youngest will be a year on Wednesday and it is time. I've been on a roller coaster being as close at 5 lb from my goal and gaining it all plus some back. I have always been fit and it actually has never been this difficult to lose the weight. Now is the time. I will lose this weight and gain control of my health and fitness. I have always been passionate about food and fitness. Some may even say obsessive.

    Some of my goals for this 30 day challenge are:

    1. No night time TV. Messes with my sleep and triggers eating. Go to sleep as soon as kids are in bed.

    2. No night time eating. After dinner we are done.

    3. Stop the chronic cardio. Tough one for me. Love the high.

    4. Gonna keep 30 day challenge chocolate free.

    5. Get to my goal weight of 129. Starting weight today is 142.2

    Looking forward to hearing any and all suggestions and insights on how to meet my goals.


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    Aloha Courtney! I hope the challenge goes great for you.
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      Best of luck to you, Courtney!! I could practically hear your determination as I read your post. Please let us know how you do ... we all need to encourage one another!
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        Good luck Courtney! Your goals are great ones, especially 1 and 2. If you can achieve those without slipping, you will be at your goal weight very quickly.

        The little ones have the best primal instincts, and we can learn a lot from their behavior. My son is nearly two, and I have learned from hard experience that I absolutely must go to bed right after he falls asleep. Staying up just gives me the irresistible urge to stuff my face, and then I lie in bed for hours unable to fall asleep.


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          DAY 1 of 30 Day Challenge

          Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge

          The day went fairly well. Learning to trust the process. Part of trusting the process is embracing sleep, fat, and staying away from trackers and food/weight scales. Did all of that yesterday.

          B - hot water & lemon juice, coffee, 1 egg/3 white w/ mushroom & spinach, 2 tsp coconut oil

          WOD - leg day & 60 min treadmill brisk walk

          L - green beans, homemade meat sauce, & Everyday Paleo Scrumptious Chicken

          S - scant handful of macadamias

          D - Nom Nom Paleo Lamb Stew & broiled zucchini

          Was tired toward the end of the day and had some coffee. Need to learn to feed my lack of energy with sleep and some fat.
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            I get the high from chronic cardio! I'm addicted to spending hours on the elliptical. I can find zen. I don't get it with yoga.

            Wishing you lots of success with your challenge!


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              Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge

              Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge

              My day went well. Before breakfast got 45 min in on the esliptical. I know, I know chronic cardio. I'm slowly working my way out of it. In fact today I'm going to weight train first and slow cardio after. How about that! I'll show you cardio! Anyway, this is how yesterday looked.

              WOD - 45 elliptical

              B - 5 slices beef bacon (embracing the fat) and 100 cal pack Wholly Guacamole

              L - Leftover Slow Curried Lamb Shank from dinner the night before & broiled zucchini

              S - Big handful of macadamia, unsweetened coconut flakes, & 2 smoked chicken drumstick (I was really hungry, probably due to the chronic cardio. Damn it!)

              D - Slow cooker chicken and veg, green beans with a little butter

              My snack time the day is pretty stressful. Daughter home from school, working on homework, getting ready for evening activities and dinner. Not to mention prep for my youngest's 1st birthday today. Did a lot of baking for her birthday and didn't even have a taste. So proud of that.


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                Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

                Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

                Today went really well. I did a full body grok style work out at my gym. Working on my functional fitness. Pull ups, dips, chin ups, squats, box jumps, planks, etc. It felt good and I did it before my cardio. Usually I do cardio first just because of the cardio junkie in my. Weight training was always secondary. The workout was tough and felt great. It was also my daughter's 1st birthday. I spent much of the day baking Primalish cookies and cupcakes. Everyone indulged at her birthday dinner but me. But it wasn't tough. I was okay because dinner was so good. I was satisfied. I think I used to search out sweets because I was not satisfied with my meals. I was always looking for something to make me feel full or complete. I would eat a low fat, low cal meal and feel starved. No more of that. As you will see in my meals for yesterday I again embraced the fat. I hope I'm not overdoing it. What do you think?

                B - 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 handfuls of spinach, steamed

                WOD - Full body grok style workout and 60 min multi speed/level brisk walk on treadmill

                L - Leftover Slow Curried Lamb Shank. slow cooker chicken, and steamed broccoli

                S - Scant handful of macadamias

                D - Nom Nom Paleo Damn Fine Chicken Drumsticks & sauteed onions, mushrooms, & spinach in bacon grease w/ bacon bits.
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                  Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

                  Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

                  Today is not going well. I am tired. Baby woke up last night due to teething and kept me up. I'm running on nothing. I didn't even workout today which is huge for me. I usually force myself to do some workout despite being tired. Okay, so I want to sleep, but I have 3 kids to take care of. Can't exactly leave them unsupervised. While one was napping I tried to get the other down. It took an hour and a half. She slept for 20 minutes. What happens when I'm exhausted. I eat and eat and eat and eat. My self control is gone when I'm tired. When I'm not tired I'm productive, thinking clearing and constantly moving. Tired, I wanna sit, I wanna sleep, and I wanna eat. So my original plan was to fast until lunch, but by 8:30 am I was hungry and struggling. So I had;

                  B - 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, salsa, and I made my kids some almond flour bread (no sugar added) which I ate. I didn't count, but I think I had 3 slices.

                  By 10:30 am I was hungry.

                  S - I had another 2 slices of "bread" with some almond butter and coconut oil

                  Decided I was still hungry and instead of grazing to just have my lunch

                  L - Spinach salad w/ balsamic vinnaigrette, leftover slow cooker chicken, and more bread.

                  Then it got really interesting. Don't know what to call this "meal"

                  ? - Lots 'o macadamias, more "bread" x2, almond butter, 2 bison dogs, 1 slice havarti, 1 slice lite cheddar

                  The plan for dinner. Nothing. Lots of water and tea.

