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    Yup, added some photos in the Before and After thread. But I think I look a lot more muscular than any of the photos show. Still, I've got to be happy with my progress. Still doing about 4 lbs per month. And given that my diet isn't the most clean (still have some sort of small cheat most days) I've got to be happy with that. Other than IF (which acutally I enjoy and typically don't have a lot of hunger issues with), I really don't feel like I'm depriving myself at all. Especially with the little cheats. I know that ultimately calories do count, but I never feel like I'm restricting... well, anything really.

    B/L - Had more of a brunch today, since I spent the morning figuring out how to post pictures to the message board. And then sizing them, loading to photobucket, etc. I'd been getting the breakfast burritos at the farmer's market, so I decided to make something kind of like that for myself. But, like I do with the kids' burritios, I had it on top of a big bowl of mixed baby greens. 1/2 lb of needlessly spicy pork sausage, 3 scrambled eggs cooked in the sausage drippings, sprinkle of parmesean cheese, and salsa. Been using Newman's Own Chunky. Doesn't seem to be too much bad in there.
    D - DD ended up wanting burritos, so as it is something she'll actually eat, I went along with it. DS wanted steak, so I cooked up probably about 1/2 lb sirloin. I ate most of it, he had a bit. Also had a salad for myself. Imagine just like breakfast but w/o the egg, and a sprinkle of taco cheese in lieu of the parm.
    Bad stuff - I had promised the kids ice cream at the art fair today, but they were closed by the time we finished. So after dinner we went to the local ice cream shoppe (gotta have the e at the end) and I ended up having a kid's size cup for myself. The said that they typically don't sell kids size to grown ups. WTF? All I wanted was a little taste. I may cheat a lot, but I've got the discipline such that it was either a kids size or nothing. Is the kids size the loss leader for them? Were they really willing to lose a sale over that? I also had 1 beer at the art fair w/ a neighbor and a small handfull of M&M's.

    Got up this morning and took my pictures. Did my 5 Essentials workout - 4 rounds of: 7 to 8 pull ups/chin ups, 40 coun plank, 40 squats, 30 pushups, 30 count side plank (each side), 40 lunges, 20 jack-knife pushups, 30 crunches. Was hitting failure on all movements on my last round. My toe was hurting a decent amount from the night before. Did not have the full range of motion, which made the lunges a problem.

    ETB texted to say the kids had woken her up before 7 and she couldn't get to sleep last night and they were driving her crazy, she had run out of patience, etc. So I offered to take them to the harvest festival they were going to, but an hour or so later she was feeling better and had calmed down, etc. and would take them. Ugh.

    So, went and ran a couple of errands by bike. Only a couple miles, no big deal. Then she dropped kids off and we went to the art show. The boy had a few instances of needing to sit on the curb so he wouldn't touch things that could break. Ugh. Some friends live on the street so hung out with them for a bit. Then home for dinner, out for ice cream, and back for bed. And I cleaned up the kitchen then played on the computer reading internet stuff. Not much of a day, but seems long in retrospect.
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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      Kids woke me up before 7 today. Of course, it's the weekend. Tomorrow they'll be sound asleep after 7 while I'm trying to rush them out the door and off to school.

      B - Kinda nothing. I layed in bed for a while and then it was a rush to get to my parents' in time to go apple picking. Ended up having about a slice of leftover bacon there and since I was starving, I ended up having a couple small handfulls of peanuts. About the most primal thing in the cupboard.
      L - Smoked turkey leg at the orchard and a pint of apple cider. Cleaned up a little hamburger left over from the boy. I have a hard time throwing things away sometimes. Also had 2 if not 3 apples while in the orchard.
      D - Left over pot roast at my parents' house. Baked white potato with lots of real butter. My mom used the real butter too. Don't know why my obese (late in life) heart failure, quit after nearly 60 years of smoking father insists on using margarine. And a couple of bowls of an iceberg lettuce salad with sliced carrots, celery, and red onion. Yes my parents are the epitome of the 50's thru 70's suburban existence.

