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    Eh hem...uh...okay... so here I go...

    I really want to do this. It feels so right. This is not a big stretch for me when I am eating right anyway. I decided to dive into the challenge and, in particular, journal, because having had a couple of really great starting weeks, I have gone back to carb addiction. Seems getting sick two weeks into starting my Primal life, craving comfort food and starting a BREAD BAKING BUSINESS is really not what one would call a solid foundation for success. But how many times have I read others responses when someone mentions an idea for improving their health and thrown up a little at the one poster who always lists all the reasons whatever the new idea is will not work for them?? I don't want to be *that lady*! Okay, so I have some temporary challenges to overcome, but the first thing I need to do if I want to get back on track is to pay attention to what I eat. Besides, I am no longer sick and the bread gig is temporary ... only the combo has been enough to reignite my craving for carby/sugary things. Honestly, I am sitting here thinking about how much I would like to drink a COKE *gasp* right now. Today's goal is to TRY... just try. Make the effort to not give in! I had a piece of raisin bread for breakfast ... okay, that was breakfast and tomorrow is a new day. Lunch was great! Tomato w/ mozzarella and fresh basil and an apple with almond butter. Dinner will be a recipe from the ebook of Primal recipes. I need to drink water today ...lots of water! Flush out those cravings, get some "juice to the joints", move around a bit so that I don't feel that low energy pull towards the wrong foods. So... that is the plan for the rest of the day.

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    B: 2 eggs fried in butter, 2 bacon, piece of cheese, 2 cups coffee with whole milk

    Feeling committed to the process today :-)