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  • Along came a spider

    Hello fellow grok's and grok's to be.
    Oh and fellow grok's in training, how did i forget about that considering i am a grok in training.

    First i would like to divert you quickly to my introduction thread which explains just a little bit about myself. If that doesn't interest you feel free to just skip over the link. Meet the Spider.

    Now onto the main course. I've been abit on the heavy side since i was a child. Always being picked on for being 'the fat one in class.' The one who always failed at sports and blah blah blah.

    Thats in the past now though so i see no reason to dwell on it any longer. Instead I plan to share my future with you through pictures and graphs and words and numbers. Yes all this i'm going to share with you along with my thoughts on certain topics that both interest and annoy me.

    At the moment i'm 196 pounds with a BMI of 27.34 which means i'm considered overweight. It's not wrong though by looking at my spare tire i can see that i'm abit overweight. Until my trip to the doctors though i can't find out what my body fat percentage is.

    I should also mention that i have asthma which might impose on my excercise regime alittle bit but i've stumbled on a page that might help me cure my asthma. Hopefully. If you'd like to take a look here's a link.

    Right now thats out of the way following is a picture of me a few days ago so you guys can see my starting point. Along with a graph or two from the fitday program. Amazing utility by the way!

    Here we go! This is me a few days ago. As you can see i have abit of a spare tire.

    Below is a few graphs from fitday showing roughly my daily average calorie intake along with my nutritional intake. My calorie's burnt might be alittle low currently as i haven't really started excercising yet. I will soon though i promise

    Anyway guys this brings this post to a close, hope you enjoyed the read and i'm looking forward to any comments, words of wisdom or encouragement that you guys have.

    Y'all take care now.

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    You look almost exactly the way I did when I started. Same weight, too, at 5'9". It won't take long to develop and define some muscle. Just stick with the Primal Fitness and you're golden. If you physically respond the way I did, that is. I'm now 170 and very strong. I climb ropes with just my arms and actually have pecs and abs, which I thought was impossible.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Well thats rather motivating. Thank you!

      Gunna be jumping in completely with two feet forward in three days!
      Can't wait for the 30 days health challenge!


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        Well for three days after my first post i skimped on my diet and excercise completely!
        As usual life came up and left me without a penny. So in light of that i survived on a bunch of crap.
        Including things such as, cheap bread, cheap processed meats and very cheap British salt and vinegar crisps.

        So all in all from the nineth till the twelve my diet was terrible. Then a miracle happened, i finally got paid and didn't have to spend it all on bills.
        So i picked myself up alot of frozen fruits and even more vegetables. Now i need my daily rations of meat and to quit smoking. The smoking is hopefully going tomorrow though.

        So hurrah for that little hopeful victory!

        Tomorrow i'll be posting what i ate along with the huge amounts of exercise i'm going to do.

        So until tomorrow i bid you all a goodnight.


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          Well today has had it's ups and downs. Overall though it has been quite a good day.

          I wasn't really that hungry atall today so i just snacked on vegetables when i was hungry.
          Raw sprouts are lovely by the way.

          Whilst i was out walking i found quite an old tree which had branches that were just right for pull-ups so i knocked out a few of them. Along with those i also managed to do my first few sprints.
          Bloomin hell they are hard work! haha.

          Well thats all for today folks!
          Sorry about the short post!