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Help! Steps in a new direction- Katy's Primal Journey

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  • Help! Steps in a new direction- Katy's Primal Journey

    Well hi there! I have been frequenting the forums lately as a means of motivation for my new primal lifestyle. I have seen several people with journals and thought this may be a great way to keep myself motivated. So here goes!

    A little about myself...

    I am a 25 year old female, originally from Savannah GA, but have lived in NC for the last decade. I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend and nurse. I consider myself a lucky girl. Assisting new lives into the world is a beautiful experience that I get paid to do. Labor and Delivery is my passion. I have a wonderful, supportive boyfriend who introduced me to the PB way of life and has patiently waited for me to get on board. I have a huge, amazing, loud, Irish-Catholic family. Together we laugh, love, drink and eat. This is where the problems began. Most every happy memory I have as a child was surrounded by food, and family shoveling said food onto my plate. That is one of the main ways that my family shows love, through food and drink (I am in no way blaming my current condition on my family, just giving a little insight into my life). Likewise, every sad event was mended with food and drink. This led me to be the emotional eater that I am. Now that I have come to the realization that I am an emotional eater, I can recognize and correct my actions most of the time.

    I am obese. It really takes a lot for my to type that out for the public to see. In the past I preferred to ignore it, sort of an ignorance is bliss situation. I knew it but I didn't want to talk about it, or much less confess to it. I was fine the way I was... happy with being me. (right) I don't really know my exact weight, just an estimate, and I don't want to know right now. I know that sounds somewhat ignorant, but alas, I know myself better than you! I get overwhelmed when I think about number... the actual amount of weight I have to lose is daunting to ponder, so for now I choose not to. For now I choose to do something about it. I choose to change my life.

    This is where I need help. My family doesn't understand this lifestyle change. They are skeptical and for this reason I don't feel like I will get the support I need. My boyfriend is amazing, and is really doing a lot to support me. He lost a significant amount of weight (50 #s) two years ago following CW, has fluctuated a little, but has really buckled down with me again. He found PB last summer and introduced me then. I wasn't in the right place mentally. Now though, now I am ready.

    I feel like this journal will keep me accountable. Keep me honest. I have been roughly 80% primal. I had some reservations about easing in vs. jumping in. I did a modified ease/jump! I just finished my last gallon of whole milk from the local dairy. From now on I am going to limit my dairy to small amounts of cream in my coffee and minimal cheese. Lucky for us we can afford to buy organic/local/grass fed, with a dual income and no children. We do out best to be 100% clean and whole.

    As far as exercise is concerned for my birthday a few weeks ago I bought myself a very nice bicycle. I ride it a few mile every other day. I am very busy at work with constant walking/running/standing at work. Heavy lifting patients with epidurals and what not! The other day in the garage I did modified box jumps (on my steps), BW squats, and a few sprints. I just worry about the amount of rest I get. I was just switched to night shift and my sleep schedule is a mess! I am sure it will works itself out in time.

    Sorry this got so lengthy. I feel like I am being very honest with myself by just "letting it all hang out" here. Any and all support is much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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    I will also be posting my menus, exercises and other efforts to remain primal! I'll start with what I ate yesterday.
    Breakfast (1030ish) - Small piece of steak and three scrambled eggs with onions.
    Snack (200ish) - Two small chunks of hoop cheese, two tablespoons of cashew butter, two rounds of applegate farms pepperoni
    Dinner (830ish)- Lemony garlic baked chicken, braised kale with onion & garlic, and sauteed cabbage in bacon grease with garlic & onion- yum!!
    After dinner naughty-ness- two squares of dark chocolate and one tablespoon of cashew butter melter together which I dipped a banana and six strawberries in. OMG! This will most definitely have to be an occasional treat!

    Tomorrow, or today I should say, I am driving to Raleigh to purchase some Vibram five fingers. I am excited about this! Hopefully I will fall asleep sometime... this night shift schedule has really got me effed up! Bleh.
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      Yesterday was a great day! I fell asleep for a few hours yesterday morning (finally)! I got up and went to Raleigh to REI to go five finger shopping! I tried on several pair and ended up getting the Treksports. While I was there I even talked another lady into trying them on. She was trying on running shoes but ended up trying on Treksports as well.

      Before I left for Raleigh I had a slice of primal pizza with onion, cramini mushroom, garlic, pepperoni and fresh organic mozzarella! Yum!
      Lunch: Lettuce chicken wraps with avacado, fresh salsa and cilantro. It was my first time at The Cheesecake factory, so I got a slice of cheesecake. I was only able to eat about five bites because it was so sweet! Instead of taking the rest home I walked away from it! I was proud. I was getting so sleepy on the drive home though. Serious sugar crash! It was scary!
      Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs with sauteed squash and zucchini.
      Due to the lack of sleep from the previous night, I fell asleep shortly after dinner.

