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  • Leea's "Heck yeah...I'm doing it!" journal

    Today is the start of a new adventure of getting healthy and fit that's not filled with hours of workouts and eating fifty times a day. I was highly embarrassed by inability to do one pushup this weekend (after being able to do quite a few six months ago). I'm also sick of my obsession with food period! I am and I'm sticking to it! I've done thirty minutes of yoga today and tomorrow I will start lifting Heavy Things again.

    Let's support each other on this journey!!

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    Good for you!


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      I hear you! I'll be supporting you all the way from Finland! WE CAN DO IT!!


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        Woohoo! Love Finland. Mine and my daughter's name sake!

        Today was a decent day. Got myself back in the "gym" and kept track of that and what I ate.
        Workout: Assessment:
        Pushup: 0 Already admitted that Pullup: 0 Never have been able to do one w/out assistance Squat: 25 full squats Dive Bomber: 0
        Plank: 30 sec
        Regular workout:
        Pushup on wall -40 (Cycle 1 and 2)
        Pullup (2 legs) - 20 (Cycle 1 and 2)
        Squat (full) : 25 (Cycle 1 and 2)
        Elevated Jack Knife: 20 (Both cycles)
        Plank (forearm/knee & side knee): 90 sec and only one side. That side business can be a bit painful.

        Brkfst: Tomatoes stuffed w/grnd bison & eggs (recipe on pg. 168 in Primal Blueprint Cookbook) Bison is pretty expensive so is was grass fed beef; 1 banana; sliver of raw cheddar cheese.
        Snack (1 1/2 hr after workout): Fage 2% (can't get whole milk w/out spending way out of budget) w/ honey and 1T sesame seeds.
        Lunch Chicken & Fennel Stew (P. 83 PBC) (These were not pasture raised. They were as "natural" as I could get). I had two thighs; 35 frozen black berries
        Snack 4 Deglet Noor Dates (no pits or sulfur) Very ADDICTIVE!!
        Supper 1 chuck roast fillet (not grassfed $$$$) (no fat used); 1 1/2 c or so of frozen asparagus mix with drizzle of evoo and celtic salt. 3T of Field Day organic Tom. Basil pasta sauce on meat.


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          Welcome. Your food sounds delicious.
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          Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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            Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
            Welcome. Your food sounds delicious.
            Agreed. I need to start getting creative...I want stuffed tomatoes
            Also have never been able to do a pull up. They're hard, and I've always just associated them as a guy movement. Time to get cracking! Here's your support from Guatemala!


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              Good luck on your journey!


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                Dates are dangerous. I can easily eat a dozen. But they have so much sugar in them that after that I am high until I crash. Workout sounds good. I'm gonna follow your journey every day during the 30 days so keep it up!


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                  I was just watching a moment ago a strong woman competition and a bunch of them were doing the cross fit pull ups. I wish someone would explain to me how those are productive. How do they focus just on the "pullup muscles?" One day I WILL do one.
                  There's some good recipes in the book and I looked through the other online one you get when you sign up. Gonna have to try them. In the next week or so I'll be trying my first bone marrow recipe. Mmmmmm.....
                  Talking about food...I fasted today. It's hard between lunch and supper then it get easier. I've only done about two full day fasts.
                  Well, I did about 11 min of P90X yoga. My legs hurt from yesterday. So I went on to do the P90X stretch. I did all of it except for a couple of exercises. Feeling the pain now. :-D Cleaned house as well. Hope that counts!
                  Laura--I'll be following you as well! Thanks for the other encouragements!


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                    Ooooohh.. fast. I'm not ready for that yet. One day. Cleaning the house counts of course. Hope you had a great day today!


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             I did not feel good, Laura. Every time I got up I was dizzy headed. I don't know if it was from the fasting or my iron was low. Blah! Felt better in the evening energy wise but for the last couple of hours I've wanted to claw my eyes out and cut my nose off from these allergies.

                      Workout wise it was a bust to. I had the energy for it this morning but my muscles were not ready. A note on hand positioning....I try to do it like shown in Mark's vids but when I do it the way it looks the ligaments in my elbows don't appreciate it. Only once cycle today.
                      Pusups (Wall): 40; Pullup (2 legs): 20; Squats (Full): 25; Elevated Jack Knife: 16; Plank (Knee/forearm-side): 90 sec & 25/35 sec.

                      Food: I like to graze a bit but I tried. The way I was feeling I wanted food but I didn't.
                      B: approx 4 eggs scrambled w/green pepper; clean sausage; close to 50 frozen blueberries Maybe a bit much; 1 grape/3 raisins. lol
                      L:Chuck roast w/organic tomato pasta sauce; frozen veggies w/drizzle of olive oil & dash of celtic salt
                      Couple of snacks 1 small golden delicious apple w/about 1T almond butter; a few homemade pickles that had sugar
                      S: Tuna in olive oil mixed w/2 celery sticks, 1 carrot, and 1T homemade mayo


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                        I get dizzy sometimes like that but it's because I have low blood pressure. Have you checked yours?

                        But yeah, I hear you, I was / am feeling like that, no energy. But it's alright, we'll get there!

                        Oh and I love to graze too but I find it's usually my inner naughty kid wanting carbs. When I get used to not having them (carbs), I don't feel like snacking either.

                        And I don't think you should worry about having too many blueberries, they're good for you and have so much less sugar than fruit. Blueberries rock! Oh, and I love almond butter but cannot have it in my house because I end up eating it all. Straight from the jar.

                        Hope you're feeling better today!


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                          I was too bloomin' tired to post last night. Absolutely wiped out. This no sleep thing by the time the alarm goes off has got to stop. So it was just a rest day as far as physical activity. Just got groceries.

                          B Approx three eggs with two pieces of clean sausage. 1c of blueberries and three grapes. Woops!
                          [B]L[B] Colton's. Had Tri-tip pieces sauted with onions and steamed veggies. No margarine used. Salad.
                          S Salad found in PBC: Homemade mayo mixed w/drizzle of honey, few raisins (probably a few more than should've), 2 pieces of uncured bacon, broccoli.
                          Snacks I do remember eating 8 dates w/ handful of Brazil nuts. I believe that was all.


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                            Hey, how are you today? Have you ever tried valerian tea? It's soooooooo good if you have difficulty sleeping. It just knocks you out: Valerian (herb) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                            I really think you should stop worrying about eating berries. And if you feel bad about snacking on sweet stuff (are you trying to lose weight?), then why not giving up altogether? I find it a lot easier that way.


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                              I'm not concerned about the berries. It's just the eating so much of the other and with the way grocery prices are for everyone it won't be hard or the other three in the house won't have them to eat.

                              Sleep: It has been better only because I've had longer to lie in bed without having to wake up. The allergies are what's getting me. Otherwise I sleep fine. This too shall pass. *wink*

                              Activity: was nonexistant for Saturday. My oldest and I went to a might mite football game. I walked the field some. lol

                              Food: Well, I didn't eat anything unclean. I tried a recipe out of the e-cookbook you get when you sign up on Mark's Daily Apple. 2 bananas, 1 egg, and 1 heaping T of almond butter. Oh those were good! Finished off the dates. Won't be buying them anymore and they're not calling my name.

                              The next few days (which I'm writing this for Saturday on Sunday afternoon) are critical for all of the above. Tuesday things will start to get better and things will pick up.

                              Hope everyone is doing great!!