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    Another entry in the most boring journal in the world. But at least I'm keeping it going.

    Ok, pretty much had Sunday taken care of. Thinking my stomach issues may have been due to a dodgy tamale. Really felt bad at one point last night. But feeling fine today.

    On to Monday...
    B: 1.5 eggs, 3 slices Bacon, 3/4 to 1 cup mixed berries - black, rasp, and blue. Yummy.
    L: Grilled chicken thigh, grilled broccoli. Did have a tiny slice of Hil's birthday cake. Really sweet but tasty all the same.
    D: Prob about 1 lb grilled rib-eye. Kids wanted 'family movie night' so made up a decidedly non-primal pizza for them (snuck a small slice for myself) but they are now getting big enough they will eat just about the whole thing, so that removes *that* temptation!
    Had a later snack of a couple of hard boiled eggs.

    Kinda rainy here so I didn't ride to work, but I did do the circuit training class at the Y. 2 rounds 12 stations, 1 minute each. Gobler squats, elevated push ups, jump rope, resistance band curls, burpees with a sprawl and alternating heel lift, left and right side planks, left and right twisting jab, plank with alternating heel lifts, triceps extension, and sumo walk. Good overall workout. Did a set of 8 pull-ups after, started a set of chin-ups but was fried.

    So it's only been a few days, but I think this 'pull up every time in our out of bedroom' may be working. Feeling very comfortable with the 1, and thought I was doing pretty good with 8 after a decent workout. At one point I could do about 14. I want to be able to break 20.

    Now, quandry of the evening... Can I take the kids to the Meetup St. Louis Primal WOD tomorrow eveing? Will they behave in the park for the 30 to 45 min while I do the workout? Play on their own? Hmmmmm..... Do I resort to bribery?
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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      B - 2 scrambled eggs, 1.5 bananas, about a cup of mixed berries, 2 slices bacon
      L - Grilled chicken thigh, cauliflower roasted in bacon fat (yum), plum, apple
      S - Several pieces of beef jerky, banana, did sneak in a couple tortilla chips
      D - Couple pan fried hamburger patties (w/ some butter), bunch of baked kale chips.

      Baked Kale Chips, where have you been my whole life? You should be served at movie theaters. You should be served at baseball games. You should be served piping hot at farmers markets. You should come in vending machines.

      Another day of walking around a building looking at mostly finished hotel rooms. Standing and light walking all day is tiring.

      Taught my spinning class today. Got some good HIIT and some heavier/muscle work.

      Did the WOD in the park with the St. Louis Primal Meetup group. Had a blast. Stations with sprints, squat jumps, and burpies. We were supposed to bring something heavy to carry from station to station. I had my kids so I carried my nearly-8 yo daughter from station to station. Indigo used my nearly-6-but-small son. I carried her on my hip mostly, Indigo carried him piggie-back. The had a lot of fun with it, as did I. I love them. And they are excited to do it again. The boy was doing the jumping jacks and knee lifts during warm-up too.
      Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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        I don't think it's the most boring journal in the world! Love the idea of using the kids as weights, and what fun for them, too.

        Like you, I started primal living at a very low point (last October) and it really helped keep me on a positive trajectory despite everything. I am still amazed when I look back that I didn't absolutely crumble with everything that was going on, so I can vouch for the benefits that go waaaay beyond dropping some weight.

        A few comments:

        Sunflower seeds - I wouldn't have seeds/nuts "most days", but I wouldn't say they're necessarily a problem. On the other hand, a *cup* of sunflower seeds is IMO too much. All seeds have some of the anti-nutrient issues that grass seeds, aka grains, have, so it's not a bad habit to minimize their intake. And although it's not the calories but the relative nutrition from given calories, per nutridiary:
        Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried (1 cup, 144g)
        Calories 820.8
        Total Carbohydrate 27g
        Sugars 3.8g
        That's quite a lot of calories and a lot of carbs, too, for what's probably pretty mindless snacking. Not judging, just commenting because you wondered about it, above!

        Overall, keeping the rest of your diet clean is more important than denying yourself something you like that's not all that terrible, so it's really a judgment call. You may find as you go along that you cut more stuff like that out. (It's a process -- I was astonished to find a can of water-packed tuna in my cupboard this morning. Yucque, how tasteless that would be to me now!)

