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    Hi all!

    Ive been skirting around primal for a while now and have finally decided to make the full plunge and commit to it. I have managed to ween myself of most grains etc but there are still a few naughty habits that I need to kick. (but actually I have been amazed how quickly you stop craving the stuff when you understand how well you feel when you cut it out!)
    I suffered from overeating after a period of being severely underweight (due to an extremely nasty stomach problem) which I recovered from by following 'intuative eating' (eating whatever you want when you are hungry) but I believe that you only crave the things you eat and since I have started actively eating less junk I am craving more and more primal foods and less and less grains/sugars etc. I react very badly to gluten and sugar and as I get on SO much better without them (dont we all!?) I hope to use this as my inspiration for keeping my determination!

    Im about to start with a trainer on a very intense program to drop some fat and gain some serious muscle so they should help keep me accountable during that initial transition period.

    I live with a LOT of sugary/carby/grainy/processed foods around and although they dont have much pull on me it is easy to switch off sometimes and 'accidentally' eat something I didnt plan on so am looking forward to getting down to keeping it 100% primal

    Tomorrow is the first day of 100% primal and am looking forward to feeling a lot happier and healthier!

    I am 5'6, currently about 148 pounds clothes size 10 on top, 12 on the bottom and body fat % I will know in a few days.

    Roll on better health!

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    Hi PrimalNomNom

    Good for you on the cravings - I've found sugar really difficult lately and envy your ability to have "bad food" around and not crave it!

    I've found my journal really helps with motivation so I hope yours does too

    Sugar is my nicotine...


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      Thanks for the support Kaoticturtle! I wish I could say having the sugary naughties is a choice but sadly I just live with people who are bit obsessed with the stuff! (my main weakness is actually milk/milky coffee so removing that from my diet when there is so much around is going to be a challenge!)

      Today started interestingly, woke up with horrendous nausea (boo!) and was worried about what to make for my lunch as Im going on a bit of a marathon hike so ended up making stuff that would be both breakfast and 'lunch'...

      Breakfast- Roasted broccoli with 2 boiled eggs and a spoonful of coconut oil for hike fuel

      and post hike meal will be left over roasted broc with some eggs (again)

      Struggled with the milk in the fridge but managed to close the door again. Milk will be my hardest challenge no doubt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff but Im going to cut it out at least for these next 30 days... I love it so much BECAUSE its such an insulin trigger for me.. hence why I prefer skimmed milk to full fat.

      So far, so good, roll on better health!


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        Ok, so, dealing with nausea today which has been a bit rubbish and haven't really felt like eating

        Breakfast:- 2 Boiled eggs, baked broccoli and a spoonful of coconut oil

        Lunch- Boiled egg and apple (not really a fan of fruit as it tends to spike me a bit but was feeling a bit depleted after walking)

        Snacks- 100% chocolate, spoonful coconut oil

        Slip ups- small square of normal chocolate (and not really sure why I had it to be honest)

        Exercise- Walked 11 miles (whoop!)

        So all in all, not much meat compared to usual, but feeling a bit crappy today so guessing tomorrow will be better!
        No real struggle although I reaaalllly wanted a milky coffee when I saw a starbucks after my hike but managed to avoid (this is definitely going to be my biggest challenge!)

        Roll on better health!


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          wheres the meet ? other than the eggs ..

          ps - buy some 85% black and greens chocolate .. 1 square can be divided in 2 .. my wife loves it and its lower sugar by far
          started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

          my journal -