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Lexxy V's Primal B Diary ( Lexxy's Journal)

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  • Lexxy V's Primal B Diary ( Lexxy's Journal)

    The beginning of my journey was a long and slow one. My motivator was a friend of mine who proudly posted her before and after photos on facebook. I began my journey with paleo books and primal cooking blogs. I had started to make the switch from my previous diet to a primal when we had to PCS ( move) from Hawaii to Georgia- a long road trip ahead I had no idea how to prepare diet wise- Unfortunately during my travels I managed to gain more weight than I had expected.. this is the part that makes my journey long and slow.

    Without my kitchen, without home I really felt lost. I tried my best to eat healthy while we drove our car from Los Angeles CA to Savannah GA... but in all honesty- healthy was beyond what we ate- and to top it off we have a miata! Picture this husband, cat, me and a few belongings in a miata- cramped! All in all I was also disappointed with the whole trip when it came to food...

    I will admit I wasn't follow the primal like I should, and as they say old habits die hard.... I had some habits in need of fixing.. We moved - settled in- and finally I took the initiative to get back and grok on! I have done fairly well with the primal diet enjoying the meals- I even started a blog where I post the recipes I have tried out or create on my own.

    While I have done well with the diet I still lack in the activity department- I know I need to get up and moving more but in my defense I am writing a novel, going to school ( online classes-), and sit to draw, paint, etc etc! Okay it isn't an excuse, part of me likes to think so. I do have my bouts of exercise like doing pilates, yoga or walking. I just think I need to do more! I need my exercise level to match my consistency I have with the diet.

    I do have a recent progress report on my Tumblr
    Progress | Life & Times of V

    I was around 218 and now weigh 208- my weight isn't my biggest concern- the goal is to feel better on daily basis both physically and mentally. I want to feel great in my own skin, and I want to be healthy and I believe this can be done with the Primal Blueprint.

    over and out


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    I am irresistibly drawn to your name. Those double xx's...I'm so jealous.

    Grok on!

    height: 5' 10 1/2"
    2/20/11: 210
    9/19/11: 185.5
    goal: #170

    "Decide what to be, and go be it."


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      Welcome Lexx. You don't have to jump into an exercise program. But you do need to get up and move around some once an hour.
      Ancestral Health Info

      I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

      Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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        thanks for replies and advice working on the moving around every hour... I am going to get going on this 30 day challenge with fitness in mind.. I am reposting what I wrote on my blogger today..

        Today is the beginning of the Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge!!!!!!!!! I am filled with excitement!!!
        My goal for the next thirty days is to implement Primal Fitness. I have done well with the diet ( as we can all see from my previous recipe posts I am a crazed primal cook on a blog!hahaha!) The PB weekly schedule I am going to implement goes like this:

        Sprint- once a wk an all out sprint
        Move slowly/play/ rest
        Lift heavy things ( or wow)
        Move slowly/ play/rest
        Move slowly/play/rest
        Life heavy things ( or wow)
        Move slowly/ play/rest

        There is of course more to this schedule,but the best way to learn more about primal fitness is from the man himself! Mark Sisson- while visiting his website sign up for his newsletter and then download the pdf e book for Primal Fitness. I will be logging my progress on a daily basis as the challenge continues. I am hoping to see more weight loss this time- usually weight is the least of my worries but I wouldn't mind losing more.

        Also keep an eye out for primal recipes throughout the week! I will be a posting! For those of you who decide to do the challenge I wish you luck and success!

        ~Lexxy V~

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          My blogger :
          ~Lexxy Vorpahl~

          I mostly post my primal cooking but I do have random posts here and there on other things

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            The day is coming to a close.... my goal today was to clear everything in order to be completely prepared for the 30 day challenge. I began by cleaning my house- a deep clean, a much needed clean. I moved furniture to vacuum underneath, I dusted and polished, reorganized and cleaned. And damn does it feel good, it took a few hours, but I was up and moving with little to no back pain while I was cleaning this is a feat for me! :::Warning:::: womanly issues are about to be brought up.

            I have endometriosis, it is that "time of the month" and I suffer from sever fatigue, crippling cramps, and heavy bleeding. For the past year I have been at wits end with this condition. I have tried acupuncture, herbal remedies, and birth control.. sadly birth control is the only real thing to help with my pain, but I tend to have adverse affects from the birth control. Affects that are not worth the trouble of taking a damn pill. So I have stopped all medical intervention.