        You didn't ask about this, but my unsolicited two-cents' worth is that you're snacking an awful lot, and your snacks tend to be less on the good side or outright cheats. At the same time, many of your meals look (as you commented) a bit meager. What about having three fat juicy chicken thighs plus vegetables for your meal? And then don't eat until your next meal? Nutridiary says one thigh (skin removed) is about 110 calories, so add the skin back in and I'll guesstimate 200 calories per thigh -- even at 250 you could have 4 thighs at dinner for much more nutritional value than that cup o' seeds.

        My guess is you're doing fine because you have a lot of moving around in your daily activities, but overall a cleaner diet will pack in the nutrition more efficiently, keep you fuller longer (thus resisting temptations much more easily), and as a result get you further faster.

        Brilliant idea with pull-ups every time you pass the bar, by the way. I bet you'll be doing more than 20 easily by Christmas!
        "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
        "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
        If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." ..Richard Feynman

        beachrat's new primal journal


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          Hey, thanks for the response! Interestingly I haven't had any sunflower seeds in probably a week or more. And I'm not sure about the cup measurement, that was just a guess, and that was for unshelled nuts, not shelled kernels. A cup unshelled is about 1/3 cup shelled or so.

          And I'm still working on the meal size issues. Just seem to be hungrier on some days than others....

          Ok, did Tuesday, now on to Wednesday....
          B - 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon, handful of blueberries, banana
          L - Chicken thigh, roasted caluliflower, apple
          D - Not so good here... Beer and nachos at the cyclocross race. Bad night from the diet standpoint, but still a good time.

          Had to run home in the afternoon for a home inspection, so didn't get to ride to work. Stupid occupancy permits.
          Another Spinning class. They really need to get some other instructors. I'd really prefer to just teach 2 per week. But, mixed it up with a bit of HIIT and leg strength. Formwork, etc.
          Very east 1 hour+ ride with a friend in the evening. Way too beautiful of a night to pass up. Riverfront Trail, nice and flat, and not too windy.

          In the evening I went to see the elite race of the first Gateway Cross Cup cyclocross race. Johnathon Page, Tim Johnson, Todd Wells, Ryan Trebon, Jeremy Powers, etc. A Wednesday Night stop over on their way up to Madison for the weekend. Pretty wicked fast and fun looking barrier, step ups, and a cool flyover. Might need to pick up cyclocross again. Closest to cross-fit on the bike there is. Unfortunately Mike gave me a VIP bracelet with access to free beer and food.... Damn him. I took advantage of it.

          And tonight is Dad's Night Out with the kids' school. Once a month the dads get together and go to a bar. Actually a lot of fun, but I haven't gone all summer. I should go tonight. Guessing I should break today's IF beforehand.... Will keep it reasonable tonight, though.
          Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....


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            Let's see.....

            IF. Did have a few bouts of hunger and tiredness during the day. More so than other times. But that was probably due to the poor diet the day before.
            Did end up breaking it around 8 pm. Typically I try to do 2 sleep cycles in my fast, but I knew I had to go out with the school dads.... so...
            D - 2 hard boiled eggs, a bit of jerky, and a banana.
            Did have 2 kind of wine glass/snifter size glasses of Crispin's special release wine barrel aged cider w/ the school dads. Tasty.

            Walked around the project all day. Well, I suppose standing is a more appropriate discription. And had my counseling session before Dad's night.

            B - 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1 banana, 1 apple.
            L - 1 chicken thigh, cauliflower baked in bacon fat, 1 plum.
            D - 1 lb +/- rib eye (cooked on stove in cast iron pan w/ butter), 1 bunch broiled asparagus w/ EVOO, 1 med. sweet potato sliced and pan fried in left over butter/beef fat.
            Late Snack - 12 mussels in tomato/dark ale broth w/ chorizo. 1 glass pinot noir, couple of cookies.

