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    I'm doing it! Thank you Mark for this 30 day challenge to get me to start this thing! I've been reading Mercola for years and this website for at least a year, and this is the first time I've been willing to commit.

    I commit to this 30 day challenge...all of it. I will follow the eating plan, the fitness plan, and work towards more sleep, sun, and play.

    It's time to do what I've known for years is the way to get healthy, be healthy, and be happy.

    I know I can do it, but I appreciate any and all encouragement from everyone here.

    My first step today: I've just posted the 2011 Primal Blueprint 30 day challenge flyer on my refrigerator so that my family knows what I'm up to. I ate bacon and veggies for breakfast. I did an upper body strength training workout.

    Thank you!

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    Ok... So I didn't do it last Sept. I've known this is the right way for me to live for years, but I've been too much of a wimp to do it.

    No more!

    I began my primal journey yesterday. I will see this through and transform my life. I am tired of being fat and achy and rundown and overwhelmed.

    My current stats:
    Female, mid forties, had multiple pregnancies in my twenties and thirties but held on to my figure at a pants size 10 (barely) until I turned forty.

    5'4", pants size 16
    Weight: not sure, scale is broken, will need to get one.
    Mild depression all the time
    Lack of motivation
    Occasional anxiety attacks
    Acute back pain - mid and lower
    Mild joint aches
    Hands and feet ache (with acute pain in left middle finger knuckle)
    Constant post nasal drip
    Acute May allergies
    Mild hay allergy (hives on my arms when I pick it up)
    Heavy Snoring
    Mild memory loss
    Mild hearing loss

    I will take my measurements tomorrow.

    I need encouragement. I need support. I've tried to start this before, but I love cooking, and I love my grains! Sourdough bread, tortillas, tortilla chips, potatoes, rice, pasta...I cook for eight people everyday, and my husband is not going to let the family go primal. So cooking grains while not eating them will be my greatest challenge. I know I CAN do this, but I don't personally know anyone else who is.

    My blessings: we raise our own grassfed beef and chickens for meat and eggs. I've been working on a vegetable garden, although I kinda suck at it. I have a fabulous organic foods market nearby. I love bacon and sausage and vegetables. So this is possible. I'm not a lost cause. I can do this! I WILL DO THIS!


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      Day 1

      B: coffee, half n half, xylitol, bacon
      L: taco meat, veggies
      D: grilled chicken, green salad
      Drank lots of water w/lime

      No exercise


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        Day 2

        B: coffee, round steak, gravy, cantaloupe
        L: grnd beef, sautéed veggies
        S: beer
        D: beans, rice, veggies, shot of tequila
        Lots of water

        Exercise: heavy digging in the garden for a couple hours.

        What's a girl to do when Mom's once-a-year round steak, biscuits, and gravy is happening because it's fourth of July weekend ?! I compromised - half a spoon of gravy instead of two or three, and skipped the biscuits.

        And what was up with dinner you ask? Someone else made dinner, beans and rice bowl was the choice. There are times when it's right to show gratefulness to another family member for making dinner for me. I ate a smaller amt than I normally would.

        The beer and shot? WAY LESS than I normally would on a Sunday.

        I recognize that I will not have quick results eating like this. I do not plan on eating like this every day, but for me, this day was actually a success compared to normal.

        Onward! I will succeed!


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          Day 3

          B: coffee, shake- whey protein powder, plain yogurt, flax meal, raw milk ( I'm out of my usual frozen blueberries, well, and all fruit, for that matter)
          L: grilled chicken,green salad
          S: 2 squares dark chocolate, 2 pcs cold cooked bacon - Cravings! Cold bacon never tasted so good!
          D: chicken, veggies
          Lots of water

          Exercise: walk steep hills

          A tough day. I'm emotionally down and tired. More extremely than normal. Day three of menses, had a tense 15 min with the man this morn before working the job today a few hrs, had to tough out the DMV after work, no money for groceries, out of laundry detergent (all my clothes are dirty). So why would I be so down? Do you think it's the low carb flu, or just life? (I wasn't low carb yesterday).

          This is exactly the kind of feeling I want to eliminate with this diet change. These days happen, but I could be facing them with a lot more energy and strength.
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            Btw, for the record: "Coffee" always means fair trade organic dark French roast with organic half n half and xylitol. I will specify "honey" if I feel the need to have local raw honey on any given day.


