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    Thanks Matt. It would be interesting to know just how many of us are Groking in the UK???


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      Heya Mike,

      I'm (trying to) grok it out here in Ireland! Your doing great - keep it up


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        Hey lilminiminx

        Thanks for the encouragement! You've got a tough gig trying to grok it out in the land of potatoes and alcohol! I don't envy you.

        You're a triathlete? I assume you're pretty fit and healthy in general. What are you looking to improve by going primal?

        Just curious.

        Keep up the good work yourself
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          Just watched FatHead The Movie. Brilliant!

          Err, so I can eat MickeyD’s then??? Ooh, how about KFC???

          Pleeeeease tell me I can. Pleeeeease...


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            I just entered exactly what I’ve eaten today into FitDay and it reckons I’ve consumed 1,309 cals and 67g carbs. I don't believe it. I feel so contently full. I’m going to increase my dinner portions by 50%...

            1,777 cals and 84g carbs. That’s better! Now I have no excuse for eating anything else before bed!

            There is logic in there somewhere


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              Originally posted by London Mike View Post
              Hey lilminiminx

              Thanks for the encouragement! You've got a tough gig trying to grok it out in the land of potatoes and alcohol! I don't envy you.

              You're a triathlete? I assume you're pretty fit and healthy in general. What are you looking to improve by going primal?

              Just curious.

              Keep up the good work yourself

              I should explain that although I am officially a triathlete I am def at the other end of the scale and by no means elite!! I joined the club more as a way to meet new people, and have a laugh. I am more like the unofficial photographer of the club, though I have done a few races. I have problems with my knees so I am in the process of trying to sort that out.

              You're not kidding when you say the land of potatoes and alcohol! But so far so good - day 2 completed primally!!

              Silly question, but to me bacon is rashers - right? Do you eat rashers and if so what brand? cheers


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                Hi Mike! Congrats on your commitment and I feel sure that you CAN do this. I really identify to your croissant slip-up. I lapse into the same way of thinking when I'm doing well, and think that just a bit of sugar (or even artificial sweetener) won't hurt me, and then that's the start of a really slippery slope - I essentially undo my progress and it takes me a few days to get back on track. So I've come to realize that sugar (or refined carbs) are seriously addictive and that thinking I can treat myself every once in a while is like an alcoholic thinking he can have "just one drink" every Friday night.

                Anyway, wishing you luck! I do believe that we can conquer the demons...


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                  I like the reasoning behind joining the triathlete club as it combines many primal laws in one hit - exercise, play, social. I'm sure the knees will get stronger now that you're feeding your body properly. Just take it easy so you stay injury free.

                  Yes, bacon = rashers = nom nom nom

                  I have no allegiance to any brand or type. For now I don't bother with looking at quality or additives because I’m more concerned with kicking the bad carbs first. Once I’ve broken the addiction then I’ll look at the quality of my food.

                  However others can and do go 100% primal from the start (organic, grass fed, raw, etc) but I’m lazy, er, efficient(!) and therefore put in the least amount of effort to get the maximum gain.


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                    Thanks Taz. Congrats and good luck on your commitment too. We are winners, our demons are losers

                    Yeah, the ‘just one won’t hurt’ mentality is a curse for many people. Given my past successes and failures I think I just have to accept that I must never eat this food again. It’s just too risky.

                    The last time I went primal and lost lots weight (fat) I would sometimes treat myself to a carb refeed/cycle. It was essentially an excuse to eat some naughty carbs but I had strict rules. These were

                    1) No more than one carb refeed per month
                    2) 24hr fast MUST be done to ‘reset’ body systems

                    This really worked and would sometimes break through a weight loss plateau.

                    But it was a risky strategy for someone with an addiction. Eventually it was the pastries (outside the carb refeed system) that got me. I broke my own rules...

                    Better to stay away from this stuff period.

                    From my experience the sweet tooth does eventually subside but it's always there waiting to get you if you trip up...
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                      I killed the 1,800 calorie limit today but it was all down to the bacon

                      Still, my carbs were only 58g so I’m happy with how the day has gone.

                      I’m dying to see what the scales say tomorrow morning with all this pork belly in me.

                      I really need to look at exercise as I haven't done any for ages (unless bikram yoga counts).

                      “Look into my eyes, you love to exercise” <said in a hypnotic voice to self>


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                        Three full days of being primal have passed. So where am I?

                        Stuffed my face with bacon yesterday - check
                        Broke my 1,800 cal/day rule - check
                        Resisting implementing an exercise program - check
                        Failing the 30 day challenge - err, not necessarily!

                        On the up side, in the three days since starting I’ve lost 1.9kg/4.2lbs and 0.5% bf.

                        On the down side, I’ve lost 1.8% of my overall body weight and only 0.5% bf.

