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    Hi Groks and Grokettes. I'm Mike and I live in London, England. I'm 40 years old and I'm obese.

    I'm new to this. I mean blogging. I usually shy away from putting myself 'out there' but something has to change because it's not working. You see, I've been reading MDA for maybe 3 years now and despite a total, 100% buy in and many (failed) attempts at going primal I'm still fat.

    I've always been fat or obese except for two short periods in my life...

    When I was 17 years old I decided to stop eating fried food to lose weight. I don't know why I chose to drop just fried food, I just did. I was lifting weights regularly and occasionally played football (that's soccer to my American friends) and I lost almost all my fat effortlessly.

    However when I was 20 I left home and the combination of working long hours, financial constraints (I had rent to pay you know!), going out till late and little desire to cook, meant that my mum's home cooking was replaced with fast food and I soon ballooned back to obese.

    When I was 30 I weighed 100kg/220lb. I hired a personal trainer (for about a year) who I must admit whipped me into the best shape of my life from a cardio/strength perspective. Even though my weight loss quickly plateaued at 90kg/200lb I could run on a treadmill for an hour at a pace of 10k/hr and felt like I could bench press a cow (and then eat it). But I was still fat.

    My second period of slimness came a few years later. A friend of mine leant me a book called Peak Performance, Radiant Health by Brian Peskin which essentially describes a 'low grade' low carb diet. I read it cover to cover and I was sold.

    Back then I had no distinction between good fats and bad fats, good carbs and bad carbs or good protein and bad protein. I simply ate a low carb diet. By accident (or design?) that meant no grains, cereal, sugar, beans, peas or sweetcorn. I ate a ton of meat, fish and poultry and was happy doing so!

    I also decided that because I have a mouth like a vacuum cleaner and a stomach like a black hole I would eat nothing during the day. Instead I would have just one meal in the evening and eat as much as I wanted, the idea being that I would have to do something very silly indeed to consume an entire day's calories in one sitting. So by accident I introduced intermittent fasting to my diet, except it wasn't intermittent because I did this every day. And it was so easy.

    Without exercising, my weight soon dropped and plateaued at 77kg/170lb and I felt fantastic. I mean really great. The few health issues I had just disappeared. My sleep was better; I stopped snoring and my sleep apnea disappeared. I had bundles of energy and was having fun using it up!

    A few years later (and still on the 'diet') I was at my local supermarket getting groceries and for reasons still unknown to me I decided to 'treat' myself to a couple of croissants. I think I felt that I could 'get away with it'. The next day when I was paying for fuel at the petrol station I bought two croissants to go with my cappuccino...

    Well what do you know, here I am at 40 and I now weigh 105kg/230lb. My diet is truly terrible. All my old health issues have returned and I now have some new ones as well. Bugger.

    I have decided to do the 30 day challenge with a view of making it a permanent lifestyle change. To help me, and hopefully others who may find inspiration in the challenges i write about, I will publish my progress in the following way:-

    Every day I will weigh myself on my Salter body fat scales and publish the results. I have compared the readings with a very expensive Tanita scale and the readings were exactly the same so I have confidence that the readings are accurate. Even if they are not, the initial reading will simply be used as the benchmark. The data I will publish are:-

    - Weight
    - Body Fat %
    - Muscle Mass
    - Body Water %
    - Visceral Fat (range from 1 to 20 where 1 is best)
    - BMR
    - BMI

    I will also enter my food consumption into and publish my calories consumed and macronutrient ratio.

    I know from past experience that I am pretty much guaranteed to lose around 1kg/2lb per week if I keep my carbs below 50g/day and my total calories below 1,800. I want to better this for the challenge.

    The above sentence really pisses me off because I know that just 30 weeks of focussed primal living could/should result in me being lean and fit. Why can't I do it??? Arrrrgh!!!

    So my goal for the 30 day challenge is to lose 6kg/13lb in fat and to introduce HIIT a la Primal Blueprint Fitness.

    Welcome to my journey and good luck to everyone entering the 30 day challenge.

    All the best

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    I have been told off by a primal friend who says that analysing my weight, bf% etc on a daily basis is nonsense because of daily fluctuations and that I should do this weekly for it to make real sense. I agree. So here is my week zero data.

    Weight kg = 105.8
    Body Fat % = 33.4
    Muscle Mass % = 36.3
    Body Water % = 48.8
    Visceral Fat = 18.0
    Fat Kg = 35.3
    Lean Mass Kg = 70.5
    Visceral Fat = 18.0
    BMR = 2103
    BMI = 35.4

    He also said that the best part of being primal is NOT measuring anything and just going with the flow. Again I agree. However Iím from the school of Ďyou can't improve that which you do not measureí. Plus my long term goals are to get to 75kg/165lb and 15% bf. So how will I know if Iím on the right track if I don't measure?

