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    I've been primal (more and more so!) for about 18 months now, since I (finally) figured out that I am gluten intolerant. Last year I lost 40 pounds, my PMDD, my arthritis, my anxiety ... you get the picture

    I'm an insanely busy mother of 4, full time statistician, and part time student in my last year of writing my dissertation (blend of molecular biology and statistics), so over time I stopped posting here or reading the forum very often, but along with that I started skipping workouts. Really in 2011 I've only been following 1 of the 10 principles ... my eating is pretty primal (although I drink diet soda with whisky at night and too much of both), but that's it. I've nearly maintained my weight, but I need to get back to exercising to feel better and get the weight loss re-started!

    My stats: female, 45, 5'6", 175 lbs. I'll take my measurements tonight, but I'm a size 10/12 pants and 14/16 tops.

    My specific goals for the 30-day challenge are to follow Marks' exercise plan, and log my food and exercise here each day. I'm not going to make outcome goals, only behavior goals, because my behavior is the only part I'm really in control of

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    DAY 1 - Monday 9/12

    Sleep: not enough. I went to bed around 11 I think? But was up from 4-5am

    7:00 - 1.5 cups coffee with Truvia and dash of unsweetened Almond milk (from now on I'll just say "coffee" )
    few bites scrambled eggs, no dairy, cooked in uncured bacon fat
    10:00 - home-made chicken-celery stir fry
    4:30 - gluten-free chocolate chip cookie
    dinner will be pulled pork with some sweet baby rays' bbq sauce (has sugar but we don't add much), and a whisky or two with diet ginger ale

    Exercise - did the self-assessment - 15 knee pushups, 40 bench squats, 7 pike thingies, 30/15/15 forearm/foot planks
    Fun- none yet
    Sun - nope. was only outside for 5 minutes waiting for my ride, and now the sun isn't very bright. took a Vitamin D.
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      Welcome. I hope it goes well. If you could hold it to one drink/day, it would be great.
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        Originally posted by MikkiB View Post
        I'm not going to make outcome goals, only behavior goals, because my behavior is the only part I'm really in control of
        Love this Mikki! I'm doing the challenge, too - will follow your lead about the goals.
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