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  • Just another fat girl's Journal (kpopstar)

    Well ... I finished reading the entire 'before & after' thread a few days ago and I am soooo hoping I can channel some of that awesomeness. But I guess I should start with a little background.

    First, I'm Asian (specifically Korean) and I was adopted as a baby and grew up in the States. I had a great childhood and my Mom cooked pretty healthy meals. So for the most part I was thin. Not your stereotypical 'Asian thin' - but your average 'American thin'. Because of that, I never really exercised. I didn't enjoy it (as I'm NOT an 'out-doorsy' kind of girl) and didn't see the need to ... which later would play a huge role in my demise.

    After College is when I hit my 'partying' stage. I drank heavily and a night out always ended up with a run through a drive-thru. And we didn't get a 'snack' - we got full meals. Dancing (in clubs) was a favorite past time, so it helped in slowing the weight gain. But after a while we stopped the dancing, but continued with the eating and drinking, so the weight came on a bit faster. In some ways, I didn't know that I was fat. I would get to the next size up and think 'oh my gosh - this is the biggest I've ever been', but I would find myself saying that size after size after size.

    I finally ended my partying streak and became a real grown-up. I also met the most incredible man who became my husband. And weirdly enough, he was still attracted to me even though I wasn't thin. Because I knew I had his unconditional-non-superficial love, I didn't even try to lose weight. I mean, what was the point? I hated to exercise and I still got to have the love of my life. It was a win-win in my book.

    Fast forward to now. We have adopted two children and are in the process to adopt another. My daughter is 4 and my son is almost 2. He was adopted from South Korea and I had the pleasure of traveling back to my birth country for the first time since leaving when I was a baby. It was an incredible trip and the day I met my son for the first time was amazing. But it was also awful. Koreans are very weight conscious. They are so incredibly thin and will make even the skinniest American look fat. It's unreal. So needless to say I was freaking out over going to Korea fat. I tried to count calories, kind of work out with a trainer (while hating it the entire time) and it only resulted in my feeling more horrible about my state of un-healthy-ness which increased my emotional eating.

    So I went to Korea, experienced some uncomfortable situations regarding my weight, and then swore that I would never go to Korea fat again.

    But once I got home old habits came back even harder and my weight reached a new level. In November of 2010 I decided to start a 'weight loss blog' to keep me accountable. I tried counting calories, Weight Watchers, and then I just quit. I still have a small loyal group of readers, but I just began talking about kdramas, kpop music and stuff like that.

    Then just over a week ago my cousin emailed me about Mark's Daily Apple. That email changed my life.

    I bought the book, read most of it, and then started combing the website and Forums for information. Of course I landed on the Success Stories thread and was completely and totally inspired by all of them. And you know what? It actually gave me hope.

    You see, I'd given up that I could be thin again. I truly thought this was my lot in life and that I should just be satisfied with who I was. I was so frustrated with not understanding why my body wouldn't respond to 'conventional methods' and I had zero motivation to continue. So when I started reading all the scientific reasons as to why body was holding on to my fat - and understanding what was going on with my insulin ... well ... it all just made sense.

    So I became Primal on August 29th. My husband and I are doing this together and it's been surprising easy! I can't get over how FULL I am. I gave up sugar (which I still can't believe) and I gave up rice (which I swore I would never do. I mean c'mon - I'm Asian). I do have a bit of dark chocolate at night, but so far, we each have lost 5lbs this first week.

    I'm hoping to be able to back to Korea at the beginning of 2012 and I'm hoping to go back as a much thinner girl. So begins my journey as a Primal Mom.

    Here are my out of control stats (I'm too embarrassed to post them on my other blog, but I get the sense that people are supportive on this site and won't judge me too harshly for letting myself go to the extent that I have).

    Height: 5'4"
    8/29/11 went Primal with a SW of: 226
    after 1 week of Primal eating: -5lbs
    CW: 221

    And now my journey begins and I'm hoping to use this journal as a form of accountability. My goal is to be able to one day post in the 'Before & After' thread with photos that show a true transformation.

    Wish me luck!

    (actually, I don't need luck. I just need to be Primal!)

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    B: Kielbasa and egg scramble (pretty sure kielbasa isn't primal - but since the husband bought it and cooked it, I can't let him down, right?)
    L: just snacked on some fruit and dark chocolate since I ate breakfast so late
    D: Rotisserie chicken (again, probably not that Primal) and steamed broccoli (but finished off in butter)
    S: some berries, dark chocolate, and a few nuts

    Did my first day of exercise (15 minute high intensity workout followed up with an hour of walking on the treadmill). Not too bad considering I was doing ZERO activity before. My trainer tried to tell me that I couldn't maintain this 'lifestyle' for more than a year because it was so unhealthy. I told him he was wrong. I told him he should check out MDA's website. He told me he preferred to read Science Journals on health. So I told him MDA would be perfect for him because it's filled with Scientific Research. Then our conversation stopped. Oh well.


