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    So, tomorrow I go Primal (officially) and start the 30 Day Challenge.

    I've been reading around Mark's blog for the last couple of weeks, have read his book and the cook book just arrived in the post. I'm an old timer low carber, a recovering bulimic (2.5 years into recovery but with relapses from time to time) and over the years have partaked in chronic cardio (running).

    These days, my excercise is mainly walking with occasional runs and I'm pretty active with my kids but I don't ever lift heavy things (apart from my 3 year old and my 5 year old.) I used to, back in the day (pre kids) when I could afford a personal trainer, but these days I am kinda scared about doing it - like I don't know what the hell to do if I'm doing it on my own. I can't afford a trainer, and I can't afford the gym so my challenge is going to be figuring out what to do, at home, without any equipment... and then just getting on and doing it.

    Foodwise... I have a big food shop arriving today with lots of organic veg, meat, eggs. I have also sourced a local fruit and veg box delivery which I plan to set up this week. I feel OK about the food, and certainly primal is much easier than atkins induction ever was. I am shooting for carbs around 50 or less but won't be logging into fitday and will be doing this mainly by guesswork and also by only focusing on veg as my carb source (no fruit for these 30 days) and by limiting nuts and dairy.

    Not logging macronutrients (or weighing/measuring myself) is important to me as my recovery from my eating disorder has been contingent on dropping these behaviours which can become obsessive for me, whilst at the same time trying to eat in an intuitive way.

    I've done this (eat intiuitively ala Geeneen Roth) for the last year, but I gained weight in the process. Some of this was an inevitability given the years of restriction/bingeing/purging (my metabolism was so shot to pieces that I gained a pound a day over a period of a month) and some of it was because of the carbs and quantity of food I was eating when I went into recovery and dropped all the rules, as it were.

    I look back now and see it as an important stage in my recovery but as a result, I am now about 25 pounds more than I want to be. I want to get my weight down, but it is more than just weight, I want to have optimum health - not just for me but for my family as well. We grow our own veg so our kids are really into homegrown organic food and I have also been sneakily making changes to their diet, gradually easing off grains and sugars without them noticing too much.

    I plan to log each day.

    These are my goals:
    • organic/grass fed, where possible
    • limit dairy, nuts, dark choc, red wine to treats
    • no fruit
    • eat when hungry, stop when full
    • IF, after 3 weeks
    • 3 hours walking, 2 strength training, 1 sprint
    • sign up for local fruit/veg delivery and gress fed meat delivery
    • get inventive with cooking, using recipes from cookbook

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    Good luck

    Btw especially as you've had an eating disorder I personally would advise forgetting about planning IF'ing unless you really start to struggle to lose the weight and have already cut out the nuts, dairy and alcohol. If you only eat when you're hungry you'll probably find that you naturally don't eat for many hours anyway - I have my last food by 7.30pm as I never eat within 3hours of going to bed and generally don't have anything till 10am as that suits me - if I'm hungry I eat earlier but generally I'm not so technically that could count as IF'ing for 15 hours but I'd never describe myself as an IF believer as I'm totally against the idea of forcing yourself to wait to eat if you're hungry. The key point about this way of life is that you no longer need to obsess about food - counting hours till you can eat seems directly against that concept to me.
    1st June 11 to 30st Aug 11 - 36lb removed in 13 weeks
    Messed about on and off for the rest of the year

    June 2012 - Had the practice - now time to do it for real


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      That's really useful advice, Solldara, and makes a lot of sense. I think i'd been thinking of IF as more like the way you experience it rather than going a full 36 or 48 hours or anything as it could well be triggering for me to go too long without eating.

      Today is day 1. I'm in London so it's morning here, 6.30 am. It's blowy and windy and autumal outside. Not only is today day 1 of my 30 day challenge but it is also the end of school holidays and my daughters go back to school and nursery. I am relieved and excited - life is resuming normality and I get to claw back some time for myself. Plus, my school goes back tomorrow so I will be immersed in my training and therapy again, which I love.

      So, all things considered, the timing is perfect.

      I plan to do all the school runs on foot today... in spite of the wet, horrid weather. So that should be about an hour plus of walking but I'll tally it up at the end of the day.

      I also have my first free morning in weeks so am going to get my nails manicured.

      I'm going to use this journal to log my food, exercise, play and thoughts.

      BF: bowl of hot homemade chilli with organic beef and spinach (and no kidney beans). Yum.


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        Snack: boiled egg and mayo, thick slice of creamed coconut (the one sold in a block - tastes like fudge, yum)

        Walking (so far) = 25 mins

        Just downloaded lots of recipes from the free e-downloads so going to do some meal planning for the week.


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          Felt OK today so far, although low level hunger every couple of hours or so. I know to expect this. It's generally what happens when I lower my carbs and think it has something to do with my blood sugar levels. Anyway, I'm responding to the hunger with high fat foods and hopefully this will only last a day or two.


