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Fresh Start Sept 8th 2011

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  • Fresh Start Sept 8th 2011

    I have been Primal now for almost 2 years, and gone back and forth.. simply out of either being unprepared, wanting to "fit in" , and also letting emotions get to me. Fact is, when I eat PB style, and adhear to it consistently, I dont even want other foods, and I lean out easily and feel great.

    So when I saw the Sept12 primal challenge coming up, I knew it's time for me to get back where I WANT to be with my life and health. I run a dental lab on my own, am raising an amazing kid, and have so many fun things I want to do.. next weekend I will be finishing up training to be a certified scuba diver!! So many things to be happy about and grateful for.... and it just feels right to go into this upcoming challenge with a completely new mindset.

    I want to have more FUN! Doing the PB challenge WILL be fun and not only that, it will really get me locked into what works best for me. I need all the energy I can get! I love life and want to be able to enjoy it full ot for a very long time

    Keeping a journal here will keep the fun going, keep me focused and be a great tool! Can't wait to get in on all the contests! Just ordered Primal fuel and Mater damage formula to get even better results over next 30+ days.

    Have the Workouts nailed already... I cross fit 3x a week. .but have not been doing much " move steady at a slow pace" and I miss my morning walk/ run. Have vibrams 5 fingers on the way in the mail and am looking forward to moving more throughout my day.

    I know the first week will sorta suck, but once that first week is done, it only gets better. Luckily I am one of the fortunate few who's body is just raring to get to burning fat and the transition goes quick for me. in fact, instead of waiting for monday, I am starting right now! By getting my butt to bed and getting a good nights sleep! LOL

    More to come

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    Closed out my tab at organic coffee shop down the street for the next month My biggest " mindless" eating hang up.. coffe shop once or twice a week when I dont sleep and every now and then cinnamon scone! Yikes! Tears me up too.. nice that next thirty days no tummy twisters. and, if all goes like I want it to .... will have kicked my grain slips permanently! woohooo

    Tonight I am cleaning out my cupboards and this weekend my modified version of a cleanse. coconut milk and whey smoothie with greens powder 3x a day and a LOT of water with lemon. No caffeine or solid anything. Works great for me and I don't have muscle lethargy over it. Once my Primal challenge is well under way and body has swithed into cave man fat burning gear, I'm pulling out the I.F. ..muuaaahhaahaahaaaa.

    Underlying Goal here.. spent 36 years fighting weight, doing everything in a half hazard manner and my 37th birthday is coming up on October 18th... my present to myself... a healthy happy body full of energy and the lasting change to make my 37th year my best Best part.. I no longer feel like it's a fight. It's a natural step toward what I want and I have this great sense of certainty that I can do this and really have fun and enjoy it.

    Bonus, tomorrow at Crossfit there is a lecturer on BIosignature... totally follows PB and uses science as well.. being a tech, and lover of biology and kenesiology in general.. this is gonna be fun!


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      SO starting my primal intention is to get myself into consistent primal lifestyle, have fun at it, and lean out by 15lbs over the next 30 days.

      I have purchased primal fuel and master damage control formula to support myself best over next 30 days.

      Things that are my biggest challenge are social eating situations. Also being all or nothing in the past.

      I am breaking this down into one week at a time.

      This week...goals are
      1. eat every meal from home, or prepared at home and taken along.
      2. drink more water
      3. check in every day with MDA.
      4. Show up consciously everyday, be deliberate about everything I do. ( in past I n otice when I start working too much allow stress to drive my emotions, I go on auto pilot and that is when, if I am going to eat something "poinsonous", I eat without even tasting or thinking. So instead of fcusing on avoiding things, I want to focus on being present, and asking myself a simple question... will this food make me more or less?)

      Here we go....