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  • primal journal: bogusjourney

    Here goes...I hope I'm going about this the right way! I think journaling is a great way to keep track of food and fitness, but have never done it in a public way before. So I will start now.

    I've been reading over this entire website for about a month now and adopted the primal eating plan three weeks ago. It's a long story, but after a year and a half of chronic pelvic pain and two surgeries I seem to have reached a breakthrough -- two different doctors advised me to go on different versions of a strict diet that closely resembles what you all do here as an experiment to see if diet could affect my symptoms. Nothing else was working, including some hardcore hormone treatments for endometriosis, and another surgery was the next option, even though it was not completely clear that my ongoing pain was due to endo. So, I looked at the two diet lists I was given -- one for a diet to combat endometriosis, the other for a diet to help with interstitial cystitis -- and made a "grand master" foods list. What I ended up with was basically the Primal Blueprint plan, with a few adjustments (Ok, the endometriosis diet is vegan, but that's the only big exception. I eat meat.). Here's the thing: I did this -- cut out all grains, all sugars and artificial sweeteners (I have been low carbing for six years, so I didn't really consume sugar anyway, but was an avid consumer of splenda and diet coke), all caffeine, all soy, all dairy, all chocolate (endometriosis diet), making me gluten free, soy free, dairy free, sugar free; plus I've been reading up on all the positive changes I can make in my diet on this website and a few others.

    Long story short: since I made these changes, my pain has DISAPPEARED, as in the chronic pelvic pain I felt every day that kept me glued to the sofa with a heating pad doped up on percocet for months and months and months and forced me to take a quarter off from writing my dissertation is suddenly GONE. This is the truth.

    Anyway, now I want to keep a journal too, to keep myself honest and also get advice if anyone looks at it and notices something worth commenting on. So here goes:


    Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with coconut oil (I make a little cut in the egg down to the yolk and squish some coconut oil in there, where it melts and is pure deliciousness) and salt, rooibos tea with plain coconut creamer, 1/3 cup blueberries

    Snack: raw cauliflower

    Lunch: barely ripe pear with six walnut halves

    Dinner: roasted chicken breast with skin on mache salad with walnut oil (I'm not supposed to have anything acidic from now on, so oil only on salads), pine nuts, one strip applewood smoked bacon, steamed asparagus

    Snack: Fage 2% yogurt with bee pollen and flaxseed oil

    Exercise: Today I did 30 minutes alternating walk/jog on the treadmill, then an hour long spinning class with an instructor who does mostly intervals

    Note: I'm a recovering anorexic, so don't blast me for having a low calorie count -- to me this is a ton of food and I felt full all day. I added yogurt back in, because frankly it's my greatest pleasure in life right now (it's been a bad year - GOODBYE 2009!) and doesn't seem to cause a reaction for me, even though I'm lactose intolerant.

    Thanks for any feedback! I'm on my way!

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    Primal journal entry numero due!

    Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with coconut oil, weak decaf coffee with coconut creamer

    Lunch: raw chard salad with two hard boiled eggs, pine nuts, parsley, and walnut oil

    Snack: 6 oz. blackberries and 1 oz. almonds

    Dinner (?): fage total whole milk yogurt with bee pollen and flax/evening primrose oil

    Snack: tbsp almond butter with some homemade unsweetened carob chips, maybe a teaspoon

    Exercise: one hour spinning class, one hour weights with trainer

    Finally, winter break starts tomorrow!! I had no appetite after this workout.


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      Yesterday's food!

      Breakfast: fage 2% with bee pollen, almonds and blueberries

      Snack: pear with six almonds

      Lunch: spinach salad, two hard boiled eggs, olive oil dressing

      Snack: one square carob bar

      Sanck II: raw cauliflower

      Dinner: roasted chicken leg, sauteed zucchini


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        Yesterday was a funny day -- I spent most of the time in the car. Here's what I ate:

        Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with coconut oil, decaf coffee with stevia

        Snack: about a quarter of one of my new YouBars!

        Snack II: raw cauliflower

        Lunch: mache salad with hazelnut oil and goat cheese

        Snack: a pear and almonds (6)

        Dinner: assorted pieces of roasted chicken

        Late Night Snack: fage 2% with bee pollen


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          Ok last two days post:


          Breakfast: two HB eggs with coconut oil, decaf coffee with stevia

          Lunch: one bosc pear, probably an ounce of pecans that I candied with yacon syrup, lots of raw dough for almond meal cookies sweetened with agave (oh well)

          Dinner: a few shrimp -- I wasn't that hungry

          Exercise: one hour with personal trainer

          Friday (xmas day)

          Breakfast: two HB eggs with coconut oil, decaf coffee with stevia

          Lunch: leftover roast beef from mom's xmas party, mache salad, olive oil, goat cheese

          Dinner: baked salmon, three shrimps from mario batali's "shrimp casalinga" recipe (with capers and marsala wine), sauteed zucchini

          Dessert: made my own coconut flour cupcake with almond/goat milk carob frosting so I wouldn't feel left out while the family ate buche de noel...