      Apple picking was insane. Sister, bro in law, and their 3 yo, my 79 yo parents who aren't in the best help, my 8 yo, 6 yo, and my other sister's 6 yo twins. And then a bunch left after lunch (and all the playground stuff) leaving my kids, the twins, my mom, and me. But they all survived and they have a good time together. My boy will end up in jail at some point in his life. I know that.

      No real exercise besides walking around the orchard and carrying bags full of apples. I hope we can eat all we got.

      This evening I baked a bunch of bacon and made scrambled eggs to cover my lunches for the week. I also at the last minute decided to make the Peach Clafouti from the PB cookbook. Just now took it out of the oven. Guess I'll be staying up for a while while it cools (and so I can have a taste.) Looks and smells awesome.

      Let's see.... since I have time....

      Toe feeling much better. Not 100%, but well into the 90's.
      Must be moving up on a week now w/o taking Prilosec. Did have a litte issue during the night Fri/Sat and then again Sat morning while doing my workout. Had a couple of antacid tablets. But, had a lot of spicy and tomato foods on Saturday and was expecting problems, but none. So while I definitely still have some issues, much much better than before.

      Also, I just can't wear my CPAP anymore. Bugs the heck out of me and I end up taking it off. I'm going to assume that my sleep apnea/snoring has improved since it really only got bad when I was at my heaviest. But I guess for now the only way I'll know is if I go for a sleep study again.

      Oh, and my shoulder is feeling mostly better so I've started doing the pull ups again at least most times when I go through my bedroom door. But only doing 3 or 4 per time mostly.

      Wonder if the clafouti is cool yet....
      Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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        Rough day. Or at least rough evening. Not so much food, more mental issues. Ok, food not the best...

        B - 3 slices bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, 1 apple.
        L - Tossed salad w/ a bit of standard dressing. Roasted cabbage w/ keilbasa made a few days ago. (Cabbage got me a bit gassy - TMI) 1 plum, 2 apples
        Snack - Finished up an apple the kids started. Hey, we went apple picking yesterday and got a ton. Gotta eat them before they go bad.
        D - Made spaghetti and meatballs for the kids, I had meatballs and sauce on mixed greens w/ a bit of grated parmesan. Pretty tasty. Did have a bit of the boy's left over pasta. Had a couple of slices of braunschweiger later and some of the Clafouti I made last night. That was very yummy. It's a winner.

        Rode the bike to work today. Very slow - recovery ride as the racers would say. Lovely weather.
        Did the circuit training class at the Y. 12 different stations, hit most of the Essential Movements.
        After class I did a few pullup/chin ups and pretty much hit number 9 on my first set. Was pretty pleased.
        Still doing the pull-ups each time throught the bedroom door, so I figured I must be over 40 for the day.

        But this evening has been a lot of the feelings of being overwhelmed. Wouldn't say hopeless exactly, but towards that direction. But I guess it can't all be progress. Got to be setbacks along the way. At least I realize that I suppose.
        Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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          Just dropping by. I think clafouti is/are *awesome*. You can also make a savory clafouti -- maybe a spicy sausage one? Yum. And I think definitely you will need to try an apple clafouti since you have such an excess.

          Picking apples sounds like quite the event. Re: the apples themselves, I'm not a big fruit person so I may not have the best ideas, but what about slicing and dehydrating a bunch of them? You can do it in the oven if you don't have a dehydrator, but run-of-the-mill dehydrators aren't very pricey if you might use one. Seems like dried apple slices might be good for long bike rides, but I'm just guessing.

          Otherwise, maybe applesauce? Bound to be a ton of recipes on the intarwebs, just cut the sugar and enjoy all winter.