      I have also decided that blogs are better with pictures, so here is one of my knew kicks! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!
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        This morning I was up bright and early, I slept so hard last night! This switch to night shift is really throwing me for a loop. I made a yummy breakfast this morning before he went to work! I was feeling so refreshed I hopped right up and started cooking.

        He actually made up the recipe when he was hungry and bored so I stole it this morning. He is doing a strict paleo autoimmune diet to try and naturally treat his psoriasis, so this is one of the things he can eat!

        Fresh organic spinach with a sort of "dressing" made of: bacon, cramini mushrooms, shallots, cracked pepper, 2 tablespoons each of whole grain dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. You dice up the bacon, cook it and the craminis and then pull it out and throw in the shallots and then the rest of the ingredients. Dump over the bowl of raw spinach and sprinkle on the bacon! Mix well and enjoy! I had a cup of coffee with a little bit of heavy cream! Yummy! Here is a little picture so you can see!

        I am going to take a nap, go to the farmer's market and then get ready for another night a birthin' some babies!
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          testing my signature!
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            Hi Katy! Congrats on your progress, your meals sound delicious. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my signature working...

            Are you planning on starting the challenge in a few days?


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              Thanks! I had to keep playing with the profile edit options to get it working... I am not really a computer person.

              I am pretty sure I am going to be doing the challenge. I just need to make sure I know the rules I need to follow! What about you?
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                Great stuff Katy! I'm shocked no one in Fay. had vibrams! You'd think with all the military, etc they'd have some huh? I've got to jump back on the exercise bandwagon, I have taken a year off and have packed on 30+lbs :/ small steps!
                Have high hopes that journaling can keep me on track: If you are on twitter hit me up so we can keep each other motivated:


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                  It sounds like you have a good start and excellent surroundings to keep you on track. Best of luck to you!

                  I, on the other hand am surrounded by the anti-paleo. My wife and kids just don't give two flips about eating like me. They are still shoveling chips and cookies and soda and candy down their gullets without a care in the world. I'm okay, though. If I had to gage my performance over the last year and a half, I would say I'm averaging around 90% paleo (it would have been higher except I've reaquired a fondness for dark beer.)

                  I'll be in your neck of the woods this Saturday for a pistol match. I wonder how close Huske Hardware House is to Wagram?

                  Edit: Just checked that out. HHH is 40 minutes away from where we're shooting and in the opposite direction from home. Dang!
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                    Hi there! Good luck! I, too, am sorrounded by non-primal eaters excepting my DD (who only eats like me because she is 1-she eats like my DH when he's around and like a cross between us when we're both with her). So I feel your pain. I'm working on simply not having those foods that are on the table and are CW or SAD when I'm with the rest of my family. I'm also an emotional eater and have been finding it helpful to go to counseling to work through the why's of it. Plus having a journal will be awesome because of the unexpected support.

                    Love the pictures btw. Always fun to do. And as per the night shift? It'll always be a bit hard because it is against your natural rythms but it will get easier. Invest in some good light blocking curtains (not necessarily black out but light blocking). It'll help your quality of sleep. That's what I found when I had to do rotating shifts at the casino. If you must then go for some coffee. At the time I did rotating shifts I was addicted to Monster and had to drink 2-3 a night shift and pray I still made it home the 30-40 minute drive home.

                    All in all, good luck! You sound like you can do it and have been for sometime! And a quick question-are those Vibrams low on the ankle? I've been trying to figure out which ones would be without actually going to try some on (I'd want them too much and can't afford em yet!).
                    My Journal:

                    9/6/11: 390.1lbs

                    5/22/12: 339.4lbs

                    Goal: 175lbs


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                      kcult- Wagram, as you already know, is about 45 minutes from me. HHH does have pretty good beer! They got a new brewmaster last year and really stepped things up. Good luck in your pistol match! I have only shot a pistol once with my brother, he is a police officer. He told me that I wasn't allowed to come back because I am too good of a shot?! I am scared of guns anyways. Silly I know, but its true.

