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    I'm starting this journal for no other reason than to have something for me to reference. I don't know how often I will update or even what the hell I'm gonna talk about. I started on the Primal wagon May 2011. I just jumped in and eliminated bread, grains, legumes, processed foods and the normal ice cream, cakes and cookies. I killed it for a few weeks. Lost weight, felt good, slept better than ever, pains went away, bloating disappeared. People noticed a change in me almost right away. At this time I wasn't working out. After about 2 months of being this die hard primal I started to be a little lax about it. See I know I have trigger foods. Warm bread with butter, not so good. Chips...i try to stay away. It seemed like instead of going for my normal cravings (bread or salty chips) i was going for sweets like ice cream and chocolate. I never was a big fan of that stuff and now I was always having to end a meal with a fun size twix bar. Still though, these "slips" weren't all the time and I did equate a lot of the food choices to stress. Now it's Sept and I feel like I should be a lot further in my primal journey than I am. I have no one to blame but myself but I guess I am trying to find out why. Why eating Paleo (and enjoying every minute of it) was not enough for me. I haven't gone totally off but instead of my 90/10 I was living by its more like 60/40. It's hard being around people that are skinny and "healthy" looking and watching them mow down a hamburger with a bun or cereal and here I am trying to explain why I don't eat that way and how I feel and yadda yadda bc really all they see is still a chubby girl. Primal living did get me below 200lbs for the first time in 3 years. I never in my life had a weight problem until...well I had a weight problem. I was a personal trainer for years, had a muscular body and then crappy diet led to 250lbs. So why is it that I can actually see results with something, be happy with the food and lifestyle and still feel the need to cheat? I know I'm probably not eating enough fats and certain things I just can't get down but for the most part I'm doing things the primal way. This is just my rant.

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    Today is going alright. Still trying to get the energy levels up to start working out again.
    B: 3 hard boiled eggs, small banana (this isnt my normal bfast but i had a craving for sugar)
    espresso with cream
    L: BAS with avacado, chicken breast, half sweet potato
    D: hamburgers on lettuce with fried egg

    i know this isnt perfect paleo and i switch it up sometimes. normally i eat cooked eggs daily. i think i need more fat and since starting up again i find myself hungry more. last time when i did primal i wasnt hungry first thing in the morning so i would wait to eat till lunchtime. im trying to get back to that bc thats when i felt good. im going to the farmers market this weekend to hopefully get some fresh seafood and some grass fed beef. still trying to get past the taste difference and price difference.


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      this weekend was filled with ups and downs. im still fighting a sweet craving that i cant seem to shake. my goal this week is to remain active. while i am busy with work and a social life, im not as active as i once was. i am starting to notice how food reacts with my body again. bread is no good, sugar makes me feel horrible. im planning on getting back to my old habits of 90/10 paleo. my wedding reception is this friday night and i know i will go off course for a few bites (lobster mac and cheese and cake) but as long as i make that my 10 percent ill be happy. so fresh start of the week. ready to get back into the game.
      B: espresso, little half and half
      L: BAS with chicken
      D: fish, steamed veg, possible small sweet pot