          I had some iceberg lettuce the other day from a large leftover salad. It is amazing to think how we used to all eat that... crunchy water, essentially, but think we were getting nutrition! I still enjoy the crunch, I'll admit -- and it was good once I dumped a tin of sardines (in olive oil) over it. Then I added some jalapeņo mustard, and it was terrific.

          Glad to hear the GI issues are handling themselves much better. When that's all stable, you might think about adding in a bit more fat to your diet. Personally I consider fat my anti-depressant of choice
          "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
          "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
          If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." ..Richard Feynman

          beachrat's new primal journal


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            Hey, beachrat, nice to hear someone is looking at this, I suppose. I'll still treat this as my own personal diary though.

            I've got a (primal) friend with a dehydrator. May have to see if I can borrow theirs to make apple slices. Unfortunately I'm leaving for a little mountain biking vacation this weekend and know I won't have time before then. The kids and I are all eating a lot of the apples as it is, and I will send a bunch with them to their mother's. I am a fruit guy so I don't mind eating them.

            B - 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon. 1 apple.
            L - Finished off the cabbage and keilbasa. Filling enough I didn't eat my salad until much later. 1 peach, 2 apples.
            D - Kids had some left over burritos after WOD. I polished off the meat with a little cheese, salsa, and some salad. Was still hungry after I got the kids to bed, so I had a few slices of brauschweiger, some of the calfouti, and made a little pork rind nacho experiment. Not the best. Cheese made the rinds soggy. May need to dip rather than pour melted cheese over. Oh well, was worth the experiment.

            Rode the bike to work again. Too beautiful not to. Good thing, too 'cause the Cards game was early, so I probably wouldn't have been able to park in my cheap lot. Taught my spinning class and tried to get in some HIIT.
            Kids and I went to the St. L Primal Meetup WOD in the park. After warm up exercises we played some primal tag where the tagged person had to do exercises - pushups, situps, burpees, squats, etc. Kids were more 'obstacles' than participants, but everyone was good natured about it.

            Again, wasn't able to do anything after I got home and got the kids to bed, other than surf the innerwebz and read forum stuff. And I even brought home the cleats for my new shoes. Might get them on while I'm lying in bed tonight. Probably should.

            I think I've found some commonality between my environmentalism, concern for climate and energy issues, interest in primal lifestyle, concern over food production issues, interest in survivalism, and love of zombie movies. I'm not sure what it means, but I think I've identified a few threads.

            Oh shit. Grand opening is tomorrow. I was going to cut my hair tonight. Guess I should do that before I put the cleats on. Damn.
            Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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              Last night I played on the computer too long, then went up and went straight to bed. Having a bit of a setback it feels like.

              B - 2 scrambled eggs, 4 slices bacon. 2 apples.
              L - Grand Opening for the hotel and they served us lunch. Decided not to get the roast beef sandwich, since pulling off the bun would have been a bit more conspicuous. Got the chicken skewers w/o the rice, and sauteed snow peas and zuccini. Mixed fruit salad, few chunks of cheese, and some caprese salad. Skipped dessert. Back at the office I had another apple and a peach.
              D - Late after got kids to bed. Pan fried a couple of hamburger patties w/ butter. 2 slices of bacon. Had another apple and a big slice of the calfouti. Oh, also had some sort of Kinder sweet thing that I got the kids. Kinda like a nutella bar. Not primal.

              Complete rest day today. Did end up walking probably close to 2 miles total to and from the car. Had to park way far due to the playoff game tonight. ( they won! go cards!!) Haven't even done any pull ups today, even. Due to the lunch I had someone teach my spinning class for me.

              Planning on takign tomorrow off as well. Just kind of feel like it, plus I'll be on-site with my meetings. Think I'll still ride my bike to work tomorrow. Kids going to stay w/ their mom. Need to try out the new bike shoes. And going to dinner tomorrow night w/ a friend. Haven't talked in a long time and I need to get him updated with my life.