            Again walking around doing punch lists. Taught my spinning class, but kept it light. First day this week I was able to ride to/from work. Had to drive all the rest of the week. Of coures, pull-ups in and out of bedroom and did a couple of sets after spinning. But shoulder was hurting just a bit, so may need to drop down number on those. Was doing just 1, but now doing 4 to 6 each time. May be over doing it. Also knee has weird buckling sensation from time to time. What's up with that?

            Met up with my possible ex-to-be for a drink and to talk a bit. It was good. It was nice. But very superficial. Need to get into much more seirous/deeper discussions. But perhaps that was the problem all along. And this is probably TMI for an on-line journal.
            Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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              Kinda left yesterday's update off a bit early. So, Thursday IF was after a not so good day on Wednesday. And then Friday's lunch was a bit meager. So by Friday dinner I was just starved. And it showed it. Big steak, a whole standard grocery store size bunch of asparagus, and the pan fried sweet potato. And then I got the mussels at the bar. A lot of food for one meal.

              I've read a lot on here about people ditching the scale and what not. I'm kind of the opposite. While I don't think I stress about, I do weigh myself often 3x per day (Morning, changing after work, and before bed) and find it interesting/curious to trace the changes. For instance, while I understandably drop down a lot after a fast day simply due to not having the food in my body (and often not a lot of water either. Just don't seem to drink much either when I fast) I notice that even as I bump back up, I stay below my previous weight. IF seems to make a big difference. Anyway, the point is that I weigh myself alot, but I look for trends as opposed to fixating on the current number.

              But the point of bringing all that up is because I started the day at 175.5, which was fairly low after the IF and definitely a bit dehydrated. End of the day I was at 179.something. A lot of gain in a day! And this morning I was at 176.7.

              Rambling, I know.
              Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                Ok day for a Saturday....

                Hit both TGP and Soulard Farmer's markets. Got everything from kale and swiss chard to oxtail sections and lard. Walked to TGP then biked to Soulard. In the evening I biked to Target and then to the local grocery store. Filled the pannier bags to capacity.

                B - ok, ok. I got the breakfast taco at the market again. With the 2 flour totillas and the beans. Chorizo, scrambled egg, 2 kids of salsa, cilantro, and sour cream. They are that good. I also had a boiled egg.
                L - Really hungry again for some reason. Got 1/2 lb each of pulled pork and brisket from the BBQ place next to the market. Ate both. And probably had 2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce. It needed the sauce. Dipped, not smothered. Just needed a bit of the taste. And had some pork rinds.
                D - Not really hungry after such a large lunch so I just had a couple more pork rinds and a few thin slices of braunschweiger.

                Pork rinds! My new favorite! Between them and the baked kale chips I am set for snack food! My tastes must have really changed, 'cause I remember trying some before from the same place and them tasting like burnt fat. Now they are wonderful. Made there on the spot at the market. Very cool.

                And I'm not a big fan of liver the times that I've tried it, but I've always loved braunschweiger. Is that an ok way to get liver? Not so sure how all it is processed.

                Farted around too much so got my workout in late. 3 rounds trying to hit all 5 essentiall movements. 6 to 8 pull-ups, 40 count plank, 40 squats, 30 push ups, 40 lunges, 40 count side plank, 20 jack-knife push ups, 40 count side plank on other side, and 30 bicycle crunches. I did an extra round of pull ups and push ups, too. In addition I walked a bit over 2 miles total to and from the market, then easy bike 15 to 20 miles to other market then Target. So plenty of moving slowly.

                Little brag for the day. Got a new pair of jeans for the first time in years. Harldy ever wear them. Mainly stick with chinos, khakis, etc. And just got cheapo Target whatever the new Levi line is. Anway, tried on a bunch of 34's and they were plenty roomy around the waist. But I guess I even get the effect as an ex-cyclist 'cause the 'straight fit' were too tight on the thighs and butt. And the 'skinny fit' were probably obscene. But still roomy at the waist. So I went with the relaxed fit. But I probably need to take one of my gay friends who dresses *way* better than me to help me get a decent pair of jeans. But I'm guessing I should wait until I'm closer to my goal, or at least level out for a while.

                I really should go to bed now. Last night without the kids for a few nights.
                Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                  Fuck! I keep somehow hitting the back arrow and losing everything I've written! I hate this keyboard! Making me stay up later!!


