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  • Small Steps - Gina's Journey

    Hi all, I have decided to keep this journal to help keep me on track on my Primal journey. I am 30yr old female and weight 144.6 lbs as of this morning. I have dabbled with primal eating in the past, but I have decided that now is the time to take the leap and take the 30 day challange, 1 day at a time.

    My goal is to reach 133lbs by the 21st October, when I fly out on holiday to Jamaica. Fingers crossed!!

    My Monday didnt get off to the best start, considering I didnt get to bed til late (Sunday night) and then my alarm didnt go off this morning, hence no breakfast. Didnt feel that hungry anyway.

    Day 1:
    B: none
    S: 1 pink lady apple, 1 tsp almond butter
    L: Pesto Chicken (home-made) with veg in a home-made tomato sauce, 1 Orange
    S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pumpkin seeds, about 30g chilli & lime Chicken
    D: Bowl of home-made butternut squash soup.

    Planned exercise for tonight is a bootcamp class in the local gym.
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    When I got home from work I ended up falling asleep. So didnt end up having dinner.....well apart from a small segment of grapefruit. Woke up in time to get ready for my bootcamp class.

    Bootcamp.......was more like interval training on steroids! I ended up having to go out for air as I thought I might be sick (I wasn't thankfully!!) but the class was good & I will def go back for more (punishment)!! It showed me how lacking in cardio I am. On a side note I also booked in for a weights session with gym instructors which is booked for Sunday.

    Day 1 Primal - Complete!


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      The body is a little......not sore but def feels tender - especially the quads and bum!! but as the saying goes - no pain no gain! Had a sneak peak of the scales this morning (yeah I know I shouldnt have) but I'm down 2lbs!!

      Day 2:
      B: Mint Tea
      S: 1/2 ruby grapefruit, Green Tea
      S: (1 hr later) 1 pink lady apple, 1 tsp almond butter, Green Tea
      L: 3 Chicken mini fillets with veg in a home-made tomato sauce,
      S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pine nuts, about 30g chilli & lime Chicken
      D: Bowl of home-made butternut squash soup.

      Planned exercise for this evening is swimming.
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        Just finished my swim. Only did about 30 mins as lately I seem to have a bad problem of cramping in my left foot after a while. Its a real pain!! I had planned to do some sprinting, but I got caught up in cleaning the kitchen that it was too late by the time I got to the gym.

        Day 2 Primal - Complete

        Exercise: Intervals done (with more on Saturday)
        Moving Slowly / Play 30mins / 180-300mins


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          Question: Has anyone else experienced spasams in the lower abdomen? Is this part of the detox??


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            Thankfully my spasams have passed!!

            Today has been good so far food wise....I was even hungry this morning after my swim last night!

            Day 3:
            B: 2 large eggs scrambled, 1/2 grapefruit, Mint Tea
            S: 1/2 ruby grapefruit, Green Tea
            L: Chicken breast with stirfry veg (bean sprouts are ok rights?), 1 pink lady apple, Green Tea
            S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pine nuts, about 30g chilli & lime Chicken
            D: Bowl of home-made butternut squash soup.
            S: Large banana

            Have a pilates class tonight. Hopefully that will help sort out the tenderness in the body with some good stretches!! And it will count towards my play / slow moving too!!
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              Had pilates class this evening for an hour but again had the cramping in my left foot in certain positions grrr.

              Also had grocery shopping with my friend. I would be lieing if I said I was not tempted by my chocolate god, but I am happy to say that I wasnt tempted - even when my friend offered me an ice pop!! Bananas will be on the menu tomorrow - bring up my potassium & stop the stupid cramping!

              Day 3 Primal - Complete

              Exercise: 1 hour Pilates Class
              Moving Slowly / Play 90mins / 180-300mins


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                I got my first pair of vibrams today!! I ordered them yesterday & cant believed they arrived in work today (yes I had them sent to my workplace - way handier). Cant wait to take them home & try them out!!!

                Food today has been good so far, but to be honest I am slightly worried as the weekend looms closer and even more worried about my follow through for next week. Like I said earlier - take each day as it comes.

                Day 4:
                B: 2 large eggs scrambled, banana, Mint Tea
                S: 1/2 ruby grapefruit, Green Tea
                L: Chicken breast with stirfry veg (with the last bean sprouts) 1 orange
                S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pumpkin seeds, about 30g Chicken
                S: 1 Squares of tesco 85% dark chocolate
                D: Small bowl of butternut squash soup

                Hope to go swimming this evening, but also might try get my sprints in before my swim.

                At 4pm all I could think about was chocolate. But instead of going to the biscuit press, I was thinking about my tesco 85% dark chocolate in the press!! So when I got home I had 1 square & was totally satisfied!! Been thinking about a recipe I saw here of roughly chopped nuts and dark chocolate so think im gonna make some at the weekend - mmmmmm.

                Tried on my vibrams - love them. Have a slight prob in that the back is slightly uncomfortable but I'm sure its just a matter of wearing them in!