                  Any suggestions and help in this area would be good. I'm really feeling out of control. A lot of times when I feel like I have "fallen off the wagon" I just quit. I won't quit! I want this! I want to figure it out.

                  Things I am proud of:

                  Haven't been snacking at night.
                  Going to be before 10:30 pm.
                  No night time tv.
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                    LVFitMama, don't despair! I know what it's like to be up all night with the baby, feel like an insatiable zombie the next day, and go crazy with the nuts. Not every day can be perfect; on days like this you've just got to contain the damage. You've already done well just by keeping your food choices primal. I think the best thing you can do now is get to bed as early as possible, with your husband's assistance if he's able. Tomorrow is another day.


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                      Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge

                      Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge

                      I really need to journal on the night of the day I'm discussing, but I was beat last night and chose sleep first. Yay! Anyway, it was a good day. Got about 6.5 hours of sleep. With a 1, 3, and 8 year old that is good. I felt good in the morning and ready for a tough workout. My goal is to complete the Tough Mudder next year so I began my training with a Tough Mudder Workout, it kicked my ass. I was shaking for a good 20 minutes after my workout. It was definitely a grok style workout. Lots 'o push ups, pull ups, squats, planks, etc. Anyway, this is how my day went.

                      B - 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, and homemade salsa

                      WOD - Tough Mudder Workout & 30 min on Elliptical & 30 min stationary bike.

                      L - Leftovers! I love me some left overs. Salmon patties, Nom Nom Paleo's Damn Fine Chicken, & a salad with olive oil & balsamic.

                      S - Leftovers! Slow cooker chicken & veg. More veg than chicken and a handful of macadamias.

                      D - Dry rubbed burgers (grass fed 90/10), grilled squash, avocado, sauteed onions & mushrooms. Veggies grilled with avocado oil and onions and mushrooms in some grass fed butter. I ate a lot of meat. I had three burgers each were a quarter pound raw. I measured them because I like even patties so they all cook to the same temp. Probably 1 patty too many, but they were good. Not going to fret about it like I used too. If I'm not hungry in the morning I'll just fast or have a light meal.


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                        Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge

                        Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge

                        This was a good day. Woke up feeling good and got a good cardio workout in first thing in the morning. I also thought a lot about Mark's post the other day regarding experimentation. I have been experimenting with IF and thought today maybe a good day for it since I felt pretty good. But I wasn't gonna do a complete fast because I have also been thinking about juicing. I just felt like my body needed a break and also needed a lot of fiber if you know what I mean. Things just haven't been moving as normally as they had in the past. So here was my day of juicing. Oh, I wasn't using a juicer. I used my vitamix. This way I got the whole veggies with all of the fiber. I also only did it until dinner. My husband and I had reservations at a steakhouse before the concert we were going too. So this is how it went.

                        WOD - Cardio intervals for 45 min on elliptical. 30 sec all out and approx 3.5 min moderate pace.

                        B - Spice tomato veg juice and lots of water

                        L - Curried Avocado Veg "soup"

                        S - Green Veg juice

                        D - Sashimi, jumbo shrimp cocktail, "Garbage Salad", bone in filet, balsamic mushrooms & onions, grilled summer vegetables.

                        This is where things went wrong a tiny bit. Got home and was "hungry"

                        LN - Ate cheese off of kids leftover pizza and some macadamias


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                          Day 7 of 30 Day Challenge

                          Day 7 of 30 Day Challenge

                          Let's just say I WAS TIRED. We were up late because we went to a concert the night before and my kids always wake around 6 am. I didn't have time to think much about being tired since we were also having family over for my daughter's birthday. So I was busy baking and cooking. This is how the day went.

                          B - 2 eggs, grilled squash, and sauteed onions & mushrooms

                          L - Slow cooker kalua pork, onion/tomato/cucumber salad - had a few servings and picked at it through the afternoon.

                          S - Handful of macadamias

                          D - Salad w/ oil & balsamic, slow cooker chicken & veg

                          Again, this is where things went wrong a bit. I was tired and a bit stressed so I ate. Still trying to conquer this.

                          LN - Lots 'o macadamias & cashews & dark chocolate


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                            Day 8 of 30 Day Challenge

                            It was an ok day. Tired because of teething baby who would not go down. And when she did she woke shortly after that. So it was a night of up and down. Then my oldest was sick so she was home which meant no gym for Mama. Sorry people just haven't gotten into the going outside and working out yet. Love the gym and love the childcare at the gym. But I did get a workout in. No cardio. That is huge.

                            B - 2 egg, 1/2 avocado and homemade salsa

                            WOD - Modified at home version of Tough Mudder Workout

                            L - Leftover kalua pork, guac, and salad.

                            Again, tired and things went sideways

                            S - Lots and lost of sunflower seeds and 1/2 an apple

                            D - Steamed cauliflower and meatloaf
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                              Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

                              Day started okay, but again. Teething baby means tired Mama. So here is my day.

                              B - Kalua pork 2 egg omelet, tomatoes, and 1/4 avocado

                              WOD - 45 min elliptical (low intensity), 25 min stationary bike (low), and 20 min walk.


                              S - Some beef jerky and 2 prosciutto wrapped figs (really only one fig)

                              L - Leftover kalua pork, meatloaf, guac, and spinach salad with balsamic vin

                              Again, tired. Had coffee, but still over ate.

                              S - Many macadamias (thought I would switch it up

                              D - Slow cooker chicken and cauliflower rice.

                              Now, I'm a smart lady who does stupid things. Should have put my ass to bed.

                              LN - WAY TOO MANY MACADAMIAS & DARK CHOCOLATE. Just go to bed damn it!