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Primal Journal (MamaNene and the Whole family)

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  • Primal Journal (MamaNene and the Whole family)

    Well I know I can keep up the diet/lifestyle, but a journal? Not sure, but here it goes.

    I changed my diet 10 days ago; no grain, no dairy, no legumes, no added sugar or processed crap! Before that I had been doing WW for 6 months and before that just eating better to loss my baby weight (mind you the "babies" are 11 and 3 but yes I still had lots of baby weight hanging out)
    From October 2010-June 2011.... I lost 50 lbs
    gained back 5 or 6 after a month of vacation, being a sloth, getting sick, and getting unmotivated!
    Now back on track and since starting a Primal diet have lost 7lbs and am finally done with the baby weight. Now to loss 20 more (or at least 4 dress sizes) but more importantly get stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my adult life!

    Today the whole family (husband, and 11 year old daughter, the 3 year old is too young to make a commitment so I'll obviously be feeding him better but am not gonna make a fight out of giving him his cereal or pretzel chips if he wants them) starts the 30 day challenge. We all have weight to loss and all have aches and pains. We all also have started working out 3x a week at a gym that is led by a Primal trainer so at least we are on track there and are lifting heavy things often!

    I feel great after eating this way for a week, I only miss a few things and it's usually when I am bored and needing a "crunch" or when I am surrounded by others eating cake! It's gonna be much nicer to have the whole family on board. Finding snacks and quick grabs and to-go things is gonna be an essential with my "too busy to eat b'fast and lunch" hubby (used to survive on energy bars and protein bars) and snacks will be needed with my 11 year old daughter so she can feed herself when mama can't do it.

    Cleaning out the processed crap from the pantry was loads of fun! Thank goodness I like to cook!

    Day 1 for them (12 for me)
    - bacon and eggs with spinach .........what to do about my daughter who has never liked eggs!
    - fruit for snack
    - Yummy "fried" chicken thighs for lunch.......turn the leftovers into chicken salad with homemade mayo
    - nuts for snack
    - apple and onion stuffed porkchops for dinner with some mock mashed taters (parsnips and cauliflower)
    - banana/ cocoa smoothie for dinner if needed to curve the dessert trend that my family is used to.

    Here we go!!!!!

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    So great about he primal trainer! There are definitely more primal options for that "crunch" when you're missing it, check out your local health food store (Trader Joes or Whole Foods?) for options. I guess bananas aren't strictly paleo (don't know why), but banana chips are pretty damn tasty.
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      Yeah I know bananas are some of the sweetest fruits but for practical reasons with my family we aren't cutting out any fruit, fresh, dehydrated , or dried (no sugar added)

      So far today, I have cooked A LOT (not used to making bfast, lunch AND dinner on weekdays) We have all been successful but I need a maid to come clean all my dishes!

      I prepped some bacon for future days this week, left over chicken was so yummy we will probably eat it for lunch tomorrow instead of messing it up by making it chicken salad, and I leave town on Wednesday to head to a town that actually has a trader joes so I am looking forward to that. Hopefully traveling and eating Primal will workout!!!

      All in all, good day 1!!


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        Day 2 went well though I did allow my daughter some fried up potato (otherwise known as french fries, ekkk) I must prepare better and always have primal snacks on me. I also need to decide, "Is beef jerky that isn't grass-fed and probably processed with sugar, is that better than rice chips or fries or some other easily available snack" Where do I draw the line sometimes.
        Hubby is eating Dairy and I know my daughter would love to but I also know her gut and skin get angry at something she eats so we need to cut it all out to see what. Wish us luck staying strong!!

        Day 3 here we come, today we will be on the road for many hours and then at my folk's visiting for a couple days. Luckily my dad likes to smoke meat, lol. So hopefully we can all find what we need in his kitchen.


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          It sounds like you are on the right track!! It's awesome that your daughter is doing it too - what a learning experience for her! My 6-year-old daughter is starting to learn to make good choices when we're eating away from home and it is SO cool. I know it's hard translating the "perfect" diet to something that is actually attainable and liveable for your family. I look forward to seeing how you do!
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            Have you tried fried sweet potatoes? Those are supposed to be a better option (again, can't remember why) than regular potatoes, I think.

            I have trouble drawing the line with primal-inspired-but-not-primal (like beef jerky) and "Guess I won't eat!"
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