                Finally got my sprints done - 2 rounds of tabata sprints at 11kph. Happy with that & I know I will be able to improve on that too! Also went swimming for 45 mins.

                Day 4 Primal - Complete

                Exercise: 8 mins Tabata Sprints & 45 mins swimming.
                Moving Slowly / Play 135mins / 180-300mins
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                  Woke up thirsty this morning, but not really hungry. I cant believe, but I actually feel slimmer!!! That prob sounds mad! Did go off track a little for lunch today, but I'm gonna put that down as part of the 20% in the 80/20 rule.

                  Day 5:
                  B: banana, Mint Tea
                  S: 1/2 ruby grapefruit, Green Tea, 1 tsp almond butter
                  L: bowl of veg soup from cafe (Dunnes Stores) and 1/2 portion of chips (fries) with salt, tomato sauce and vinegar
                  S: 1/2 ruby grapefruit, Green Tea
                  S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pine nuts, 1 Squares of tesco 85% dark chocolate
                  D: bowl of butternut squash soup (cant believe my soup has lasted this long!)
                  S: 1 sq 85% dark chocolate (well it is Friday!)

                  No plans for excercise this evening. Just a give the house a good ol' scrub. Bootcamp tomorrow morning at 10am!!
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                    Admittedly today has been bad. Hopefully I haven't screwed up too badly!!

                    B: banana
                    Brunch: 2 rashers, 2 eggs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & spring onion
                    S: none
                    L: none
                    S: chocolate with hazel nuts
                    D: none

                    Today was my first time time eating rashers in about 20yrs, they were fairly thick and I didn't feel great afterwards, but at least I didn't get sick (thinking of the last time I tried mince turkey breast)

                    Think I will leave it a little while til I try them again, so back to the chicken and egg recipes for now.

                    Exercise consisted of a bootcamp class this morning. Was good but was pretty wrecked after it. Maybe the class will be enough to stave off the calories from all the chocolate I ate (300g) in total
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                      Feel kinda I'll after eating that chocolate - ugh


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                        I did some DIY (I put together a chest of drawers), but by 11.30 I was nearly sick with exhaustion!!! So went to bed and slept like a log!! Met with a trainer who did up a weights program - its going to be tough!!!

                        Day 7:
                        B: banana
                        S: none
                        L: Last of the butter nut squash soup, breast of chicken stuffed with homemade pesto & roasted veg
                        S: none
                        D: Lettuce, deli turkey, tomato & onion, tea with a dash of milk

                        Went home for tea, as my nana & aunt were visiting. So made the best choices possible, making lettuce wraps with the turkey, tomato & onion. Managed to avoid the yummy lily o'brien chocolates!
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                          I dont feel great this morning. Didnt sleep great & my back & neck are sore. Going to the chiropractor this evening so hopefully she can help me out.

                          Day 8:
                          B: banana
                          S: 1/2 grape fruit, green tea
                          L: Bowl of vegetable soup - commerical (from Dunnes Stores), pink lady apple
                          S: 30g mixed nuts, 10g pine nuts

                          Bootcamp this evening!! Should be interesting!!!!
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                            I feel like crap!! there is no other way to put it. My body is sore (my neck, my back, my arms) and I feel like I dont give a crap!

                            The only thing that has kept me away from the biscuit press in work is that firstly, my weight is down to 141.6lbs - 3 lbs lost in the first week!! And my stomach does feel 'tighter'. Secondly I am flying out to visit my friend in Jamaica in 4.5 weeks time & I plan on being beach ready!!!!! My goal weight is 133lbs, though ideally 130lbs.

                            So whats wrong with me? Is this the carb flu I hear everyone talking about? Is it possible to get it a week into going primal??


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                              Confession Box:

                              1. I'm totally inconsistant at keeping journals - always have been
                              2. Yesterday (Day 9) is pretty much a write-off and I 100% fell off the wagon.
                              3. I have done no exercise this week yet.

                              Monday I went to my chiropractor - my whole body was sore after my week, as well as other things. I decided against doing my bootcamp and to rest my body.
                              I went to the 'Electric Picnic for Farmers' aka the ploughing championships (if your from Ireland you'll understand) yesterday. Complete disaster from start to finish including non-primal coffee with sugar, cheese sandwiches, chocolate bars, chocolate brownie, mars square and carrot cake!!!!!
                              I didnt do any swimming last night, though I guess you could conclude about 2 hours of walking (real time was 4 hours but halving time for browsing standing around and sitting down)

                              Yesterday happened, today is a new day & I have a good work collegue that is looking out for me (I went to the biscuit press, took a biscuit & she made me put it back!! )!!

                              Day 9:
                              B: none
                              S1: strong instaant coffee with 1.5 sugar & milk
                              S2: orange
                              L: Breast of chicken stuffed with home-made pesto, lettuce, some onion & 3/4 tomato, orange
                              S: a full ruby grapefruit
                              D: diced chicken with diced veg & spice (similar to yuk sung)
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