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    Originally posted by Scotty View Post
    By recognizing the need and acting on it at this early age, your nutrition future is exceptionally bright. I wish my two sons in college were as engaged in their nutrition. It will happen for them in due time.

    What are your goals here?

    Are you eating in the dining hall?
    I would love to lose some weight, get into really great shape, and keep up my energy levels to support me in all my goals this semester. I am a Voice Performance major so gaining muscle and being healthy would also do great things for my voice. So would the extra sleep! But I'm wondering, if I'm leaning more towards weight loss, should I stay away from nuts and fruit? What is moderation? 1 serving a day? Or two servings a week?

    Yes, I am eating in a dining hall. This makes things either challenging or boring, and my access to vegetables ends at cucumbers and baby carrots. Also most of my meat options are questionable, and our eggs come delivered in a bag... makes me shudder. But I make do. I try not to overeat, I keep it simple, and most of the time I don't totally hate it. My "bad days" come on the weekend when everyone wants to go grocery shopping for junk food, which is what happened this past weekend. Both my roomates are also athletic and naturally thin, meaning they eat whatever they want, and I need to watch what I eat a little more. I don't really struggle with this much anymore though.
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      Day 9! Hopped right back on schedule yesterday. @Goldstar, I had a bit of dark chocolate at the end of day. I just have to remember not to overindulge!

      @honeybuns, unfortunately no! And I actually had tried to get my roommate to go on board, but within a day she was back to eating bread. This is a hard challenge to take on, not many people want to give up bread and pasta. Luckily, those aren't my vices.

      Intake today:
      BF: wasn't feeling very hungry, probably from lack of sleep. Only got about 6 hours last night. Just had some coffee
      Snack: about 10 salted almonds, 1 brazil nut

      Maybe a salad for lunch. Our dinner is Italian beef tonight - maybe I'll grab that without the bread, add in some peppers and have some veggies on the side.

      On to a new day.


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        My lunch was a take on this salad:

        Sweet Potato, Bacon and Egg Salad | Paleo Plan

        1 packet mayo, 2 packets mustard. It was... interesting haha. I make do.

        Salad with chicken and veggies for dinner.


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          Day 10.

          Alrighty. So this week has not been as totally perfect as last week, as there has been candy corn present in my room, and as of today I have had 5 little pumpkins. (Or tonight, I should say.) Anywho. Here's my intake:

          BF: 20 almonds
          Lunch: 2 pieces baked chicken (1 small breast, 1 wing), 1/2 cup baby carrots, small salad with 1/2 tbls olive oil and vinegar, mushrooms and 1/4 cup sliced cucumber
          Snack: 1/2 cup pistachios, 2 squares dark chocolate
          Dinner: Beef brisket, green peas, broccoli
          Dessert: 2 tablespoons peanut butter, baked cinnamon apple (made in the microwave!) with 5 crushed almonds & 1 tablespoon honey. 5 pumpkins of candy corn

          So that makes my day completely Primal besides that candy corn and peanut butter.

          I think late night eating gets kind of challenging in college as well, and I definitely struggle with that sometimes. But I think the old "brushing your teeth" trick works quite well for me.

          Hope I can be a little more committed and eat a little less. I'm so sick of struggling to lose weight.


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            Oh, what's that you say, dining hall? Taco Thursday? Mmm, a taco salad does sound exquisite... except after I eat you you make my stomach remember it all day long... something tells me things should not works like that. So what do I do on a day where the meat is questionable and I don't feel like waiting in line?

            Guacamole Deviled Eggs | Paleo Plan


            Cooking baby carrots in the microwave. How long? - Yahoo! Answers

            YUM. (except for the questionable guac... can't win 'em all.)



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              Primal University | A place for university students to learn how to navigate college life while following the Primal / Paleo lifestyle

              Thought of you when I found this website.
              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                Awesome site!! Thanks so much!!

                There have been some slip-ups in my Primal plan, but overall, I remember each to focus on getting rid of the junk and I do the best I can. I'll be weighing in tomorrow and will see where I'm at. Nerve-wracking!