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  • Alaska Girl's Primal Challenge Journal

    Day 1

    I'm skipping work for this. Yes, that's right. Well sorta. I called my boss at 6 am saying I was doing a half day because of a killer sinus headache. 4 Ibuprofen, 6 hours later and it's still there, and I still have to drag myself to work soon. But before that, I might as well get started with this year's Primal Blueprint Challenge (PBC). As I quote something I learned yesterday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.. "Let's roll!"

    Reasons I want to do the PBC:
    -These killer sinus headaches get me several times a week now. My sinuses have nothing wrong with them though. I'm convinced they are immune-related.
    -I have Ulcerative Colitis, diagnosed 2005 when I was 18. I'm coming up on the 8 year milestone soon, which means yearly colonoscopies and being 15 times more likely to get colon cancer. Thanks Doc.
    -I like to think I'm not vain enough, but hell, I'd like to lose more weight just like everyone else.
    -On a positive note, I have the cutest puppy ever, who would just love it if I were in the habit of taking her for a walk everyday.

    For Puppy's sake (and that of my inflammed colon), I see your Primal Blueprint Challenge, and raise you six. After recently reading "The Paleo Solution", I'm also cutting out: Dairy, Nuts/Seeds, Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggs, and Eggplants for the challenge because of links those foods have to causing immune responses to those of us with 'out of whack' systems. I'll reintroduce them one by one after the month to see what is and isn't affecting me.

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    Day 1 done!
    So today went pretty well once I got over my headache. I cooked 3 things from low carb cookbooks, which is a lot for me!
    Totals for today:
    Fat- 100 g
    Protein- 99 g
    Carb- 54 g
    Calories- 1,494

    My husband and I walked Puppy around the loop in our neighborhood. 1.2 miles in 25 minutes, a very leisure stroll. Perhaps next time I'll wear my heart rate monitor to make sure I'm working hard enough.