                      I am sorry that you don't have more support with your lifestyle. I am lucky to have him to do this with me. I just wish I would have done it with him last summer and learned more about it then. The only problem we have is that we need to cook more. When I run out of food to take to work its a problem. There is NOTHING that I can eat from the hospital cafeteria at night. The only thing open at night is the grill. The only issue with that is that there is nothing grilled from the grill. Only fried food. There is no salad bar, no fruit, only the grill, chips, ice cream, or bust. I guess they are securing their future by feeding their staff and guests that diet. Sickening. I can't always IF though. When i come home I get a shower and go directly to bed, I wake up, eat something, get ready and go to work. That puts me eating once in 24 hours which I can't do. I am still so fresh into this that when I get t that hungry I will eat anything. Never mind how much work i have done to stay healthy and primal, i just need to eat, and that is where I mess up. I think if we just work on cooking more we will both do better!
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                        Metalsporks- Thanks for suggestions and support! I found some fabulous light blocking curtains from target and retreat to my cave every morning. I just hate when i wake up and see that its 1200 and I don't know if its 1200 am or pm. Ugh! SO weird. This week I have been more affected by my night shifts. I hate always feeling tire, when I am waking up and ready to go do something he is winding down from work! Sometimes we don't see each other for a day or two. Just getting sick of it! I feel like I am backwards from the rest of the world! Plus when I am always tired I have a harder time exercising. Oh well, I will get over it though.

                        The vibrams are low on the ankle, which made me skeptical at first. I have very weak ankles and turn them all the time, so I was worried about injuring myself. That being said, the only time I ever turn my ankle is when I am wearing shoes (tennis shoes, boots, heels, any shoes). I am anxious to see how I do wearing my vibrams. I bought them from REI because they have the guarantee that if you hate them you can bring them back. Hopefully I will like them though! I haven't been wearing them the past two days because of work. I will wear them to the farmers market tomorrow and hopefully still like them.
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                          Side note- Excited that my journal is now 2 pages! yay!
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                            I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Hi, my name is Katy and I am an emotional eater. I am in recovery, but yesterday at work i had a slip. I am already back on track, but I am fighting off my feelings of disappointment and self-doubt.

                            I had a patient that came in and the baby had no heart beat. She was alone, distraught, broken. Anyone would be. It was a very emotional night. I cannot imagine going through that loss, that heart-wrenching, deep and empty loss. As a nurse you are used to helping your patients, making them feel better, giving your knowledge and advice. What do you say to someone when they have a baby inside of them that no longer has a beating heart. I cried for her, I cried with her and I have been thinking about her ever since.

                            I ate like shit last night because I felt like shit last night. I also had no food to bring with me for lunch. I was already set up for failure because I had to eat from the hospital cafeteria which sells nothing but crap, as mentioned in a previous post. But even after work, I stayed late to catch up on some paperwork for my yearly evaluation and on the way home I stopped and got a chik-fil-a sandwich and a large lemonade. After eating it I felt guilty. While I was eating it was almost like I was tasting the guilt. It didn't even taste the same. At that point it has been a while since I has eaten so I ate it anyways. Like I said, I am already back on track, but I still have a heavy heart for my patient, her fiance, her family, and her sweet baby girl. Most days I love my job. Bringing babies into the world is a beautiful thing, seeing the look on a mother's face when I hand her baby to her for the first time, seeing her look into it's eyes as she holds it in her arms for the first time. That sweet look of innocence and wonder that a new baby has. Today I didn't like my job as much, but my patient, she actually made me feel better. I knew that I made a difference in her life when I hugged her good bye at the end of my shift and she held on for that extra minute. That extra squeeze says everything. It says thank you for listening, thank you for holding my hand, thank you for explaining things to visitors so she wouldn't have to. It said thank you for calling funeral homes in the middle of the night. I didn't get to thank her though. She reminded me just how precious life is.

                            Sitting here reflecting on my last shift and my deviation from my new-found primal lifestyle, it occurred to me that, if anything, events like that should make me want to be healthier and take care of the life that I am so lucky to have. So I am done with my feelings of disappointment and self-doubt. I am just going to let it go and carry on, trying to heal the body that I have because some people don't get a chance to heal and some don't even get a chance to be.

                            Sorry for the sad post, but sometimes catharsis is necessary. The next one will better.
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                              Oh Katy, that is so hard especially in a place usually so filled with joy. My husband is an RN as well. When he worked in the emergency room, he would sometimes come home with this look in his eyes that told me something awful had happened even if he couldn't talk about it.

                              Let me encourage you with this...I have been Primal 11 months and have lost 65 lbs. I am not one of those people who became Primal and never looked back. If I were I would probably be at goal now. Between emotions and hormones, I fall off the wagon several times a month. Even so, I am healthier and sexier than I have been in 20 years. Just keep going back to Primal.
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