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    I'm a mid-20's male from Chicago. I've read up on and dabbled in Primal diet / lifestyle for about 6 months, and I want to use this Primal Challenge to really commit to it. I hope to post meals, workouts, and progress here to help keep me on track.

    I'll try and post nightly with my meals and workouts; plus possibly ask for any ideas on dealing with my schedule (i work 5 am till 10 pm with a couple hour break around noon that varies in length.)

    I don't have any specific goals other [should I?] but I guess I'll mark some starting stats:

    210 lbs.
    Pushups to failure: 20-25
    BW Squats to failure: 25-30
    Pull-ups to failure: 3-4
    Circumference @ bellybutton: 43 inches

    I'm not sure if these are good metrics, but in general it's what I'd like to improve upon (especially the last one.)

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    So first day diet:

    B: 3 eggs with pepper

    L: A slice of meatloaf with some berries.

    D: Crab / Lobster / Shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce for appetizer.
    Filet Steak with creamed spinach for main course

    Unfortunately, it was a special occasion, and I was elbowed into having a slice of key lime pie for dessert.


    The dinner took up a lot of the spare time I get in a day, so i did 5 sets of pushups, squats and sittups
    Pushups: 10, 15, 15, 10, 10
    Squats: 20, 20, 20, 20, 20
    Situps: 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

    That's all.


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      So Second day


      B: Protein Shake

      L: Chicken breast and green beans in bleu cheese buffalo sauce with a bowl of berries

      Post Workout Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs

      D: Hot italian sausage with peppers.


      Run/walk for 2 miles in 24 minutes

      3 sets of each
      Pullups: 5 reps
      Stability Ball weighted crunches: 15 reps
      Dumbell Bench Press: 50 lb dumbell (10 reps, 10, 8)
      Supermans: 15 reps

      2 sets
      Dumbell Snatches, 40lb dumbell: 5 reps per hand
      stability ball twist crunches with medicine ball: 8 per side


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        I'm posting now but will edit later to finish:

        B: Nothing

        Salad- mixed greens, peaches, and walnuts with balsamic vinaigrette
        Main- london broil beef, bacon butternut squash, and brocoli with almonds and a cup of berries

        D: Petite Pecan salad + Tuna / Salmon sashimi from Whole Foods

        later snack: some left over of the sausage and peppers from yesterday.

        Walked 1.5 miles leisurely (to whole foods and back)
        Jogged for 1.2 miles on treadmill

        3 sets of 30 seconds each and (how many about I can do)
        Burpees- (6)
        Jumping jacks- (30)
        Split jump- (16)
        Burpees- (5)
        Jumping jacks- (30)
        Squats / Pushups / Squats- (switch for each set) and (10 each)

        Finished with 3 30 second planks with 30 seconds rest in between.

        and OH, I much on a handful or two of almonds and pecans throughout the day. And yesterday I had two hard boiled eggs after the workout pre-dinner.
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          Day 4:

          So my work schedule is weird today. Get off early but need to get back in at midnight.

          No Breakfast.

          Lunch: Chicken breast in hot bbq sauce with asparagus and a bowl of berries.

          Dinner: the last of the peppers and onions with a petite market salad from whole foods.

          workout (short on time today so)

          3 x 2 min reps jumping rope

          3 sets
          pushups (15, 15, 20)
          pullups (4, 4, 3)
          crunches (15, 15, 10)
          side crunches (16, 16)


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            So, I didn't do very well over the weekend:

            Friday, Day 5:
            12:00 AM - Primal Fuel protein shake
            11:00 AM- Bowl of berries, a kosher all beef hotdog (no bun) and a bratwurst (no bun)
            7:00 PM- 6 wings and a half a burger with guacamole on it (no bun)
            Also, like 8 beers.

            Saturday, Day 6-
            Brunch- 3 egg omelet with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, carmelized onions, and cheddar cheese with roasted potatoes.
            Dinner- Italian sausage and cheeseburger (no bun) along with lots of pecans and some deli sausage, peperoni and cheeses.
            Also, a slice of my birthday cake.
            And around 8 beers

            Sunday, Day 7-

            Brunch- Meat pizza (or a meat-za, with sausage instead of bread for a crust.)
            then around like 6 I had two more pieces of birthday cake iwth big glasses of milk.
            and then at midnight I had a primal fuel protein shake.

            So, how bad is beer in the primal diet?

            Also, after the pieces of cake on sunday night, about 2 hours later I got that empty starving feeling in my stomach. I hadn't experienced that all week- just more motivation to avoid that insulin spiking carb/sugar meals.


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              Sorry for missing the two days:
              Monday, Day 8
              B- Primal Blueprint Fuel
              L- Some grilled chicken with asparagus
              D- More grilled chicken with broccoli

              What's the consensus for working out while sick? If you can go do it but in general listen to your body?

              Note: I also felt like I was coming down with an illness this day, and I had worked from midnight to 2 pm so I didn't work out on monday.

              Tuesday, Day 9
              B- Primal Blueprint Fuel
              L- Pork Chops with a creamed spinach stuffed portobello mushroom
              D- 2 kobe beef burgers with asparagus

              I also had 3 packets of that emergen-c (1g of Vitamin c each) throughout the day

              Workout: I was / am still feeling sick so I kept it light
              3 sets
              Pushups (15, 15, 15)
              Squats( 20,20, 20)
              Pullups(5, 5, 5)
              Weighted sit-ups on balance ball- (15, 15, 15)
              Resistance twists- (8 per side for each)


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                Wednesday, Day 10

                B- Primal Fuel
                L- onion meatloaf with butternut squash and a bowl of berries
                D- Tuna and Salmon sashimi and a petite market salad from Whole Foods

                I will also probably have a traditional whey protein shake when I get home.

