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  • I’ll give it a try

    Day 1- Sunday
    Actually I started last night, I thought if I am resolute to start tomorrow, why not starting now. So for dinner I had roasted chicken with cauliflower (Moroccan style with pine nuts, raisins and butter) and three dates for desert.
    This morning I had 2 shots of espresso with ½ cup unsweetened almond milk, not hungry so did not have anything else.
    Lunch - small filet mignon with the leftovers from the Moroccan cauliflower and some fresh tomatoes with tiny slices of buffalo mozzarella and basil with one date for desert.
    Dinner – will see, haven’t decided yet.
    In the morning I went for a swim, not too much because i had to keep an eye on my 3 year old son playing on the stairs of the pool, but just enough to feel better.
    Oh and last night I did the PBF assessment and started to exercise
    Wall push up 2x40
    Chair assisted pullup (2 legs) 2x20
    Full squat 2x50
    Elevated Jack knife press 2x20
    Forearm/Feet plank 1x80 sec and 1x 70 sec
    I can’t believe how flimsy my arms are!

    Ok i did not have time to finish this or post for several days now. Busy, busy...
    Here it is the end of the day food log:
    PM snack ½ cup of almond milk with one espresso, some raw almonds and dried fruit
    Dinner was chicken livers sautéed with sweet Vidalia onions and some watermelon for desert.
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    Day 2 - Monday

    Day 2 - Monday
    As i said i did not have time to post here but i have been keeping notes...

    Woke up without an alarm clock this morning, an hour later than I had to. Not because I wanted to, but because my son put my alarm clock on mute! Major morning stress to get ready, get the little one ready and go to work. Of course I was late for work…

    Had ½ cup of almond milk with 2 shots of espresso at home.
    Hungry at 9:30 and had ate 2 eggs with bacon
    Late lunch - green salad with raisins, fresh strawberries, pecans, blue cheese, filet mignon slices and homemade raspberry vinaigrette
    Dinner – last filet mignon with salad of tomatoes and roasted peppers.
    I think I overindulged in dried fruit that evenings, we had company after dinner and we snaked on dried fruit…oh well.

    Forgot to say that I walked 5.6 miles that day (cumulative) without counting housework or walking around the office;
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      Day 3 – Tuesday

      Day 3 - Tuesday

      ½ cup of almond milk with 2 shots of espresso
      Breakfast /Lunch at 11-ish a cup of whole milk greek yogurt with 6 oz container of raspberries – mmmm so good
      In the afternoon I volunteered in an urban farm – one acre vegetable garden on the roof of a building, it was awesome!!!
      Check it out if you like Brooklyn Grange. Harvested sunflowers heads and cut the stems with big garden shears, than hulled the stems on a wheelbarrow to the compost. It was an afternoon of hard work under the sun, but I enjoyed it very much. On the train home I was so hungry and the only thing I had in my backpack was a 73% organic dark chocolate bar so I ate ¾ of it. Not great but better than buying a bagel from the train station.
      Dinner - two fried eggs sunny side up on a bed of slices of feta cheese, sprinkled with paprika and some melted butter
      I was wiped out and went to bed at 9;30, slept like a baby, not sure if my son even woke up during the night and called me, that’s how soundless I slept.

      Weighted myself Monday morning 142 ponds. Sunday morning I was 144.4, 2.4 pounds for one day is not normal and not sustainable, maybe my scale is not functioning properly.
      Tuesday morning back to 143.
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        Day 4 - Wednesday
        Breakfast ½ cup almond milk with 2 espresso shots with 1 tsp. of organic blue guava for sweetener. I always have that for sweetener but forget to add it here.
        Hungry at 10 –tuna salad with 1 can of tuna, 4 celery stalks, 2 Tbsp. organic mayo and salt an pepper.

        May be it is time for a little information about myself and since I have some time this morning...
        I am 36 year old female, 5’-5” 141.4 pounds as of today.
        I have discovered the bad effects of carbs by myself. Seven or eight years ago I decided to give up all animal products for lent. Not that I am very religious I just wanted to try and see if I can do it. So I did and for forty days I gained almost 10 pounds!!! , I ate all the time because I was constantly hungry.
        I had a second epiphany six years ago when going thru an emotionally tough time I made a promise to myself not to eat anything artificial sweets. So I removed all sugary stuff from my diet, gave up coca cola, ate very little bread that I made myself in a bread maker, ate sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes and very little rice. Due to the stress I was going thru I was not sleeping well, so I cut all coffee out of my routine and instead of taking the prescribed sleep pill I started taking a glass of red wine with my dinner.
        I felt amazing, I started running 6 miles a day and I had plenty of energy. I began to sleep well, even without the red wine at dinner, I was in my best shape ever. In six months I had lost 25-30 lb., had no cellulite, a major LGN factor
        People will ask me why did you stop? Many reasons or should I say excuses - moved to another city, started new job with longer commute, had an ACL replacement due to ski injury, had a baby etc. etc.
        Before I started reading PB book I thought that my success six years ago was more due to the vigorous training and the food choices helped a little, now I understand that it was the other way around.
        For the record I also want to mention that I had tried numerous times to do South beach diet, but the two weeks without fruit and the low fat food always made me fail. I hate low fat, I will rather not eat than eat something that is low fat, it just taste like cardboard or chalk (not that I have eaten chalk and cardboard, but my imagination tells me that how it must taste).


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          Dinner – sweet Italian sausage sautéed with sliced red bell peppers and onions and 5 figs for desert.
          Total walking for the day 4.8 miles


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            Day 5 – Thursday
            ½ cup almond unsweetened milk with 2 espresso shots and tsp. of organic blue agave sweetener
            10 AM – ½ cup of whole milk Greek yogurt + 8 strawberries
            2 PM lunch – salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and roasted red peppers with some wild Alaskan salmon
            5 PM Snack –dried fruit and some pistachios + ½ cup of coconut milk with Nescafe powder
            For diner I am thinking lamb meatballs Grok style with tomatoes and cucumbers salad.
            Total walking today 2.5 miles