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  • Primal Challenge Lord Giakoumis

    Hello guys,I decided to make a journal for my.....journal :P I have been trying to keep it 100% primal but I had many problems(damn you Christmas snacks)

    So instead of waiting for the new year,I said why not now?And thats how I am beginning it!I hope that I can find encouragement in your posts!From tomorrow starts my journey!

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    Merry Christmas guys ^^

    Lunch:Some beef pieces,remains from yesterdays restaurant visit!Also some mixed veggies.Handful hazelnuts,tablespoon tahini and some cocoa powder

    Dinner:6 eggs omelet cooked in butter.Handful of almonds,tablespoon tahini and some cocoa powder

    1 day primal 29 more to go!Tomorrow I will also do a workout!


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      Lunch:Chicken with salad,handful of almonds,tablespoon tahini and some cocoa powder


      Push ups 8

      Bridge push ups 8

      Negativa push ups(from Ido Portals workouts) 8

      Rest 45 sec

      Repeat 3 times

      Dinner:the same as lunch,with an extra handful of almonds,tablespoon tahini and some cocoa powder :P

      Wow dont know why but it seems that I am sleeping a lot more these days...Well I guess vacations must be like that

      Second day primal,and unfortunately super markets are close for some days thus I have limited resources :S Failing to plan is planning to fail......I have around 10 eggs,butter,some veggies and nuts but I dont know If they will last for the weekend.Mmmm me thinks its time for IF :P

      The workout was sissy but I had nothing else to do and I was bored.Tomorrow I will try to do it first thing in the morning so as not to feel lazy later :P

      28 more days!


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        Deadlift x 6

        Hang Clean x 6

        Front Squat x 6

        Hang Snatch x 6

        Overhead Squat x 6

        Front Press x 6

        Bentover Row x 6

        Romanian Deadlift x 6

        Rest 1 minute.Repeat one more time

        I used a barbell,15 kg

        Post workout lunch:

        Green apple,5 poached eggs with cinnamon on the whites and sea salt on the yolks.Handful of almonds

        Snack:2 green apples with honey and cinnamon

        Dinner:Chicken,beef(around 200 g in total) with a lot of lettuce

        The workout was taken from a recent article and thought that I should give it a try.The writer proposed to start with 22 kg or something like that but I thought that it might be a little bit too much.When I finished the set I was somewhat disappointed so I decided to do one more round.I was satisfied Next time 20 kg!

        OK dietary like,today I was challenged...The post workout lunch was not enough and I got a craving for some sweets that we have in our house...It seems that these kind of workouts really trigger hunger....I was able to fight it with apples and high quality honey!Yay!The cinnamon and salt idea on the eggs was really nice!!!I will do it more often!I will also try more spices,who knows...

        I am going out with some friends for a drink..I will try to keep it simple,drink a beer and snack(if I am really hungry)on some cheese or nuts...There might be some interesting people there so I would really like it if I could strike up a conversation instead of eating like I was in starvation mode...

        27 more days to go!On a side note,it seems that my house only lacks nuts and veggies...I have eggs,sardines and salmon so I will be able to stay alive for tomorrow as well and avoid binge eating...If I feel ok I will also do some tabata squats and a snatch protocol that I found!


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          OK,after 3 hours only of sleep I find myself having a small pain in my heart and a GIGANTIC desire to eat any sweet on sight....Yesterday I kept it really good.2 beers,cheese,some nuts and sausages(although I dont know the carb content).I really hope that I can find the courage to say NO to the crappy food.I keep reminding myself that this is not an actual need but simply signs my sleep deprived body sends....


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            And yes "failing to plan is planning to fail"....I ate some sweets and grains and I am not proud...The thing is that I did not eat to a point that I would feel like I was dying.So anyway today I am gonna go and get as much meat,fruits,veggies I can so that I will be prepared!