                Workout (I was still feeling ab it under the weather today)

                3 sets dumbell bench press (10x 55 lbs)
                3 sets pullups (5 reps each)
                3 sets standing overhead tricep press (10x 55lbs)
                3 sets balance ball sit ups (15 reps each)
                3 sets dumbell snatch (5 reps per arm each set; 45, 50, 55 lbs)

                and oh: post-workout weight: 204 lbs.


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                  Thursday- Day 11

                  Breakfast- Primal Blueprint Fuel
                  Lunch- Chicken Breast with zuccini and a salad (nuts, apples, baby greens and balsamic / olive oil)
                  Dinner- A petite market salad from whole foods along with some beef stew.

                  I did end up having a whey protein shake before bed last night, and I'll probably have one again tonight. I also forgot to mention that I walked for 2 miles outside yesterday just running errands.

                  Today, I didn't get a chance to work out, though i wakled outside for 20 minutes.

                  My biggest challenge so far has bene moving around at a slow pace, mostly because I have a desk job that takes up 14 hours a day during the week.

                  What are your suggestions to simulate walking at your desk?


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                    Friday- Day 12
                    B- Primal Fuel
                    L- Sloppy joe and spinach artichoke dip (no cihps)

                    I never ate anything substantial for dinner but I did have a handful of lite beers.

                    Saturday- Day 12
                    B- Eggs with some cheese.
                    Lunch- a bunch of deli meats and cheeses; along with some vegetables and dip.
                    D- Pulled pork, bbq brisket, and cajun green beans.
                    I also had one small piece of birthday cake, and a couple beers.

                    Went for a 2 mile walk and that's it.

                    Sunday- Day 13
                    Lunch- Sausage, Peperoni, and giardiniera peppers pizza (total primal fail)
                    Dinner- Leftover pork, brisket, and green beans from saturday (I'll probably have this a few times throughout the week.


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                      First, I realize I screwed up the days in the last post.

                      Monday- Day 15
                      B- Primal Fuel
                      L- Pork roast with sauteed veggies
                      D- Pulled pork and brisket with green beans (will be having this one a lot for the next 4 days)

                      Ran 1.4 miles

                      4 sets pushups (20, 20, 15, 15)
                      4 sets pullup (5, 5, 4, 4)
                      4 sets squats(20, 20, 15, 15)
                      4 sets crunches (15, 15, 10, 10)

                      1 set dumbell snatch (5 per arm @ 50 lb)

                      Tuesday day 16
                      B- Primal Fuel
                      L- First had a bite of some asian beef with some spinach but it was terrible so i grabbed some more pulled pork with brisket and green beans
                      D- pulled pork with brisket and green beans
                      Late night- regular protein shake

                      Walk 2.5 miles

                      Note: My belt slipped to it's tightest notch today.


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                        Wed day 16

                        B- Primal Fuel
                        L- some chicken stuffed with cheese with cabbage and a bowl of berries with a salad (greens, pears, feta cheese, red wine vinaigrette)
                        d- the last two helpings of the pulled pork and brisket with green beans

                        workout: ran 3 miles

                        post workout weight: 203 (i'm sure the weekend didn't help- i felt bloated on monday)


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                          Thursday Day 17

                          B- Primal Fuel
                          L- Taco meat with some veggies and some nacho cheese (probably not the best) and a bowl of berries
                          D- A blueberry market salad; tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi; and 1/3 lb of carne asada - all from whole foods

                          Walked 1.8 miles
                          Jumped rope- 3 2-minute sets with 45 seconds rest in between

                          3 sets
                          30 seconds each done continuously with 1 minute between sets
                          Jumping Jacks
                          Split Jumps
                          Jumping Jacks
                          Squats (and then pushups set two and squats again for set 3)

                          Then, 3 sets of pullups and sit ups (4 and 15)


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                            Friday day 18

                            Be- primal fuel
                            L- primal fuel
                            D- protein shake with coconut oil
                            Now I need real food. I'm ordering bacon wrapped dates at the bar.
                            Is that primal?

                            3 sets of 8 reps bench press 155 lbs
                            3 sets of 8 reps squat at 145
                            3 sets of 4 pull ups
                            3 sets of 8 dead lift 135 lbs
                            3 sets of 5 per arm dumbbell snatch per arm


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                              Saturday, Day 19:
                              B- Corned beef omelet loaded with cheese with a side of bacon
                              L- Finished the first omelet, and ate my gf's leftover omelet (peppers, onions, sausage, ham)
                              D- Porterhouse steak with green beans, Feta saganaki, and 2 glasses of red wine

                              I also picked up a pair of vibram 5 fingers today- and went for a 2 to 2.5 mile walk in them- my toes were sore but otherwise good.

                              Also, walked another .75 to 1 mile later in the evening.

                              Sunday day 20
                              B/L - 2 hot ings, 1 italian sausage, and some italian beef; also side of berries (football tailgate)
                              D- 8 hot wings

                              Also a handful of beers throughout the day.

                              Probably walked about 2 miles today too [long walk to the stadium and back and around the stadium]