                  Nephew's 3rd birthday, so not the best eating.

                  B - few slices of braunschweiger
                  L/D - Bunch of slow smoked beef brisket and sausage that BIL made, but also had some of the beans and rice his dad made. And the potato casserole and salad my mom made. And since it was a bday party I did have a bit of cake and tiny scoop of ice cream.

                  I cheat a whole lot on the diet but I seem to still be making progress...

                  Spent the morning wrapping presents. Well, after sleeping in a bit and the Sunday morning news shows. Was supposed to go run earlier, so didn't have much breakfast. Don't like exercising and digesting at the same time.

                  Eventually did go run. 1/2 to 2/3 mile walk with probably about 3 1/2 mile run around the perimeter of the park. Ran in my VFF on the grass the whole time. Weaved and dodged through trees. First time running in a couple of weeks. Felt a few twinges in my knees but no pain. Think the natural surfaces and near-barefoot is working. And the distance was about equal to what I'll be doing at the Warrior Dash in a couple of weeks. Felt really slow, but with as little running as I've been doing, I shouldn't be surprised. But haven't felt any after effects. No fatigue in lower legs. Seem to have made a good transition to the VFFs. Will continue to take it slow.

                  ETB (ex-to-be. Clever huh? Not sure if that's a completely accurate description right now, but not sure what else to say) dropped of the kids a bit after the run, so I didn't have a chance to put together any post workout food. Took a shower then headed out to party. Didn't think the food would be a problem since we weren't that far from the scheduled party meal time. Unfortunately that was running late and I was starving so I had a couple handfulls of peanuts and a banana. Best I could do without havng cracker and chips. But I did manage to stay away from BIL's favorite drink, Jack and Coke. Water was enough for me, thank you very much.

                  After the kids had baths and then to bed I made a mess of food for the week. Baked bacon per the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Did take a while, but the resulting fat was so clear I didn't even need to strain it. Just pure. Made a bunch of scrambled eggs to go with the bacon for breakfasts. Also made a bunch of swiss chard with garlic, sauteed in lard. Should have gotten several bunches at the Farmer's Market. Cooks down way too much. And I made some pan fried chicken leg quarters. Big cast iron pan with butter and lard and medium high. Skin side down then flip, 5 min each side, then turn heat to medium low and continue to flip for about 20 min more. No flour, no breading. Will post how it turns out. So I've got 4 bacon/egg breakfasts and 2 leg quarter lunches with greens. Need to figure out veggies for the other 2 lunches.

                  Wore my new jeans. Kids thought I looked weird. I don't wear jeans often and I paired them with a narrower cut black t-shirt. Got some good compliments from the family. They even fit a bit loose, but I'm sure they will shrink up as I wash them.

                  Geeze it's late. Bad way to start the week. Bed time.
                  Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                    Hmmm... Very tired this morning. Imagine that. Kids hard to get up too.

                    Slept on arm wrong thus my shoulder kind of hurts. And feeling a bit of DOMS from the Saturday night workout I suppose. I guess the straight body weight calesthenics (sp) work the muscles differenty than the circuit training at the Y and Primal Living Meetup WOD's.

                    Hmm... so do I make $13 by subbing a spinning class today ro still do the Y circuit training? Looking at the spinning class, since it sounds like I will be paying for lodging on the mountain bike trip...
                    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                      Braunschweiger looks pretty clean to me: recipe. Actually, thanks for the incentive to look that up. I made a ton of pate' last winter, but this looks too good not to try.

                      As for the occasional TMI -- it's relevant when it affects your mood or cortisol levels or eating decisions... but you seem to be doing pretty well managing the stress, and that's what it's all about.
                      "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
                      "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
                      If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." ..Richard Feynman

                      beachrat's new primal journal


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                        Meh, I probably come off as a better stress-handler than I really am, but at least I'm figuring that part out now. Plus, I also have been pretending that this is basically internet anonymous with nobody knowing me IRL, so I can pretty much say whatever I want. Like a private journal, but public enough to keep me accountable. But mundane enough that nobody really cares.

                        Speaking of journals, I read some of yours. You should write more. Your prose is a lot better than my rambling stream of consciousness brag and bitch fests. Like they say, so people have a way with words. Other people.... not have way.

