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Adventures of Chunky Corn (Wo)Man

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  • Adventures of Chunky Corn (Wo)Man

    My cousin started a comic book when he was in middle school - The Adventures of Chunky Corn Man. I figured I could steal the title as he is in college and long past it. And hey, I grew up in Iowa, in the middle of corn fields, and I'm now chunky. I can tie it all together, logic be damned!

    Not much of a story here. I stayed trim until my late 30's. I exercised and played sports because I wanted to, ate all the crap in the world and would have told you I needed to lose 10-15 pounds. Now I'm in my late 40's and it's something like 30-40 pounds. Not my finest moment.

    I've flirted with Primal for about a year now. And I can't flirt for shit so I'm only down 10 pounds. It might also explain why I'm still single after divorcing 13 years ago.

    Anyway, I need to be accountable and this journal is a great place to start. I haven't passed on my weird food habits to my teenage daughters but really, if they see me not taking care of myself over and over again, have I really taught them how important they themselves??

    The good news is that my blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are all great. So "all" I'm doing here is keeping it that way. Lucky me, the hole I've dug isn't near as deep as it could be.

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    I feel like I'm dragging myself across the desert, working my way toward the local Starbucks. Damn, I could use a latte this morning! I don't plan on being dairy free but I also know that I can't have a latte every day and lose much weight. Double damn. I said I could have one a week but do I really want to have it on day two? Suppose I could get an americano with a splash of cream...

    I struggled yesterday as I waited too long between meals and then wanted to eat everything around me. I know from experience that the longer I eat Primal, the less it will matter when I miss a meal. Oh well, I stayed away from sugar and grains; the worst thing I had was watermelon. (You'd think since it gives me heartburn, I'd stay away from watermelon, but oh no, it is one of the few fruits I will eat.)

    The big plan today is to stick to Primal eating, walk and relax. My week is crazy, with the usual work, kids' practices after school, games and chores so I'll take the down time while I have it.


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      With a little willpower, I'll get there. I didn't have the latte or the americano with cream yesterday and I survived just fine. I don't feel like having one today but probably will tomorrow as I have a "go-live" meeting that will include doughnuts and juice. A whole milk latte in place of fat that will coat my teeth - seems like a good deal to me!

      I did 55 minutes cardio on my recumbent stationary bike last night. I set it for "ramp intensity", pulled out a book and time just flew by. I ate pretty darn clean (always going to have sweet or regular potato, just know I am) and felt great this mornig after sleeping like the dead. Funny how when my stomach isn't hurting, it is much easier to get to sleep and stay asleep.

      I lifted weights this morning, first time in a week. I'd like to lift twice a week but my schedule is packed and it doesn't always happen. I come to work, get a few things done and then run down to the gym to lift so I've put it on my calendar so I don't end up with meetings at that time slot in the future. There it is, some planning ahead.

      I used to follow Body-for-Life/Transformation for lifting but I ended up bulky as all get out, with that lovely layer of fat on top. Now I lift heavy but not as many sets/reps with the goal of keeping most of the muscle I have while the fat melts off. We'll see how it goes.

      I was tested and I have 28.8% bodyfat, although the BMI has me at the top range of overweight. I am built like a rectangle, with my waist four inches smaller than my hips and six inches smaller than my chest. If pillowcase dresses were in style, baby I'd look good in one. (Considering I had a grandma that only wore those suckers, you can bet you'll NEVER see me in one!)

      Today's plan is to stay on track; the first week is easy, it's after that when I start f%^king up. Not this time. Not if I want to see results.


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        "And I can't flirt for shit so I'm only down 10 pounds." So funny, I love this line! And it kind of describes my last year and a half of Primal too.

        Good job not having your latte yesterday, and good luck staying on track today! You're off to a great start


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          Another day, another dollar (or two). Weird articles on CNN this morning. Some yahoo that is eating McD's three meals a day for 31 days before she runs a marathon. Yeah, she looks good but she admitted that she eats crap all the time. I wouldn't want her arteries!

