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  • Primama's 30-Day Challenge

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a stressed-out, overweight and out-of-shape mother of 2 kids (5 and 3 yrs old) wanting to loose 50 lbs. I've been reading MDA for at least a year now, own the book and everything but so far I haven't had much success with my weight loss efforts. I tend to do fine for the first 2 weeks but get discouraged when I don't see any progress on the scale or in how my clothes fit, and get discouraged. I plan to get tested for hypothyroidism next month when I have my annual checkup but until then I'll follow the primal lifestyle at least for my health's sake if not for weight loss.

    Day 1:

    b: spinach-egg scramble (spinach, eggs, olive oil, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese), 2 cups of coffee with h&h

    l: tuna salad (spinach, romaine, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 c shredded mozzarella cheese, 1 can of tuna, 1/4 c green peas, 2 T extra-virgin olive oil)

    s: handful of raw almonds

    d: steamed cauliflower, 1 T parmesan cheese, 1 T heavy cream, chicken (can't tell which part because I overcooked a whole chicken it the crockpot and it came out as mashed chicken, lol)
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    Day 1 was surprisingly easy; no cravings or hunger pangs. This morning the scale showed a loss of 1.5 lbs. :-)

    Day 2:

    b: 3 mozzarella cheese sticks (microwaved till slightly burned, yum!), 2 cups of coffee with h&h

    l: baby spinach, romaine, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 c shredded mozzarella cheese, 1/4 c green peas, 1 can of wild salmon, 1 T balsamico, 2 T EVVO

    s: almonds

    d: same as yesterday
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      Day 3

      Yesterday went surprisingly well, too, when it comes to hunger and cravings. The only negatives I can think of is that I've been super tired for these past two days and having a hard time waking up after 8 h of sleep. Oh, and I also forgot to mention exercise; I ride my bike to work every day 4 miles per direction so that's my "move at slow pace" exercise.

      b: 2 cups of coffee with h&h

      l: spinach-onion-egg scramble

      s: almonds

      d: 2 grilled chicken drumsticks with cabbage and bacon
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        Welcome! You can do it this time!

        With a 2 yo and a 5 yo, you are getting your exercise. More
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          Thanks Hedonist! Read the article and I'm definitely a gatherer, lol! I do have a desk job though but on weekends I'm on my feet all day long cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping etc. and of course playing with the kids. And totally wiped out by the end of the weekend, haha!


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            Another thing I forgot to mention is that I've been measuring my fasting blood glucose every morning this week and it seems to be permanently elevated. ;-( The numbers have been in the 110-117 range. Why does this happen every time I switch to low carb eating? My post-meal readings after a low carb meal are always in the lower 80s. Is this dangerous i.e. should I eat a few carbs right before bedtime?


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              Day 4

              b: spinach-onion-egg scramble, 2 cups of coffee with h&h

              l: tuna salad (baby spinach, romaine, cherry tomatoes, shredded mozzarella cheese, green peas, tuna, olive oil)

              s: almonds

              d: 2 chicken drumsticks + cabbage with bacon, avocado

              s: 1/2 c Greek yogurt


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                Day 5

                I have now lost 4 lbs. since Monday, yay! This is where my weight loss usually stops after the water weight is gone. Hubby has lost already 7 lbs. and is very excited.

                b: 2 x string cheese, 2 slices of Trader Joe's nitrate-free Black Forest Ham

                l: shrimp salad (baby spinach, romaine, tomato, goat cheese, can of shrimp, balsamico, olive oil)

                s: -

                d: 3 skinless, boneless baked chicken thighs in hot sauce + 1 glass of red wine

                s: 4 squares of 72% chocolate
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                  Yesterday I (we) joined the local YMCA - something I've been wanting to do a long time but "never had time" ... Yesterday was the last day for submitting fitness reimbursements for this year to my employer so we finally got to it. ;-) I doubt I will have time to go there during the week while I still have a job (end of October) but weekends are mostly free and the kids should like it, too, as they have a family swimming pool, swimming classes and a childcare room for those times when I want to work out by myself.

                  About stress. My company has been in a constant re-org for the past two years and it has definitely taken its toll on me. I got laid off already last year when they decided to shut down our unit in Texas but was able to find a new (or actually the same) job here in California so we moved here at the beginning of the year. Now they've decided to let my whole organization go and I will most likely get notified some time in October. I have known this for 6 months now and have been looking for a new job with no success. It has been so consuming (job applications, interviews, rejections) that I decided to take a break from it for the rest of the year and focus on my health instead. I'm getting paid until the end of January 2012 so I have no panic (yet).

                  Another thing giving me tremendous stress is preparing lunches for the kids every day. Their school menu is just so horrible that I can't even think of feeding that crap to my own children, but by preparing everything myself I'm killing myself instead. What to do? I basically spend all my "free" time in the kitchen either cooking a meal or cleaning up and never really have time to spend with my kids anymore, not to mention exercise. How do other working moms manage to do everything??


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                    Day 6

                    Another 0.5 lbs. gone and blood sugar this morning was 97. It was probably thanks to either the red wine or the dark chocolate.

                    b: 3 boiled eggs, coffee with milk

                    l: tuna salad (baby spinach, romaine, tomato, avocado, tuna, cheese, balsamico, olive oil)

                    We're having (non-primal) friends over for dinner so this will be the true test of the week. We will make some chicken, burgers and eggplants on the grill and serve them with a green salad. Dessert is strawberries with ice cream. I'll have my burger without bun and dessert without ice cream. I'll probably also have some red wine and/or low carb beer. How bad exactly is the low carb Michelangelo (2.4 g of carbs in a bottle, it says)? Is a glass of red wine a smarter choice?


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                      Weekend went by ok, I had some (planned) slipups but at least I didn't gain any weight - usually I'm at least 2 lbs. heavier on Mondays than Fridays...


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                        Day 9

                        Bs: 107 (still high but on its way down?)

                        b: 3 cups of coffee w/h&h

                        l: grass-fed ground beef with eggplant, spinach and tomatoes, shredded cheese