    I will also fast today.

    Can someone please tell me if the calories from say 6 cups of tea/coffee throughout the day (Iím thinking more milk content here) technically means that it is NOT a fast?



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      Already broke one of today's targets I wanted to fast till dinner but I totally forgot and had a snack!

      Still, what I ate was cured pork tongue and prosciutto ham so it's primal. With 0.2g of carbs between the two I think I can live with it.

      I've also decided to swap a couple of my daily cappuccinos for espressos to reduce my dairy/carbs.

      Early days.


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        Hello Mike, welcome to the journey. Good to have another UK Grok on board.

        Out of interest, how tall are you?

        One thing I found useful was a before photo and then the next one when I lost 20lbs as others have done some of which you will no doubt have seen in the success stories forum.
        Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth.


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          Hi diploid

          Thanks, it's good to be here!

          I'm 5"8' or 173cm tall. I’m fairly average height so there’s no hiding the flab behind a 6”2’ frame.

          I hate being photographed. However I do have a couple of photos that quite clearly show where I’m currently at.

          Congrats on losing 20lbs. How long did it take you? And how far do you have to go before you hit your target?



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            End of day one report...

            End of day one report...

            Fasting cock-up aside it’s been a pretty good day.

            According to FitDay I have consumed 1,529 cals (target was less than 1,800, tick) and 24g of carbs (target was less than 50g, tick). Happy days

            Just one down side though. I cooked pork kidney for dinner. The smell...!!! No, I mean the STENCH. Even with all the windows and the garden door open it stank out the flat.

            I swear I heard a fox retching at the back of the garden.

            I know organ meat is healthy but no more pork kidney, I can't take it.

            Looking forward to day two now.


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              I give you props for using fitday! I hate those things online food diaries... dont ask me why but I cant stand them lol! Have you purchased the cookbooks that Mark has available? Those have been my go to books for every meal! I do not know what I would do without those books!!!! I especially love the quick and easy meals if you are always busy and on the go.

              Good luck to you!

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                Hi Lexxy

                When I first started using FitDay it was a nightmare, more so because it's geared for the US and I live in the UK. But I stuck with it, slowly adding my usual foods and now I rarely need to add anything new.

                TBH it's been a Godsend. I'm constantly astounded by how many cals/carbs some foods contain.

                I haven't got any of Mark's cookbooks. Good call. I feel a book investment coming on...


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                  Just weighed myself.

                  Weight kg = 104.5
                  Body Fat % = 33.0.

                  After just 24hrs I've lost 1.3kg and 0.4% body fat.

                  Stuff the 30 day challenge, I'm gonna make Mark look chubby by the end of NEXT WEEK


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                    Good luck for your 30 days!I am on day 15 of my's easy if you keep your saturated fat high as well as your protein intake.I wouldn't be so worried about the calories at this stage..from what you read everywhere it's just listening to the cues your body and stop when you are full.As I am a sugarholic,the only thing that has helped has been the high cravings..actually,I think I got sick from eating dark chocolate(allowed)yesterday and it was only a small amount..funny how things change so quickly!Someone mentioned get free downloads of recipes here so you don't need to buy them.


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                      It took 11 weeks to lose 20lbs - without any real exercise, just walking to the supermarket and back and a cleanish diet.

                      Ideally another 50lbs to go. From 242 to 172 overall.

                      I'm now easing into an exercise regime so I figure end of April to hit my target.
                      Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth.


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                        Nice to see a fellow European on the challenge. Keep up the good work!


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                          I hear what youíre saying. Dr Eades has a couple of good articles on his blog about getting (back) into primal eating and confirms that eating more fat makes the journey easier.

                          The reason I count calories is because I have poor portion control. Iíve found that this helps me keep servings in check. Hopefully this will change as my body/metabolism/insulin sensitivity/etc starts working normally again.

                          Bummer about the chocolate! Have you tried Green & Blacks 85% dark? Sucking on just one square for 5 minutes (no biting!) is better that all the Galaxy in the universe (pun intended)

                          I forgot about the recipe section on the blog. Iíll check this out.

                          Best of luck on your challenge too.


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                            That's amazing progress. The exercise should make a big difference when you get this going. Keep up the good work.


                            Thanks, and you too. it's nice to communicate in a similar time zone


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                              Go for it London Mike! I love the fact that you will make Mark look fat soon!!!!!!!!!! Im Groking down in the South West! go UK!
                              "Carpe diem"