          Yesterday went pretty well. My 14 year old made Tomato Bisque for the first time ever and it was good, once we got over the burns from hot soup pureeing in the blender. The pups enjoyed it from the floor, after we both backed away from the burning eruption. Anyway, she didn't like it but the rest of us did so yum. Had it with a side of t-bone; how I love having a side of beef in my freezer, cut exactly to my specifications.

          Today is the day of temptation as I have four dozen doughnuts at my desk. Only it really isn't temptation because I have goals, damn it! And one of those goals is to look a little LESS like a doughnut around the middle.

          I lifted yesterday and will consider today my day off as my oldest has a HS volleyball match and I won't be home until 8:30 or so. Then I'll need to eat, tidy up around the house and get my chunky butt to bed. I need all the beauty rest I can get!


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            Anyone want a doughnut? Anyone??

            Suprisingly enough, I can't give these suckers away. I mean, I'm peddling them, walking from cube to cube, and some folks are actually turning them down. When Matt, my primal buddy, sat next to me, that made sense but the new guys? WTH?

            I think I'll put them in the your great lunch, things always disappear from there.


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              I just found out that the first love of my life died on Monday, at age 48. We'd lost touch sometime during college but it was always nice knowing he was out there, living a good life. Now my heart hurts. His parents died in a horrible car accident when he was 16 (he and his brother miraculously survived) and now he's dead, leaving behind a 20 year old and 16 year old.
              Fuck those doughnuts, I need to do my best to live a long, long time.


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                Fnally Friday! Not that my weekend isn't busy, it is just busy with things other than work. I avoided the doughnuts completely yesterday, even looked at them and wondered what the big deal was.
                I had a long day but did well. Up at 5:00, out of the house by 6:30 and back home at 8:00 pm. I had my usual egg and sausage scramble for breakfast, with a bit of cheese and a side of vitamin D and fish oil. I had pot roast with five mini carrots for lunch and then taco meat on a sweet potato for supper. I also had that long-awaited latte, while everyone was coming to my desk for doughnuts. I put lots of cinnamon in it, just to tell myself it was dessert.
                Today's big plan is to lift weights this morning and survive my daughter's birthday sleepover this evening. I think both are pretty reachable goals.


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                  I thought I'd posted something but it seems to have disappeared? Let's call it operator error and move on then.

                  I had a long day yesterday and did well. I ate supper about 8:30 and didn't grab junk (or anything else) to snack on while I waited. Back on primal for four days and already the shakes are gone when I'm starving. Love that, I really do.

                  We have an exchange student staying with us for ten months and so a bit of drama in our house. She is a sweet girl, very homesick, used to a stay-at-home mom and used to shopping with friends or meeting them for coffee every day after school. So not our world. We live in a small town outside of Madison, our town is sports crazy (as are my two girls) so you socialize as you're trying to crush your opponent (and half of the girls on the other team are friends when you're playing on your club or tournament teams). Parents sit in the stands and gossip and re-live our glory days. I'm a single parent, work full-time and travel a fair amount for work. I finally told her that we really like having her and want her to stay, but we'll not take it personally if she wants to find another host family. We invite her along to everything but she'll only go if we're shopping, eating or hanging out at a neighbors. She signed up for the golf team but soon quit, when she realized that she'd practice or participate in a match five days a week. I am hoping things get better because she doesn't need a miserable year in the U.S.


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                    I did pretty well yesterday until I felt the need to finish off the potato chips. The only saving grace is that there weren't that many left...because I might have eaten a whole bag.

                    I am watching my oldest play in a VB tournament today and then doing the usual weekend chores. I also plan to spend some quality time with my Kettler Kadett rowing machine and my lawn mower. I know what you're thinking and it's true; this girl knows how to have fun.


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                      My weekend was not quite the thriller I'd hoped it would be. Rained so I couldn't mow, what a disappointment. NOT.

