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    I started doing Paleo 3 weeks ago on the 22nd (after a ridiculous 2 or 3 day binge) I figured I would start posting about my experience here since I am going to participate in the challenge... and hopefully get some feedback from the rest of you.

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    The "rules" i have been following are:
    1. no grains, dairy, or legumes.
    2. no processed foods.
    3. no sweets.
    (I haven't been avoiding fruit and have really enjoyed snacking on frozen grapes (if you haven't tried them, you should) but I am planning to cut back on fruit now too.

    I have disobeyed these rules a few times.
    -I cooked my eggs in butter a few times (its better at greasing a pan than coconut or olive oils which seem to just pool together...).
    -I ate commercial ranch dressing on two separate occasions when eating with co-workers.
    -I eat a very tiny piece of bread (small as the tip of my thumb) each Sunday as part of my church service. (I am not prepared to give this up... I know if I have Celiac or a gluten intolerance, even a small piece of bread can cause a problem but i am without any inflamation or autoimmune symtoms and felt very healthy before beginning this experiment and so i don't think that it is an issue...)


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      About my experience:

      -I have felt energetic and awake most days without any caffeine (the only thing i drink is water). Occasionally weight lifting has been a challenge if my calories or carbs were low that day.

      -It has been relatively easy to lose weight and eat less. I think this is a combination of less sugar cravings, eating higher volume lower calorie foods, and maybe most importantly the elimination of easy and enticing snack foods. I say most importantly because if there is a box of cinnamon toast crunch on the counter it is pretty easy to grab it and snack while watching tv or just as you pass by, but if to satisfy my hunger I actually have to prepare vegetables or eggs or a salad or something i'm usually just too lazy/not hungry enough to go through the effort. The only exception to this has been the frozen grapes which end up being a fairly enticing and easy snack. And I have overeaten them a few times in the past 3 weeks. no more grapes in my freezer for a while. (but they are super tasty so if you haven't tried it you should do it for a treat sometime)

      -I have lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks. Some of that is water weight and bloat (remember that I binged on junk food for a few days prior to starting) and it slowed down markedly after week one.

      -My bowel movements have been very irregular (for the first time ever in my life... I am 31 and I have never ever had a problem with constipation and very very rarely had trouble with loose stools) Maybe this is too much information but its been really weird: normal-none-loose-none-none-normal-normal-loose-none-constipated-loose-none-none-none-constipated-normal-loose etc. Can anyone else speak to this? almost all the trials and anecdotes I have heard/read about paleo have noted improved digestion unilaterally. Any suggestions?

      -i seem to be more injury prone. this could be a coincidence but it seems like i have had a recurrence of nearly every bodily injury i have had in my life within the last 3 weeks: neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain. This also bothers me because I fixed most of these problems with careful warm-ups, mobility drills, and strength training and they haven't bothered me for years. Now I am training at lower volumes and they are recurring. With my mobilty drills and warm-ups i have been able to manage and the back, neck, and knee pain are again mostly gone but i still have to be careful with my shoulder (no pushing movements for a while.... lots of rehab and smr) Again this may be a coincidence or maybe its because i have lost fat and muscle mass too quickly or perhaps i could be low in some sort of nutrient or mineral? I dunno.

      -my sleep has been good but not noticeably different.

      -as a weird side benefit i seem to be less prone to distractions and entertainment than i was before. perhaps these go along with being more focused or perhaps it is because they are often combined with snacking mindlessly or, more likely, i have just adopted new habits like cooking, reading paleo blogs, etc.


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        i think tomorrow i will start posting pictures of my food if i can figure it out. today for light exercise i tooled around town on my bicycle. for meals i had:

        -eggs and squash for breakfast
        -chicken soup (completely from scratch with leftover roasted chicken and carcass)
        -spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce and ground beef.
        -and i had a lara bar not the best choice but....


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          So I missed yesterday.
          -eggs and broccoli w fish oil
          -spaghetti squash and red sauce with ground beef.
          -chalupa pork salad with homemade dressing and salsa.
          -nuts as a snack.


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            today so far:
            -busy this morning so i grabbed some nuts and a peach for breakfast.
            -pork salad for lunch.

            i have been feeling pretty good. not dramatically better but pretty good. i wonder how i would feel if i was dieting at this low of a calorie level on a different diet.