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              Day 4

              Well what can I was a holiday. And I'm weak. Very weak. My nutrition for the day was alcohol. Straight up.

              Started with a glass of champagne. Instant headache which has never happened before. Our breakfast was a Mexican feast in the park with the whole family. Somehow I managed to ignore the tortilla chips, corn tortillas, and hominy that are some of my fans and only ate the chorizo and some grapes. I hate eggs so I had to scoop out my chorizo before they threw the eggs in the pan; so seconds was out of the question, but I still made it.

              HOWEVER, my willpower went completely out the window when we got home. Beer, margarita, tequila, more beer, Irish whiskey. I tried everything today. Ridiculous.

              The kids were gone for the day so we decided to eat lunch at the corner bar. I had 1/4 each of two sandwiches including the bread and a few fries.

              I ate ribs for dinner - I tried a new recipe from a grill book I have - DELICIOUS! I made corn on the cob, but skipped it and even skipped the watermelon. Wasn't really interested. The alcohol was quite enough. Ha!

              No exercise today.


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                Day 5

                Needless to say I woke up today with the worst hangover. I haven't felt this bad in a LONG time. The first half of the day was brutal. Focused on the water drinking. Determined to eat primal.

                B: protein shake & supplements
                L: Thai chicken coconut curry soup
                S: piece of hard cheese

                All is going very primally. And then... My hubby tells me we are going to my fav restaurant owned by a friend of ours. Hadn't been there in a couple months. Amazing specials, different every month. Amazing wine. So I make a decision. I will let myself have two glasses of wine. I will have bites of everything we choose to order, but my entree will be primal.

                D: bite of chile relleno, one shrimp, green salad, Tasty ribeye, a few fries, and two glasses of wine. YUM!

                And then... Our friend invited us to the back patio after closing and broke open a bottle of $100 tequila that he charges $25 a shot for. I had three.

                No exercise.


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                  Day 6

                  A fully primal day. Finally.

                  B: skipped
                  L: sausage and veggies
                  D: chicken and veggies
                  Lots of water

                  Exercise: heavy gardening.



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                    Consistent journaling is hard. Changing to primal lifestyle is even harder!

                    I've improved my diet quite a bit overall, but not enough to see pants size changes yet. My biggest improvement has been exercise. I've exercised five or six days a week (primally) since Sept 18. What a difference in my muscle strength in just five to six short weeks! I feel strong.

                    My husband now knows that I am eating primally. He and the kids are not at this point so there are plenty of temptations in my house (like brownies made by my daughter last night). I had two bites; not a whole brownie so I am improving.

                    Today's log:

                    B - protein berry yogurt shake
                    L - Asian chicken salad
                    D - apple pork with broccolini

                    Sprints, core exercises, and pushups on the bathroom counter (can't do real pushups yet).


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                      Yesterday was a perfect example of my struggles with these changes. Talk about weird choices!

                      Exercise: morning walk 30 min. Steep uphill twice - once for ten min, second time for five min I sweat both times. I call this "Walk driveway". It's my go-to workout on work days.

                      Breakfast: protein berry yogurt shake

                      Lunch: restaurant greek salad plus some of DH's French fries (usually I can pass on these but not today for some reason) plus two glasses of red wine! (at lunch? I was so dissatisfied with the quality of my first glass that I just had to try again. The second was better. But really?)

                      Snack: 1/2 cup of homemade black beans (Because once a week I make beans for dinner. We love them. It may not be ideally primal, but I have four teenagers and an active husband to feed everyday which is two to three lbs of meat every night at a min of $5 per lb for healthy meat. Its not not the beans that is stalling my weight loss; it's clearly the alcohol, as you will see, if I continue to be honest with my journaling.)

                      Second snack at dinner time: Met for drinks before going thru son's drama dept zombie house. 2 shots of tequila and some bites of spinach dip. Skipped the pita bread.

                      Third snack after returning home: 1 shot whiskey and another 1/2 cup of beans.

                      Dessert: One sugar free peppermint candy containing sorbitol from an amazing candy shop.

                      So... My intention was no alcohol today...oops. I'm hoping that the journaling publicly will help me with my willpower.

                      Also, it seems that when I make statements to myself in the morning like "no alcohol today" or "no sourdough toast" (which my husband eats every morning) I end up eating or drinking twice as much as I would've normally. It's like I'm rebelling against my mother telling me what to do.

                      Does anyone else experience that?