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Azrhiaz -- newbie's Primal Journal, a/k/a scone withdrawal...

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  • Azrhiaz -- newbie's Primal Journal, a/k/a scone withdrawal...

    Okay, here goes-- I'm a 42 year old female, 5'6", and on 8/15/11 I was up to 157 pounds, which is about thirty more than when I got married three years ago. I am definitely a sugar addict, especially baked goods; the hardest thing about Primal so far is missing the wonderful scones I made every weekend (I make really good scones!). I also love pasta, and I used to eat a good bit of white rice.

    The good news is I at least avoided processed food anyway (for the most part). Didn't buy or eat boxed crap, chips, candy or the like, and I have been careful to avoid HFCS in stuff like ketchup for a long time. I did have an addiction to Coke Zero, but I went cold turkey on that when I started Primal on the 15th.

    So far I've lost four pounds, but I already think I'm stuck. I know I need to add in exercise, and I'm working on figuring out a schedule. I have been trying to walk more, but I have yet to do any "lift heavy things" or sprinting. My husband has been sort-of following along, and of course he's managed to drop ten pounds with doing it half-way (aggravating!). I know I need to be patient. I *do* feel a lot more energy, and my moods seem a lot more stable on Primal, so even if I never lost another ounce I'd be convinced. I'm just looking forward to another twenty-six pounds or so going away...

    Started taking krill oil (1,000 units) every day after reading about it on the forum. I'm very happy that I don't get any fish burps from it, because I'd tried fish oil before and I couldn't stand that horrid side-effect at all.

    I have high cholesterol (around three hundred-ish) but refused statins from my Dr. I was using red yeast rice tablets and avoiding things like eggs (with maybe one or two occasionally) and saturated fat. I haven't had my cholesterol checked in quite a while (denial, that's me), but I'm going to get it checked soon now that I'm eating PB style.

    I hope when I get where I want to be (130-ish or thereabouts) I can experiment with stuff like almond flour scones as a treat, but I'm scared to try that sort of thing just now. I don't eat one scone-- it's usually more like three. Sometimes four. Oh, and biscuits! I'm Southern to the core, and biscuits have always been my idea of manna from heaven. Best to think of them as crack for the moment and simply avoid.

    I think I will eventually eat a little occasional basmati rice, and perhaps a bit of potato here and there. I also can't see giving up lentils forever, but I can definitely think of them in terms of monthly vs. the old weekly rotation. I do very little dairy (was vegan for a while, and had no trouble giving it up entirely). A splash of cream in the coffee and a bit of cheese sometimes is about it. If I stay stuck for a couple more weeks, I'll consider ditching even that.

    So...for today:

    B: 2 pieces thick-cut bacon, 3 eggs with a splash of cream scrambled in a bit of the bacon grease, two cups of coffee with a bit of cream (one more cup than I usually do).

    L: leftover split pea and ham soup (homemade). Not really primal, I know, but I'm trying to work my way through the freezer. Also, it was delicious.

    Snack: I fried some yucca chips in grapeseed oil, thinking they'd be better carb-wise than potato chips. Further research shows they are worse. Whoops.

    D: I'm about to saute some jumbo shrimp in virgin coconut oil, throw in some spinach and coconut milk, and possibly some Madras curry powder.

    Evening snack: I've been having one square a night of Lindt's 90% chocolate. Might have a glass of pinot noir since it's Saturday, and possibly a few Greek olives.

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    Welcome. Sounds like you are doing fine. Plateaus are inevitable. Also, your lean body mass is growing (bones, muscles, connective tissues). Hide the scales for a while. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Sprints will help. They don't have to be running sprints. Can be bike, swimming, climbing a steep hill, etc.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks, Hedonist! I've always been so very impatient about, well, everything. I have to remember to take it a step at a time; I didn't get this way overnight. It's all so counter to everything I've ever thought about losing weight that it's hard to believe (I did low-fat for years), but damn, I'm loving eating avocado with zero guilt.


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        Ugghhh...last night I seriously overindulged in alcohol, which I pretty much never do. As a result, had wretched hangover all day today. Drank lots and lots of water, and decided I might as well move some, so DH and I went on a four mile hike at the nearby nature preserve. That might have been pushing it just a bit, and I got back, took a shower, and passed out for about an hour and a half.

        Food today:

        B: Smoothie (frozen banana, almond milk, one scoop Publix Greenwise chocolate protein powder, one tbsp. coconut oil), 1 cup coffee w/cream

        L: Sonic bacon double cheeseburger minus the bun (-1 for processed cheese, but it was v. tasty hangover chow), apple slices, unsweet tea

        D: cauliflower crust pizza with ham and tomato (pretty good! Will make again).

        Snack: 1 square Lindt 90%.

        Nothing really green today. Oh, well. It all stayed down, so I'll call that a win. Also, lesson learned.