              Getting close to the bike trip. Worried about affording it now, but I'll make something work. At least we'll be able to cook our own food.
              Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                Making it quick

                B - Nothing. Was planning an IF day.
                L - Well, got stuck at the jobsite and the contractor decided to take me to lunch at the hotel. Again, didn't want to do the conspicuous 'don't eat the bun from the hamburger' so I got the spinach salad with walnuts, bacon, and salmon. Pretty good.
                Snack - Couple wasabi peas, 2 apples
                D - Went and met a friend for dinner. Had a lot to talk about. I had all my miriad of issues and turns out he had a pulmonary embalism (which started after he crashed in the race that I promote every year....) so we compared notes on blood thinners. Ha! And we went to Pueblo Solis - one of the nicer mexican restaurants in the area. Had one beer, a few chips, the chicken mole, and I did eat some of the beans and rice. Maybe aobut 1/2 of each, but not all. Thought I did pretty good afterall.

                Getting excited about my bike trip, but a bit nervous about how I'm going to pay for it....

                Oh, forgot to add exercise stuff. Rode my bike to work. And worked a bit on the way home. Had just a bit of time before dinner so I did 4 rounds of pullups (6+), pushups (20-30), side planks (30 count each), plank (30 or 40 count), and jack-knife pushups (15-20). Numbers seemed a bit down compared to previous times, but was hungry and still felt like I was hitting failure each time.
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                Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                  Never did my post today and now it is crazy late.

                  B - 2 scrambled eggs, 4 slices bacon. 1 apple, 1 banana
                  L - Big steak, mixed salad, 2 apples
                  D - bit of salad, last of red sauce w/ meetballs, sliced sweet potato fried in bacon grease. 1 chicken cutlet thing that I had made for kids, bit of mashed potatoes I also made for kids. 1 apple.

                  Weght up alot tonight. Bloated? body holding water to process all the carbs from the potatoes?
                  Had some work to do then getting stuff packed for mountain bike trip to Pisgah. Woo hoo!

                  Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                    On vacation so quick catch-up.
                    B - Eggs and bacon w/ kids in morning
                    L - Basically skipped it. Took kids to a birthday party. Did share a bit of cake with daughter, but skipped pizza and chips and whatnot.
                    D - Big steak with butter in cast iron pan on stove.
                    Drove down to meet friends at the 12 hr mountain bike race they were doing. Was the launching point for my trip.

                    B - 'Garmin Cakes' Stan had made up. Basically some eggs and ham in a smushed together rice thing. Good. Could have used some more butter or oil or some sort of fat on it.
                    L - Left over chicken curry stuff w/ some rice in it, left over lime chili pork after our ride. Stuff they had during the race.
                    D - On our drive. Stan does not eat primal. We stopped at Subway. I got a sandwich on the flat bread stuff. Should have opened it up and eaten it like a salad.

                    Rode in the morning, did 1 loop of Council Bluff Lake, so with our add on bit we did about 15 miles. Not bad for the first time mountain biking in probably close to 10 years. Got a bit more comfortable as we went along. Then took the camper back to Stan's parents house in Ironton, got his car loaded up and took off. Drove to Nashville and stayed the night there.

                    B - Decent omlet at the hotel, few slices of bacon, some mixed fruit salad.
                    L - Apple, 3 oz cashews, and a bit of beef jerkey in the car.
                    D - 1/2 rotisserie chicken, bunch of mixed green salad w/ tomato slices, mozzarella, and vinegar/ EVOO dressing. Beer and a handful of mixed nuts.

                    Drove from Nashville to Asheville. Got in the cabin, went out bought food. Got a growler of beer they carry at the grocery store, hung out and talked. Reconnected.

                    Tomorrow we'll go pick up the bike I'm renting and will try to get a ride in. But we are supposed to get some rain so we'll see how that goes. If we get rained out we'll go see the Biltmore Mansion or something like that.

