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    Hi! My name is Christina, I live in Utah and am a mother of 3 kiddos with one more on the way! I was pretty strict paleo (no dairy) for about 8 months before becoming pregnant and had never felt better. I was severely ill with all of my other pregnancies for the whole 9 months. With this one I have felt GREAT once I passed 16 weeks. I give credit to my diet! While dealing with morning sickness I could not go near meat or veggies, so my diet was horrid, but it was survival mode Now that things are back to normal I have been working on cleaning my diet back up! I thought the accountability of a journal would be a good thing to help fight the pregnancy cravings! I am keeping small amounts of cheese in my diet at least until the baby is born. I need to find some free range/organic. A lot of my veggies are organic from my garden, I will be a sad girl when summer is over!

    B:3 egg omelet with squash, onion, turkey, herbs and a little bit of cheese and home made salsa. YUMMY!