          1/2 avocado, ham, olives, tomatoes, celery, mayo, oil and vinegar
          creamed coconut
          piece dark choc (85%)

          It's been interesting actually tracking my walking and seeing that on a normal day, I do tend to walk a fair bit because I am not sitting in a 9-5 all day and because I am dropping the kids and picking them up from school. It's 3 pm now and I have effortlessly walked about 45 mins and I'm yet to pick my 5 year old up from school. This is all good.


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            Quick update.

            I have been walking like a trooper and yesterday walked about 2 hours over the course of the day, just by choosing to go on foot to places, rather than jumping in the car. The warm, slightly autumnal weather is helping. i wonder what it will be like in the winter?

            I also did my sprint, which was fine and such a joy to be done with it all in 15 mins (incl warm up). That means heavy lifting will be done on Fri and Sun and I have figured out what I'm doing now after reading the free e-book.

            Food is fine. The crazy hunger of the first 2 days has subsided. I haven't gone all out on no dairy - I have had the occasional bit of cream or cheese (mainly using up stuff in the fridge). I also had a glass of wine and a vodka on my girls night out last night which was fairly restrained.

            I've bought some good quality coconut oil and have signed up to a local farmers fruit and veg box delivery, plus, have just ordered a mixed grass fed meat box to be delivered to the house in the next 48 hours. I am now officially broke!

            I'm not logging all my food onto my blog but am making a note of it on my iphone. Mainly out of curiosity but also just to keep a light handle on my carbs as they can sneak up. I'm shooting for 30-50 and this is manageable.


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              It's funny how no one is commenting on my blog. I think I'm kind of inviting it by writing matter of fact updates, not putting up a pic, not naming the blog something interesting. This is deliberate. Over the years I have become a bit of an obsessive with forums - lowcarbfriends, normaleating, myhcgdiet. On each of these I've made lots of friends, blogged everyday, posted on people's threads. It took up too much of my time. Part of my recovery has been to make time for other things in my life not food or diet relate. I guess that is the play aspect of Mark's theory.

              So this blog remains as it is and I am not sucked into it and this is good.

              Yesterday was good but I felt overwhelmingly I need to go to bed exhausted at around 11.30 am and it lasted a couple of hours. V. much carb flu type of exhaustion but to be expected as this generally hits me on day 4 and I also had taken my carbs down to around 15 yesterday. No hunger though and I can't tell you how much of a relief that was.

              Just made a delish breakfast frittata with onion, garlic, red pepper, courgette, tomato, spinach from our garden, fresh chilli pepper, goats cheese (mix of hard and soft) and 5 eggs. It made a really decent amount so I have had half this morning and will have the rest at lunch or divide it up into snacks. Total of 12 carbs in the whole thing and very satisfying.

              I have also devised a weird choc sweet pudding type snack which has helped with the sugar cravings these last few days. It's 2 tsps of salted butter, melted, with 1 tsp of 85% dark cocoa powder (green and blacks), 1/2 tsp of xylitol and one egg yolk mixed in. The egg thickens it and it turns into a sloppy hot sweet and salty gloopy thing - a bit like the centre of choc pudding. It satisfies my sweet craving, is filling because of all the fat, and is about 3 carbs in total. I'm sure a piece of good quality dark choc would also work but i am not all that great at just having one piece, whereas this choc egg thing doesn't evoke cravings.

              OK. That's it. Want to keep things brief. Am walking my daughter to nursery shortly then doing the first of my lift heavy things work out when I get back. Will report back...


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                P.s. woke up after wonderful night's sleep feeling all fresh and well rested and lovely. YAY!


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                  Heavy lifting went well. took me a while to work out what level I should be working at but was such a relief to work out how to do the 5 simple excercises and to feel like I am doing them at a manageable pace.


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                    OK. So I weighed myself this morning and I am heavy. Heavier than I thought I was by about 3 or 4 pounds. I am currently 164 pounds and my goal is 135-140.

                    I've not weighed myself for months so I don't know what I was a week ago when i started the 30 day challenge but I decided, I need some indicators here. I am going to do some inch measurements too to record. Then I plan to track on a weekly basis. Without this 9and I know from previous experience), I can step on the scales in another month's time and be up 10 pounds. I am just not yet in a place where I can trust myself or my body to tell me when I've had enough (although that is my eventual goal.)

                    I want to record my food too and try and keep my calories a bit lower then they have been. Last week's goal was to curb the carb cravings and the hunger but in order to do so, I think my calories went a bit too high so I'm going to keep a little bit of an eye on them. Whilst I don't want to go all crash diety on this, I have a party in 2 weeks and I really want to feel a bit leaner for it.

                    Positive from first week:

                    Carbs reduced
                    organic/grass fed food eaten
                    local fruit/veg/paleo meats ordered
                    all exercise targets achieved

                    This week's goals
                    to knock out the nuts and dairy completely (I did not achieve it last week, although seriously reduced)
                    to keep carbs to 20-30
                    to keep cals to 1600-1800
                    to lift heavy things 2x, sprint, walk 3 hrs