                    Good to get away.
                    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                      B - skipped. Did have a couple nuts
                      L - 'Carolina' pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato rounds things, vinegar base cole slaw, skipped the bun, and had one bottle Biltmore brewed beer.
                      S - wine tasting flight at the Biltmore estate winery. 3 @ half-pours at best. And a few of the palete cleasing cracker things.
                      S2 - Got a beer at some bar in downtown Asheville
                      D - Shake n bake (ugh) pork chops, mixed green salad w/ tomato and mozzarella, sauteed apples in butter w/ a bit of honey, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of gluten free granola.

                      Well, rainy all day, so no riding. Went on a tour of the Biltmore Estate instead. The money I saved by skipping a day of rental got more than sucked up by the Biltmore entrance fee. But it really is an amazing structure and grounds. So, walked around the house and grounds, had lunch in the Stable Bistro. Had some of the wine in the tasting room. Saw all the old farm equipment.

                      I always thought (knew) I was a bit odd, but I seemed to hear other people express the same things, but I actually prefer seeing all the 'downstairs' domestic stuff. Of course the grand ballrooms and library and bedrooms are impressive, but I like the domestic stuff. I like seeing the pantries and kitchens. Coolest things I saw there were the rotisserie grill, huge chopping block, and the pot rack loaded with polished copper cookware. I really like the movied Gosford's Park for the same reason - great scenes of the inner workings of a large estate.

                      So this cabin/summer house we are in seems to somehow be associated with a little working farm/garden. This group of houses look in on a common green that has goats grazing away. And at one corner are some greenhouses and a garden that is in the process of being put to bed for the winter. We're also adjacent to a little lake with a dam and an old mill below. Bucolic. Makes me want to be a Joel Saladin type farmer. All I need is the 8,000 acres and 15 million inheritance George Vanderbilt got. That would probably be a good way for me to start out....
                      Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                        B - 3 egg omlet w/ ham, bacon, mushroom, green pepper, onion. 3 slices bacon, bit of raspberries and blue berries. Banana, sliced sweet potato grilled in butter.
                        L - Nothing. Out riding
                        D - Big steak. Over a pound I'm sure. Tons of grilled veggies - green pepper, carrots, zuccini, yellow squash, egg plant, red onion, sweet potato. Few mixed nuts.

                        Finally got to ride today... sorta... Got the rental bike and they gave us the info on the trail to ride. Started w/ a simple fireroad climb, but the singletrack was *hairy*. I haven't been mountain biking in a long time but still.... Stan's been riding all over the country since he's been back and he thought it was just as unrideable as me. Washed out, rutted, rocky. Now there's a lot of it I'm not sure I could ever do in the best of conditions, but still... Lost of hike-a-bike. Hoping for a bit more manageable riding tomorrow. And hoping the rain holds off.

                        Interesting. We did 3 hours total time. Only about 14 miles total. I drank plenty but I was not hungry at all on the ride and no bonk, no drop in energy. Hands were tired from grabbing brakes on the downhill and my left thigh was a bit sore from holding myself with my butt behind the seat with so many drop offs, but overall I felt fine.

                        Even went out for a 40 minute run when I got back to the cabin. Now that felt slow as snot. Knees not the best but no real pain. Pain in feet from VFFs on gravel roads though. Still not sure I've got this mid-foot strike thing down. Need to learn more of what I should be doing and what I am doing wrong. Ok on grass but can't imagine running on pavement in them.
                        Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                          B - 4 egg omlet w/ mushrooms, spinach, ham, some bacon crumbles, and green peppers. 1 banana
                          L - 1 tamale, 1 burrito. a bit of the rice, and some chips and salsa after the ride. Stan bought so I couldn't say no.
                          D - 2 tilapia fillets, some pan fried polenta, bunches of grilled veggies (egg plant, carrot, squash, zuccini, onion.) and a bunch of beer.

                          drunk. had 5 beers. good trip. Stan and i reconnected well. he knows all the shit i've been through over the last couple years. Sorry he's moving to DC. Just came back into town and gone again.