                        Ok, Monday.

                        B - 2.5 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon. Small bowl of mixed raspberries and blue berries. Black berries were all moldy at the grocery store, so I skipped them. And Michael Pollan would be upset with me, seing how berry season was months ago.
                        L - One of the pan fried chicken leg 1/4's from last night (the smallest one), the extra piece of bacon to make up for the smallth, little mixed green salad from the farmer's market (lots of arugula) and a plum. Not enough. Was hungry in the afternoon.
                        D - Made burritos for the kids, 'cause I know they'll eat them. I had the meat on salad greens with a bit of cheese, Paul Newman salsa, and guacamole. Made guac for the first time and it was easy as all get out. 2 avacados, minced garlic clove, couple of spoonfulls of Newman's chunky salsa, a bit of sea salt, and juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime. Quick and easy and yummy. But I forgot to put in the cilantro. The boy loved it, the girl wouldn't eat it. Also made a bunch of frozen peas for them (with extras going in with some of the chicken leg quarters.)
                        Snack/cheat - Did have a couple of tortilla chips while I finished up the guac. 'Cause otherwise it would just oxidize. (actually I did make up a small taco salad to take with lunch tomorrow - no chips)
                        Oh, and I did have 1 square of Ghiradelli's 86% dark. Down to my last square... But next time I'm going to the artesinal (sp) shop down the street. Speaking of tastes changing, I used to never like dark chocolate before. Too bitter, not sweet enough. But I know my tastes haven't completely changed, cause the birthday cake from yesterday was still yummy.... Icing and all.

                        Had a terrible time getting both the kids and I up in the morning, so ended up needing to drive to work rather than ride my bike. Oh well.
                        Also ended up teaching the Spinning class rather than taking the circuit training. But like I said, was feeling a little sore. Shoulder and tricepts. Interestingly, going to the Y my upper legs were feeling fatigued. Not what I was expecting after my VFF run. Hmmm....

                        Looks like the mountain bike trip is going to happen. Driving out w/ STC as he heads to DC then flying back. Guess I'll be renting a bike for the 3 or 4 days of riding. Haven't mountain biked in years, so this may be interesting... Know from experience my forearms will be killing me from braking by the end of the first day. Won't be flying, certainly, but I'm hoping I can keep up.

                        Realized my weight is about where it used to be either early season, or in more down times of racing, but I'm not working nearly as hard or as much. This stuff seems to be working....
                        Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                          Stupid computer. Stupid internet. Told myself I was going to be early tonight. Gonna do this post then straight upstairs.

                          B - 2.5 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon. Small bowl of mixed blueberries. Banana
                          L - Small mixed green salad w/ taco meat, bit of shredded cheese, guacamole, salsa. Chicken leg quarter and swiss chard with garlic. Apple.
                          D - Late, after WOD. Prob. 3/4 to 1 lb steak. Cooked in pan with butter. Did end up sneaking a couple of tortilla chips from the kids, and one oreo.

                          Took the kids to the St. Louis Primal Living Meetup group's WOD in the park. But this time one of the activities involved throwing the awkwardly shaped heavy object, so I opted for a rock instead of the kids.
                          Also taught my Spinning class today.

                          Decided to fly back after the mountain bike trip rather than face an 11 hour drive alone. Got my ticket purchased. Now need to arrange a bike rental. Looks like I can get a pretty fancy Ibis FS for not *too* much per day, but when will I ever ride an Ibis again....

                          Ok, bed time now. Although ETB is texting and has conviently forgotten the days she was going to take the kids.... ugh.

                          (and here I posted earlier on a thread about emotions out of control during the initial transition to primal.... Anger, frustration, etc.)
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                          Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                            Quick one.


                            Well, I've found one way to really cut the weight, intestinal distress!! Hahaha! Today turned into an impromptu IF. Went close to 24 hours. Wasn't feeling good last night or today, so decided to just let my system take care of itself.

                            Broke my fast this evening w/ a small package of Whole Food sushi. White rice as part of the BART diet, then the fish for a bit added protein. Also had a few raw cashews. Don't know if that helps with innards issues, but they were tasty.