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      Something that has helped me is really limiting my fruit and combining my dk chocolate with coconut butter. Coconut butter is delicious - super good for you - and a little goes a long way. Good luck on your journey!


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        Welcome aboard! Thanks for sharing your story, I always love to read where people are starting from and their enthusiasm for becoming a healthier person.
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          Kielbasa is still preferable to pancakes. Just enjoy the fact that it tasted good and you have a thoughtful husband.

          I am doing primal on a budget so if that means not organic, preservative meat then that is what I get. It still works.
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            Today I had:

            B: Kielbasa, eggs, onion scramble (kielbasa is now gone - not to be bought again)
            L: small apple and a bit of gouda
            D: pot roast, carrots, celery, onion, a small piece of sweet potatoe and some cooked cabbage (it was more like a soup)

            When my husband got home (he worked late) I kinda felt hungry again. Since my dinner really did seem more like a bowl of soup (I had put a ton of broth in it) I had another bowl. I've gotten in the habit of having dark chocolate every night ... like a 'full serving' of whatever it says on the package. I feel entirely too dependent upon it so I had another apple and some gouda to satisfy my sweet tooth. Because this is only my second week of going 'Primal', I figure I'll cut myself a bit of slack in that department. At least I'm not eating all the carb snack foods that I was ... and drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Soda.

            I keep trying to make better choices throughout the next few days, but starting my 3rd week, I'll be sure to tighten the reins a bit more.


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              I've decided I can have one "uhhh, it's kinda okay on primal but not tooooo much" snack type thing a day... and never the same thing two days in a row. I'm including things like most fruits, yogurt, dark chocolate, and nuts on this list.

              Another thing I've found helpful is I no long NEED the entire chocolate bar. In fact I took the entire bar and broke it into the squares then wrapped each square in foil squares I cut. I decided I would let myself have up to three, but I have to take them out of the bag one at a time.

              Oddest thing is I only take one now and I'm fine.

              Last things I've found to help with snacking in general is I can't eat past 7. Doesn't matter why. If I'm hungry, then I try to figure out how to eat more tomorrow (and drink water). This stops any of the boredom eating and I was probably just thirsty anyway.


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                Welcome! I want to see you in a success story around the time you go back to Korea.

                Actually, kielbasa can be very primal if it doesn't have junk in it. Ditto for rotisserie chicken.

                Here's wishing you luck!
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                  Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
                  Welcome! I want to see you in a success story around the time you go back to Korea.
                  Oh my gosh - you have NO idea how much I want that to happen! If I can actually go back smaller (which hey - if I'm doing this Primal thing the right way, then I HAVE to be at least a bit smaller, right?) then I will SO post photos. I'll post the photo of me with my son and his Foster Mom when I was in Korea the last time, and then I'll do a new photo with her (I plan on visiting her again when I go). I'll be honest, I kinda hope she freaks out when she sees me because I'll look so different! HAHAHAHAHAH!


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                    You WILL be smaller! You still have several months to go! Imagine the progress you could make by then.

                    I recommend taking measurements (body fat, tape measure, etc) if you aren't already. I've been finding on primal that even with very little movement added to my day (really, I never moved before, so just cooking dinner is an improvement!) my body composition is changing rapidly. These are things that wouldn't show well on the scale. For example; the first two weeks I lost a ton of weight, but my body fat and measurements changed, but only a little. This past week (my third) I only showed 0.5 pound lost BUT I lost more body fat AND inches then I did the previous two weeks combined (which were somewhere around 8-9 pounds lost) and my lean mass increased a bit.


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                      Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
                      Actually, kielbasa can be very primal if it doesn't have junk in it. Ditto for rotisserie chicken.
                      So true! I picked up a several packages of Kielbasa and Bratwurst at the store on Sunday -- and immediately put them all back down because they contained CORN SYRUP! Corn syrup? In a sausage? Really??? I had no idea.

                      kpopstar: Welcome and good luck! Primal has been life-changing in so many ways for so many of us. I'm sure it can be for you as well! Just keep coming back here -- you'll hit some bumps along the way, so look to the community for advice and support. Don't get discouraged if you plateau or progress comes slowly -- just ask folks to help you analyze things when that happens and start moving forward again. Health is as much a journey as a destination.
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