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  • REALLY tryin' now...

    I first learned about PB for the very first time this summer! I have read the book and have been cruising around this site since about July. I tried to go primal August 1 and lasted about a week??? I have done halfassed attempts here and there, but backpacking trips and camping SMORES threw me off track.

    Now here it is the official 30 day challenge and I.AM.IN!!! Thus far in my life I have never successfully stuck to any type of food plan, I hate diets, suck at counting calories and fail at fitness goals. I have always been very active, using running, backpacking, hiking, etc. to counteract my love of food. It has mostly worked until just before I turned 30, a couple years I'm getting soft and jiggly! I get injured over the lamest things, possibly a sign of chronic inflammtion from a sugar-laden diet. I usually eat decent during the week...GORGE on sweets and treats on the weekends.

    I have PCOS and hope to get pregnant within the next year. I have been trying for years to control my symptoms with a cleaner diet and exercise, but every weekend that rolls around, some type of treat calls out to me and my husband and we 'reward' our weekend warrior efforts with food. He stays lean and muscley, but I get more doughy though every year that passes!

    I am definitely an emotional eater and food is my go-to crutch. I have a classic pear shape that's really ballooning out of control as I continue on in my early 30's. I don't want to suffer from the many diseases that run in my family due to poor eating habits (diabetes, high bp, high cholesterol, etc).

    I'm yammering on now. Long story short, I want to make REAL CHANGE in my body and way of dealing with life, without food self-medicating me. I have explored therapy, meditation, etc. Meditation rocks and I want that to be my go-to coping skill.

    Today is day 1. I CAN/WANT/HAVE TO DO THIS.
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    gotta quit trying and just DO it

    Primal Chaos
    37yo 6'5"
    6-19-2011 393lbs 60" waist
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