                      I ate too much crap, though, in the name of the exchange student's birthday and my inability to drive the wagon - I was only riding on it. Which beats the heck out of being dragged behind it, and I've done that plenty and have the weight to prove it.

                      I brought workout clothes so I could lift and then realized I had a meeting this morning that messed that up. The workout was on my calendar for tomorrow. Tonight is rowing and biking, my faves.

                      I'll eat clean today, if nothing else because I feel awful when I don't. That and the scale barely moved this week and I have to state out loud (okay, okay, in writing) that a couple of slip-ups do not a successful week make. Or do they, since it was a couple of slip-ups a day in weeks past? Whatever, I'm looking forward, reins in hand, goals at the front of my mind.


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                        Oh, time to be more accountable, after a week of winging it. <sigh> Sucks to be me but I've proven that the winging it shit really doesn't work for me.

                        B: part of a jalepeno sausage
                        L: chicken with sour cream sauce and peas
                        D: spaghetti sauce with meat, over spaghetti squash; NO LEFTOVER KEY LIME PIE AND I MEAN IT!

                        15 minutes rowing (still building up those attractive calluses), 30-45 minutes stationary biking because I like to read while I pedal

                        Big question is do I get a latte? It would be my one for the week but that free punch card is calling my name. Even if it doesn't expire.


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                          Wow, I actually stuck to my eating plan yesterday, just as I laid it out. There might be hope for me, yet! I did end up pedaling for 60 minutes instead of rowing. I'm having trouble with my right hand (carpal tunnel, arthritis, whatever) and the thought of using it for an extended time just didn't do it for me.

                          I skipped the latte yesterday but I'm pretty sure I'll have it today. I had a late night along with an early morning and I may just need that warm coffee with milk to keep me from crawling back into bed. Especially necessary since I am working at the office today, not from home.

                          B: hash browns, sausage, eggs, all fried in olive oil
                          L: chicken with sour cream sauce and peas
                          D: tomato bisque soup with a salad (that means iceberg lettuce because the rest is too bitter for my widdle taste buds)

                          I am lifting weights this morning and hoping to get to bed early tonight. I doubt that I will but a girl can dream...and I dream of sleep.


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                            Oh you total sad sack, here you are again, having learned nothing. Well, with that out of the way, let's get to it!

                            Exchange student is long gone, back to Holland. And she left a nasty craving for stroopwafels behind. Okay, I'm Dutch, I should have expected some good food to come out of that country and now I'm dealing with it. I haven't had any since the end of the year and will have them for my birthday in two weeks.

                            Bad news is I've made up for that by eating everything else. I really have issues with sticking with healthy eating and/or exercise for more than an hour, day, week, whatever. I can't throw month in there, though, because I don't get that far down the line. Oh the shame.

                            Goal now is to eat clean until the end of the month. Yes, just 10 days but those stroopwafels are calling my name. And I intend to answer.

                            I'll dust myself off on April 3rd and get back to it. I really don't like how I feel, how I look in clothes and let's not even talk about that look-good-naked thing. It's a long row and I'm hoeing, only once in awhile. Hard to reap what you can't even sow. Okay, enough of the farming analogies, let's just say I'm back at it!


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                              I really didn't want to put a comment in here today - no one would read so who'd know I wasn't doing what I need to be doing to succeed? Well, besides me, anyway. But hey, that crap-dappy behavior is what has me at a standstill and I really can't expect things to change with absolutely no effort.
                              I am having lots of stomach issues, not very hungry, then starving, thinking I'm going to throw up about half the time. It's a lot of fun but I need to get off the ride. I'm not sure what's causing it as it happens whether I'm eating clean or not so I'm headed off to do research on the myriad and one things it could be. You know - stomach cancer, ulcer, parasites, and any other awful thing you can imagine. But nothing like eating too much, eating too often - the things I control.
                              I did avoid my daughter's homemade sponge cake yesterday. Today's epic battle might be fighting the Frosted Mini Wheats craving. That's me, ever the warrior. As long as the war is small and over quickly.