                        Conclusion? I’m losing lean mass at a higher rate than body fat.

                        Action point – start exercising!

                        TBH I don't mind losing a little extra lean mass if it means I’m physically getting smaller. I’ve got so many clothes I no longer fit into and it would be nice to be able to wear them comfortably again.

                        On Monday night I split the seat of my trousers getting into my car. Not just along the seam but across the material as well. I haven't just ruined a pair of trousers so much as a rather nice suit as they were the only matching trousers I had

                        Historically I’ve always found it very easy putting on lean mass (some people will hate me for that) so I really don't mind because i can 'catch up'. However I am fully aware that maintaining lean mass is healthier and will help with the fat loss.

                        I need to get my head round the exercise thing.


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                          On Wednesday I consumed 3,483 cals and 58g carbs.

                          On Thursday I consumed 1,847 cals and 108g carbs.

                          On Friday I consumed 2,431 cals and 45g carbs.

                          My targets are less than 1,800 cals and less than 50g carbs per day.

                          I have therefore missed one or more of my targets for the past three days. No surprise then that the weight and bf% loss has ground to a halt.

                          I know people say not to weight food, count calories, count carbs etc, to just eat primal and everything will take care of itself but annoyingly this doesn’t work for me.

                          If I have to keep my calorie consumption below 1,800 per day weighing 230lbsto lose weight I dread to think how low my calories need to be when I weigh 180lbs and need to lose those final stubborn lbs.

                          Or maybe by then my body will have changed and I won’t be so sensitive to calorie restriction?

                          I welcome any feedback. Can anyone shed some light on this?

                          Thank you.


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                            Can we see what a day of food looks like and from there it might be a way for people to tweak things for you?What does a day of 3483 cal look like and an 1800 cal day?


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                              Good call !

                              CALORIE FAIL, CARB SUCCESS:-

                              Butter - 3 pats
                              Salmon, smoked -120g
                              Egg, whole, raw - 3 medium
                              Coffee, regular - 4 mugs
                              Cream, heavy, fluid - 100g
                              Milk, 2% fat - 250g
                              Tea, herbal - 4 mugs
                              Celery, raw - 350g
                              Jagermeister - 1 shot
                              Banana, raw - 1 medium
                              Bacon - 500g
                              Fish oil, cod liver - 3g

                              Cals - 3,483
                              Fat(g) - 298
                              Carbs(g) - 58
                              Protein(g) - 111

                              The bacon killed the calories. It was delicious

                              CARB FAIL, CALORIE SUCCESS:-

                              Chicken, drumstick, coated, baked or fried - 7 small drumsticks
                              Sage and Onion Stuffing - 50g
                              Pork, cured, bacon, raw - 25g
                              Pork sausage, brown and serve, cooked - 3 links
                              Cappuccino - 2 cups
                              Coffee, espresso - 1 shot
                              Fish oil, cod liver - 3g
                              Milk, 2% fat - 200g
                              Tea, herbal - 1 mug
                              Tea, leaf, unsweetened - 2 mugs
                              Coffee, regular - 2 mugs
                              Grapes, raw - 20 grapes

                              Cals - 1,847
                              Fat(g) - 101
                              Carbs(g) - 108
                              Protein(g) - 120

                              The 'hot and ready to eat' coated chicken and stuffing killed the carbs. I had fasted for over 24hrs and it was either this or make it a 36hr fast. I was weak...

                              CALORIE AND CARB SUCCESS:-

                              Coffee, regular - 5 mugs
                              Milk, 2% fat - 250g
                              Tongue, cooked - 240g
                              Ham, prosciutto - 6 thin slice
                              Tea, herbal - 2 mug
                              Fish oil, cod liver - 3g
                              Coffee, espresso - 2 shots
                              Kale, raw - 100g
                              Butter - 2 pats
                              Pork, fresh, variety meats and by-products, kidneys, raw - 325g
                              Egg, whole, raw - 2 medium

                              Cals - 1,529
                              Fat(g) - 94
                              Carbs(g) - 1 24
                              Protein(g) - 139

                              This was a good day.


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                                One thing to look at is the milk consumption..during a 30 day challenge there is no milk as this can cause problems for some people.Personally,I don't do well with fruit at all but everyone is different.Cod liver oil is not the best fish oil to consume as cod filters all the shite from the ocean and then you are putting it back into your body(this,however,would have no impact on your diet..generally a deep see fish supplement is better..or so I have been told)
                                Other than that it looks good,maybe try and get more greens into your day.I have been hearing a lot on here that sometimes it can take a long time to see results..don't be hard on yourself and follow the rules of eating until you are full,not snacking and I still don't think calorie counting is where it's at.Everything that is posted on here is about having an idea of where you are at and just following your own body as it goes.Everything seems to be trial and error..see what works best for you.