                            Opted to not change and just teach my Spinning class while standing in street clothes. Was a good move.

                            And the dehydration has me to my lowest point thus far! Need to keep the water up tomorrow.

                            One bit of not exactly fitness/diet related news. Realized Monday I hit 10 years at my current job (OMG!) which gave me another week of PTO each year. Sweet!! Makes the mountain biking trip easier, that's for sure!

                            Bed time. Before 10:30 even!!
                            Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                              Again, quick update before bed.

                              Intestines feeling better. But, not surprising given there was almost nothing in there all day... And lowest weight yet in this journey given the dehydration! Ha! Within 10 lbs of my lowest adult weight! But, tried to make up for that with water. And yet to pee all day...

                              B - Nothing. Wanted to make sure things were going ok. Plus I had my morning meeting and time on site. Hard to get meals in, which is why Thursday is typically my fast day.
                              L - Chicken leg quarter, bunch of left over peas I had made the kids, 2.5 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces bacon, 1/2 cantelope.
                              Snack - Roast beef, lettuce, tomato and onion peeled off a left over 1/2 Panera sandwich from the lunch presentation. 1 plum. Probably 15 kernels of popcorn in the office.
                              D - Appitizers at the presentation. Couple different types of cheese, bunch of baby carrots, green beans, and asparagus spears. Did have 1 pot sticker and maybe 3 toasted ravs. And 2 bottles of beer.

                              So after work I went up to the bike shop and got some new mountain bike shoes. Been needing them for some time. Old ones, which are very nice shoes, the velcro straps have worn out. Can use them for the spin classes, but not for real mountain biking. Need to get the cleats put on now. Saw an old friend working there. That was nice.

                              Afterwards I went to what I thought was the grand opening but turns out it was only the marketing kickoff (and past ground breaking but still a long way to go) for a new world-class indoor climbing facility only about 3 miles from my house. Ride by there every time I bike to work. Used to do a bit of climbing years ago. Only indoor. It's a great workout and would like to do some of that again. And it would be something perfect for my son. He's small for his age, but fairly strong, fairly fearless, and loves to climb things. Just waiting for a good weekend opportunity to take him to the other gym nearby. And I sure hope St. Louis can support 2 climbing gyms within a couple of miles of each other.

                              That's about it. Bed time.

                              Oh, 4 days now w/o Prilosec. Was wondering if that may have been the cause of my intestinal problems. Also, while that was going on I did have some reflux issues. Weird though. Not quite like normal. But today everything has been great. Knock on wood!
                              Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....



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                                First residents are supposed to move in to the apartment portion of my project tomorrow and the hotel opens next Wednesday, so crazy times for me.

                                B - 2 eggs, 4 slices bacon, small bowl of blueberries and raspberries.
                                L - Chicken leg quarter and the last of the left over peas. Some of the roasted cabbage and local kielbasa sausage I made a few nights ago.
                                D - 1 lb steak, pan cooked w/ butter. Bunch of kale chips.
                                Did have 1 handfull of popcorn at work and 1 chocolate chip cookie.

                                Taught my spinning class today, focused a bit more on muscle work than speed work. Oh, and rode to/from work. Was such a beautiful night I went for a run around the park when I got home. Started off great, but had a little bit of knee pain about 1/2 way through. Interestingly, on the 2nd half I started running faster - more forcefully, maybe somewhat exagerated push off from the toes, and that stopped the knee pain. I think it also helped me land more midfoot than heel. I was on grass and in VFF's. One other bad thing. Hit something or dragged my foot or something, but kind of folded my big toe back under, and now it is feeling pretty stiff and sore. Hope it's just a temporary thing.

                                Early this morining I woke up with terrible lower leg cramps. Was guessing I may still be a bit dehydrated from my illness earlier in the week, After my run I had a huge cramp in my shin. The whole muscle seized up and I could see the tendon sicking out on the front of my ankle. Very weird. Very painful, too, but weird.

                                Tomorrow is the first of the month (and the first change of month since starting my journal) so I'll do my 'official' weight and will take a picture. Maybe I can find a way to get them formatted and posted on here.

                                To bed.
                                Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....