                          We rode some trails in DuPont state forest today. Awesome trails. So much better than yesterday. Bunches of slick rock. more flowing, not so root-ey. good time. Made up for the frustration yesterday. Makes me want to get my mountain bike going again.

                          Sure I gained weight - so much carbs and had some wheat and corn stuff - but a very good time. Drunk so bed time.
                          Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                            B - 3 egg omlet w/ the last of the ham, green pepper, mushroom, spinach. 4 slices of bacon.
                            L - Nothing. Was traveling
                            D - Ohhh so bad. Had the kid over. Feeling a little depressed. Had frozen pizza and a couple of these breaded chicken cutlet sandwiches with them.

                            Spent the day traveling back from my mountain bike trip to NC. Did have a good time, got 2 good days of riding in. But on the way back I was realizing how tenuous my financial situation is. God, this single parent/2 households thing is a killer. And to think we both live so cheaply overall, compared to so many. I don't know how people do it. 'Cause I sure as hell don't know how I'm going to do it....

                            So between traveling w/ a non-primal person and needing to make some concessions for that, and then my issues w/ tonight's dinner as outlined above, I've had ton more grain-based carbs than normal. I'm not up on the bio-chem enough to state it, but I know carbs require water for burning/processing and this evening it feels like I've been trying to quench an unquenchable thirst. Just keep drinking and drinking.

                            No exercise today due to traveling. Got the Warrior Dash tomorrow. Should be fun. Just hope the running part goes ok. Thinking I'll probably wear the VFFs, even with the mud. Think they'll probably stay on better than regular running shoes will. I'll post my results.
                            Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                              B - 4 scrambled eggs in butter. Out of bacon or anything yummy. Did have 1 of the very small pancakes I made for the kids. Occasional weekend treat.
                              L - Nothing really - out at Warrior Dash. Did get my free beer. Shocktop. Not that great.
                              D - Went to a party to pick up kids. Grown-up/family chilli party after a kid's bday party. Had 3 bowls - 2 w/o beans and 1 with some, but not a ton. They had 12 varieties there, 3 or 4 veggie w/ multiple diff types of beans. I've almost always eaten meat, but at one point all the different types of beans would have been cool. Had a small piece of corn bread and a few Sun Chips.
                              Late Snack - small handful of almonds.

                              Ok, Warrior Dash was today. Wasn't sure what to expect since I really don't run that much, and with the NC trip, I really haven't been exercising that much over the last week. 2 travel days and 1 rain out day. So I did a few pull ups when going in and out of the bedroom this morning and felt really weak. Hadn't done them in a while, and felt like I was struggling to do 3 when I usually bang out 4 w/ no problem. So that didn't bode well.

                              Got out there in plent of time. Got changed and ready. Jogged around a bit to warm up. Should have done a bit more. But then to get a good start position, you pretty much have to go into the chute right as the group ahead leaves. So then you are stuck there for 30 minutes. Did a little bit of stretching and bouncing around, but any warmup I had was gone. Lots of folks asked about the VFFs. Told them I love them, said that I only started running againg a few months ago, and always in VFFs w/ no knee pain. Ok, that was a bit of a lie, should have said no significant knee pain, but it was mostly accurate. Everyone thought they were a good choice for the mud.

                              First leg of the races was a long run - probalby over 1 mile before hitting the first obstacle - over a gravel road and then along brush-hogged trails that looked like they were typically used by tractors and ATVs when muddy. Lots of ruts and half cut trees. Was questioning the shoe choice during that. First obstacle was a bunch of walls to climb over, alternating w/ barbed wire to duck under. Next was a horizontal cargo net, but everyone was walking down the 4x4 beam in the middle. Tried that myself and on the last (4 of 4) section, I lost my balance - had many earlier checks. The rope was over the 4x4 which made the footing hard. So I just twisted and landed on my back on the net and did the last bit as we were supposed to.

