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    I started eating primal yesterday and posted Day 1 in another post, but wanted to restart on a thread that I can keep up with.
    My goal here is to go primal for 30 days (minimum) and see how I'm feeling and such after that...and then (hopefully) continue on. I am a HUGE carb queen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pasta and grains and anything remotely in that category. Sweets, eh...I could really give or take sweets - but give me a bowl of pasta with sauce and I'm in heaven.
    So, the actual concept of me giving up grains is foreign - my husband almost fell over when I told him what I was going to do. But I've had stomach issues on and off for as long as I can remember, not a great track record with my weight, and just a general sense that I could be more fit. That is my goal: be more fit. I'd love to lose about 20 pounds in the process, but I'm really more about how I look and feel and how my clothes fit than I am what the scale is reading.
    So that is a little background...without further ado -

    Day 2:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs with mixed veggies, salsa, and sour cream (I"m not totally ditching all dairy just yet...will work up to that, or make that part of my 20%).

    Snack: Strawberries and Blueberries in cream
    After snack I thought I was going to die. Wicked headache, miserable, hungry, cranky. I told my husband I"d never last 30 days feeling like this. I drank some water, had a handful of almonds and played with my son to focus my attention off the way I was feeling.

    Snack #2: Trail mix (sunflower seeds, cashews, raisins, and some other yummy stuff...all primal)

    Lunch: TGI Fridays. I was scared to death to go out to eat on my second day. But, I am a highly motivated and focused individual when I want to be. I ordered a 3 course meal (yes, with dessert!!): Appetizer: Wedge salad with blue cheese, tomato and bacon (yum, yum,yum). Main Course: Black Angus burger - it came with a bun and fries. I had them add avocado to the burger, along with the tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle, mayo - perfect. I took it off the bun, added a bit of ketchup, ate the burger with a fork and knife, and IGNORED THE FRIES. Ignoring fries is unheard of in my life. Haha! Dessert: Oreo cookie Ice Cream sandwich. I politely let it sit in front of me and then handed it to my husband and he ate it for me. I was so proud of myself that I stuck with it.
    Headache - gone.

    Dinner - Handful of steamed green beans, couple pieces of extra bacon that I was cooking up for a recipe. Wasnt' really hungry so I didn't realize I hadn't had dinner til like 9:30 at night. Drank some water and am calling it a night.

    I really felt like crap at the beginning of the day, but I got through it...if I have more days like this (feeling like crap) I'm just going to keep my focus on whatever else I can and remember that this may very well just be part of my "detox." I won't lie though - I hope that is the worse it gets!!

    Any feedback, comments, suggestions welcome! I'm knew to this! Thanks for reading!