            Since I began doing the primal diet and keeping it strict ( so to speak) I have noticed that while I still have some of my usuals during my cycle they are lessening! It has to be the diet! Most of the time I can only move around for about 30 mins before hurting so badly I have to lie down. Today was that feat because I was able to keep constant activity without losing my energy or doubling over in pain!!!

            Oh! I might make mention quickly why I thought it was necessary to clean the house like mad for this challenge, throughout my life my grandma always told me that a house was an extension of a person and that a house's condition often represents the condition of the person. I believe this to be true. I wanted a fresh start for this challenge both within and without.

            I wanted to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically which included my "extension". I want my surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing and balanced so I can continue to keep the balance within. I may sound crazy to some. Maybe I don't either way I am glad I started off with a big clean to make room for this challenge.

            for those of you who are taking on the challenge as well good luck I wish you all success!


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              This is me- weight- 208 pounds
              so far I have lost ten pounds.

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                Hey Lexxy!

                Welcome to the 30 day challenge too Your grandma was right. A psychologist friend of mine insists that her house is a metaphor for her life and therefore keeps it “clean and tidy with everything in order and in its rightful place”. It is for this same reason that I sometimes let my apartment get dirty

                Good luck with the challenge.



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                  Lol! Letting it get dirty is a good thing I think- I get the house messy on a daily basis by pulling out all my art supplies... it's a good messy if you ask me.

                  Thank you

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                    Day 2 of the challenge:

                    I stuck to my goal today!!! I did a 30 min workout I originally aimed for only ten minutes but I pushed myself just a bit further.I have a hard time moving around so I did a low impact workout and worked on some arm, back and shoulder exercises. I cannot do push ups! I had to do wall push ups I guess this is better than not doing it at all I did try an exercise on the ground but my right hand had the dreaded nerve twinge as I tried to balance myself. I may have to wear my brace! ( damn carpal tunnel- I blame this on hairdressing- the career can take a toll on the hands that is for sure)

                    I moved rather slowly during my workout but I definitely feel better now that I did the workout. I woke up this morning with extreme fatigue ( my daily battle) but I told myself I had to do this! That even though I felt awful I could do it and would feel better afterward.

                    I noticed people were posting what they ate so today I thought I might do the same ( even though my main goal is fitness)

                    as always I only eat primal:

                    I didn't eat breakfast :/ I wasn't really hungry I never force myself to eat If I am not hungry I drink water or some herbal tea.

                    I had a nice lunch of chicken salad- blueberries, onions, shredded carrots, and scallions served over fresh kale greens. It was delicious for dinner I am thinking a hard boiled egg with some veggies and meat.

                    Until dinner arrives I am going to juice a grapefruit or two and drink it with some crushed mint leaves. My stomach is always more sensitive when I am menstruating, I hate this issue. Hopefully as I progress further in my goal to achieve a healthy weight it will diminish or go away.

                    Tomorrow I am hoping to workout with the husband- he is working late tonight so I will lonely- maybe I can squeeze in more activity- I could practice my belly dancing waist and ab movements.....

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                      Good job on your workout today, Lexxy! I'm glad it made you feel better


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                        The key is just to move, wall pushups are a great alternative! You are on track, good luck


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                          thank ya - it was nice to get up and moving more working those muscles lol!

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                            Day Three:

                            Today was shopping day stocked the fridge for primal meals. I plan on having these meals sometime this next week:

                            Bacon Broccoli Salad
                            Fish tacos
                            Berry crumble
                            Greek Salad with lamb

                            All the recipes are from the Primal Blueprint cookbook and Quick and Easy meals. My favorite cookbooks ( wait my only coobooks lol) I didn't do a workout today but I did manage to keep myself moving by running errands and shopping, we go to a few places to get the necessaries ( it is hard to find a good selection of organic anywhere- I mostly get veggies and fruits organic or not- the meat is where I get picky)

                            tomorrow I plan on doing another short 30 min workout and then a mini ten minute one while in the midst of doing my module 2 for beginning Italian.

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                              Today I cheated we went to Bone Fish Grill ( yummy) for our one month outing for dinner ( we still practice primal eating as best we can when out) and then we ( hubby and me) walked around the mall for 3 hours. I want to say sadly that was my activity for today but it is more than I usually get within a days time. I made a huge pot of primal jambalaya yesterday. I measured myself today.

                              bust: 43in
                              waist: 38in
                              hips: 52in

                              I figured those were the usual and most important. I am wondering what the inches will be once I lose the 70 pounds I am aiming for. That is all- mind is blank...

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