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    Hi everyone. I finished Mark's book yesterday and decided that I didn't want to wait any time in getting started! I'm the proud momma of a 12 month old boy. I am a very avid runner, but have been having trouble finding time to do any exercise since having my son....and since God forgot to give me a metabolism (haha) I am still trying to shed some excess pregnancy weight. Before getting pregnant I was in pretty good shape - but I wouldn't say I was fit. I ate fairly good, but a lot of pasta and carbs (runner's food). Running helped me keep my weight down and my metabolism up, but now...well, I've tried a couple "diets" since having my son and nothing is working.
    I stumbled upon Mark's philosophy on the radio. His concept intrigued me so I bought his book and read it over the weekend. And it didn't take long to convince me that this was something that made sense - as unconventional as it is - and was worth doing. I figured, the worst that could happen, I don't lose weight, I don't feel any that can happen, I find a new lifestyle and a new definition of fit!
    So, this morning, I got up and started my day out focusing on being as primal as I could. I hadn't grocery shopped yet, so breakfast and lunch were a bit of a make it up as I go (especially since 90% of what was left in my kitches was a grain or sugar). But I think I did pretty good...
    Here is my first day, let me know what you think - critiques, comments,suggestions are welcome!!

    Breakfast: 3 eggs (organic) with Mrs. Dash spice, yogurt with strawberries and peaches
    (I will be cutting back HUGE on my dairy intake - especially cheese...boohoo...but am not going to cut it out completely...just yet...)
    Lunch: Romaine salad with carrots, raisins, chicken breast, guacomole/mayo dressing and green bean salad (green beans with light vinegar)
    Snack: Handful of almonds and dried peaches, apples, and prunes.
    Dinner: Pork Loin with mayo/spicy brown mustard sauce, organic mesculin salad with olives, carrots, tomato, mushrooms, basil, Mrs. Dash, olive oil and a dash of balsalmic.'d I do? I went grocery shopping today (first time ever not ONE grain was in my shopping cart) so I have more variety of foods to choose from...but it's a start!

    Also, I went to dailyplate and entered my info for today and this is what it came up with:
    Cals 1749, Fat 96 g, Cholesterol 868 mg, Sodium 1704 mg, Carbs 92 g, Fiber 16 g, Protein 114g, Sugars 55 g.

    Good numbers? (I am a nursing mom too, so I up'd my caloric requirement by 300 calories)
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    Gratz and good for you! I am a newbie too and not qualified to give an opinion on your diet so far. But I do think it is great that you are here and ready to make a change. I love eating this way and have lost 29 pounds since May and feel awesome. Welcome aboard!