                              I think it was about at this part when I stepped on what must have been some sort of small stump left from the trail clearing. Directly on my far outside metatarsal. Ouch. And right as I was talking to a guy about my shoes too! Ha! Very painful when it happened, though it faded some. But now it hurts quite a bit. I think it's just soft tissue or maybe a bone bruise. Don't think there is a break there.

                              Other obstacles included Normandy beach barriers, bear crawl/squat run under barriers and net, vertical wall w/ horzontal battens and rope climb, oversizes stairs to sliding down a pole, ramped boards to go up/down. A tall incline wall w/ a rope climb. A series of unstable platforms you had to jump from one to the other. A simple 2x4 ladder but on the backside it was smooth wood, so you had to lower yourself down then jump the last couple feet. A tall cargo net climb, fire jump, and low crawl through a mud pit.

                              At the end of the mud pit you had to climb out an incline then get down a steep hill somehow to the 'finish' (timed part was already over). Any assumed advantage for the VFFs here was not apparent to me. I suppose they may have stayed on my feet better, but they filled with mud through the mesh, and had absolutely no traction on the muddy climb. That was like ice. Would have been better off with track spikes. But everyone was slipping, and I was able to make it.

                              So, my performance. I only run 1x/week at most, so I'm definitely not a runner, but I still started near the front. I was doing it for fun, but I'm still competative and wanted to get a good time. And obviously many people there was only for fun... So the run was a struggle, but few people passed me. Started catching up to people from the group 30 min ahead of me about 1/2 way through the run, and at only the 3rd obstacle. One particular guy in front of me - big muscle dude, grey shirt - was maybe just a tiny bit faster than me on the runs, but was so smooth on the obstacles. He made them look easy. I'm guessing he was/is military, 'cause he had great form. I tried copying him the best I could, but I wasn't nearly as good.

                              Still, I ended up finishing right at 30 minutes I think. I was coming in as the next group was just leaving. 31 at the most. But results aren't up yet, so I'll have to wait to see how I did. From what I saw, I definitely wasn't in the top 100. Think the top times were like 23 minutes. That's not too crazy for a good runner. Hopefully I'm in the top 200. I think there were like 3000 participants, so I'd like to be better than top 10%. I'm vain like that.
                              Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                                Go Cards!!

                                Bad food day today....
                                B - 2 scrambled eggs in butter.
                                L - at parents so I could do laundry (yep... at 42 years old...) and had pizza and pizza rolls. Guess I was feeling that if I have to live like a 20 year old, I should eat like one, too.
                                D - Folks had a decent dinner for me. Made a couple of grilled pork chops, had some tossed (iceburg lettuce) salad, and some broccoli with butter.
                                S - No control when I got home though. Major cravings. Ended up having some chocolate milk and a couple handfulls of the kids' cereal.

                                I feel very 'out of the groove'. Part of it is mental, I know (you'd think my week vacation would have cleared my head and given me perspective. It didn't.) but I think a good amount is physical, too. Big difference between running a 5k in VFFs and racing a 5k in VFFs, I guess. Both feet hurt a bit, muscles on the front of my shins very sore/fatigued, hamstrings were bothering me earlier. Hands hurt, or at least are giving some sort of weird sensation when I grip. Warrior Dash seems to have taken more out of me than I expected. But, tomorrow is another day. Need to get back on track.

                                Did do a bit of a workout today. Legs were fatigued, so left them alone. Other than grip, upper body seemed mainly ok, but numbers definitely went down per cycle. 4x around, 6 pullups, 30 pushups, 30 count each side plank, 20 jack knife push ups, 30 count front plank. Was a hard workout to get through.

                                Here's to hoping for better days.

                                Oh, weight seemed mostly neutral during mountain biking trip. About 175/176. So no change from beginning of month. We'll see how the rest of the month goes.
                                Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....