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  • Aoife's journey

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Aoife (e-fa for the non-irish reading this)

    I've been following Primal for around 3 months now, i'm not 100% and still have the odd off day or bad weekend but i'm trying hard
    I have about 30lbs to lose but i'm not focusing on the scale i'm going to adjust my habits and let it happen naturally

    I thought i'd post my food journal in here to get feedback and keep myself in check

    After a disaster of a weekend i skipped brekie this morning, i actually used to be strict about having breckie every morning without fail but i've stopped eating it most mornings now as i find that i'm not that hungry for it and so i can use it as a form of IF

    Salad with ham, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and a small drizzle of newmans own balsamic dressing which i'm using up and will replace with home-made when it's finished

    Snack- toasted coconut flakes (i bought these at the organic market recently and they are yummy)

    I'm working with a person trainer this evening after work so on the way i'll have some more cucumber and ham and then for dinner i'm planning an omelette with bacon and some berries for desert.

    The person trainer is part of a deal i got. 6 sessions for 25.00 (about $35 i guess) sand i'm on session 4. I love it and plan on keeping up the sessions at home after this week.
    It's all weights and resistance work with no cardio and i really feel like it's a good primal workout, i also cycle to work everyday and sail in competition every week so my exercise/fun is well taken care of


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    Hi Aoife. Welcome! Sounds fine so far. Continue to share what you are eating and doing. We will be happy to give feedback.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks Hedonist


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        So my day ended slightly different yesterday

        I forgot my pre gym snack when i left work so i ended up doing that semi fasted and it went really well, very tough but i felt great afterwards!

        Then i had to clean my car up when i got home as someone was coming to view it so i rushed some dinner, 2 eggs a tomato, 3 saussies, 1 rasher and some mushrooms. It was delish and that guy bought the car so it was a good night all round

        No Breckie

        Lunch- same as yesterday yummy salad
        Snack- some toasted coconut and a kiwi
        Dinner- I'm leaving my job so they're taking us all out for tapas, shouldn't be too hard to stay primal with all that choice

        Thats the plan for today

        Exercise- cycled to work in the crazy wind- hard work!!!!

        Hvae a happy tuesday everyone


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          Last night was great fun, wayyy too much wine but it doesn't happen everyday
          Had some lovele tapas i did eat a little bread and potatos and also had 2 runm and cokes but it's behind me now and i'm fasting till lnch today to take away some of the badness. Although i am allowing myself a tea with milk and sugar now to cure the hangover

          Lunch today will be another salad and i have a session with my trainer tonight so the exercise is sorted. Not too sure about dinner yet as i'm heading over to my boyf's house so we'll probaby eat out

          Have a good day everyone


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            Last two days haven't been great,
            After my tired wednesday in work i went to the gym and did one of the hardest workouts ever! it's felt so good and the time flew in
            For dinner i went for chicken and some chips in a gourmet burger place, no bun but the chicken was breaded so not great, also had some chocolate and sugar in tea that night not good at all!!!
            Yesterday i had a nice relaxing day off work, i'm using up holidays before i leave at the end of the month for my new life in Australia

            For breckie i had a 2 egg omelette with tomato and bacon and then for dinner a massive chicken salad and also a few of my boyf's chips and then some desert opps!!

            Back to being a good girl today with a faster breckie and a nice ham and avacado salad for lunch, dinner will be meat and veg. I have the gym again tonight and then i'm going out dancing too

            Have a brilliant weekend everyone


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              Opps not a great weekend

              Friday finished great with a steak and veggie dinner.
              Then i went out dancing and had a few drinks, ended up drinking wayy too much and all i ate on saturday was pizza!!! then sunday was more pizza and also some steak and chips. Very bad all round, back to the drawing board this afternoon. I'm all finished with the trainer but i'm going to borrow some dumbells from a freind and continue with the exercises myself.

              Heres to a good week


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                Monday- was supposed to start fresh but it didnt exactly go as planned!!

                Breckie- muffin really don't even like these but it's impossible to find a quick primal breckie in the shops on the way to work
                Lunch Primal salad
                Dinner- grilled pork chop with primal cauliflower and brocolli mornay, i used xanthan gum to thicken my sauce but forgot to blend with water first so it didn't turn out great going to try again tonight cus i love this dish!
                Also had some courgette (zucchini) slices topped with cheese and roasted then finished under the grill YUMMY!!! i love these
                Then after dinner was feeling really under the weather and had a bagel with butter i never eat these it was just cus it was there, my sister had tehm in the house for her kids when my mum and dad are minding them.
                I'm hoping when i make he move to oz and i'm living alone with my partner (yay) it'll be easier to stick to the primal life as there wont be too many temptations there, althogh he's the biggest sugar, coca cola and carb adict so i'll have to manage all the meals

                Didn't work out yesterday but i spent 2 hours organising and cleaning my room and i've another 2 hours for tonight so i guess thats something, my back is a little sore from all the training so i'm going to listen to my body and rest it

                Have a good day everyone


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                  Fasted breckie
                  Then felt crappy at lunch so i had a snickers bar!!! very bad choice
                  Dinner- My favourite tomato sauce that i used to have with pasta but i had with courgette, shallot and mushrooms fried in garlic instead. and a pork chop with parmesan cheese yummy
                  Sauce= garlic, red pepper, tabasco, basil, chopped tomatos, red pepper pesto, chirizo
                  Then some coconut primal pancakes for desert loved these but i only had 2 tiny ones and i was stuffed afterwards

                  My back was still really sore so i didn't work out.
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                    Fasted breckie,
                    Had half and avocado and 3 rashers for lunch the 2 tiny pears from the garden
                    when i came home from work i had a ham and cheese toastie with lettuce as the bread and another 2 of these before bed
                    Dinner i had grilled steak with mushrooms, shallots, garlic, brocolli and cauliflower with some gravy made from powder but this is now gone so i'm going to attempt my own next time
                    The after dinner i had 2 coconut pancakes with a tiny bit of chocolate spread and ice cream. These were yummy but wayyy too filling

                    Not a great evening but i borrowed my friends cd decks so i'll be busy practicing at night now and i'll have no time for snacking


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                      Fasted btreckie but was hungry around 12 so i had an apple and a pear from the garden
                      Lunch- Bacon and avocado + choccie biscut slice very bad choice
                      Dinner- omelette with salami, cheese and tomato and some of the cookies my niece cooked

                      Not a great day too much off plan sweet things