          No exercise! I *was* on my feet all day making the food for everyone...


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            Hm, I seem to have missed a day here. What did I eat on Saturday -- good thing I tracked it on The Daily Plate..

            Breakfast: aha! This was a mistake, I was so full afterward...made my own crunchy cereal out of nuts and yacon syrup after hearing my family crunching away on breakfast, served mine with blackberries and almond milk. It was delicious but I couldn't eat the rest of the day.

            Afternoon snack: pear

            Dinner: mache salad, goat cheese, hazelnut oil

            Midnight snack: hot carob drink with almond milk

            I wasn't feeling well (abdominal pain), so I only did a half hour of walking at the gym. Saw Sherlock Homes movie.


            Breakfast: a container of fage 2% yogurt, tsp. bee pollen, warm blueberries

            Lunch: two hard boiled eggs, mache salad, olive oil, goat cheese

            Snack: one organic pear

            Dinner: spinach salad with pancetta and pine nuts, then grilled veal and some sauteed broccoli. This was so good, my first restaurant meal since changing to this way of eating. Italian food is numero uno.

            Evening bite: one square of carob bar

            Exercise: I spent an hour and a half walking/running around a lagoon trail out here in Carlsbad, CA. This was fun!


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              Primal Journal for Monday, December 28, 2009

              Breakfast: fage 0% yogurt (the store was out of the others, and this effectively ruined my eating day), bee pollen, blueberries

              Mid-morning snack I: remaining veal chop (I was hungry again in two hours after the yogurt!)

              Mid-morning snack II: a fried egg with some raw spinach...still hungry

              Mid-morning snack III: one of my YouBars...all this before 11 am

              Post-workout snack: organic pear, goat cheese, almonds

              Dinner: just a big salad: mache, fennel, radicchio, green beans, hazelnut oil.

              Exercise: long, slow elliptical workout. I tried to vary the resistance and incline every few minutes. 1.5 hours. I figured this was as close as I could get to walking a long distance today, because my knees hurt from yesterday's run. Trainer's coming tomorrow.


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                ps carbs today were 66 grams, 18 grams fiber, 56 protein (not enough for me) according to The Daily Plate.


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                  Primal Journal for Tuesday, 29 December 2009

                  Breakfast: fage 2% yogurt, bee pollen, flax-borage oil

                  Post-workout snack: half a pear dipped in melted "chocolate" I made from coconut oil and some carob powder, yum

                  Lunch: salad of endive, blanched green beans, spinach, goat cheese, and olive oil; one hard boiled egg

                  Snack: 1/3 cup fresh blueberries, coconut milk creamer

                  Dinner: broiled salmon, spinach sauteed in olive oil

                  Post-dinner: 12 almonds, piece of homemade stevia carob bar (I'm not supposed to eat chocolate btw in case I haven't written that before)

                  Exercise: one hour with personal trainer


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                    ps carbs today 50g, fiber 12g, protein 66g according to The Daily Plate


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                      Yesterday's food -- December 30, 2009

                      Breakfast: fage 2%, blueberries, six almonds, tsp bee pollen

                      Lunch: sauteed mushrooms, broccoli rabe, zucchini; grilled shrimp, arugula

                      Snack: raw jicama, snap peas

                      Snack II: about 12 marcona almonds

                      Dinner: two hard boiled eggs, coconut oil, square of carob bar, some more almonds

                      Spent the day at museums in LA; no exercise.


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                        Happy New Year!!

                        December 31, 2009

                        Breakfast: fage 2% yogurt, 6 almonds, half a container of blueberries

                        Lunch: big salad of mache, sauteed asparagus, radiccchio, steamed broccoli, pine nuts, goat cheese, two hard boiled eggs, olive oil

                        Dinner: roasted agave lime chicken breast

                        Party time: a japanese dessert made of beans and a shared piece of pumpkin pie

                        Exercise: one hour walk outside, down the lagoon trail and back.


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                          Primal Journal for 01 January 2010

                          Breakfast: fage 2%, blueberries, coffee with coconut milk creamer

                          Lunch: raw veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas) dipped in olive oil, salt

                          Dinner: lamb burger (no bun or other accoutrements) , sauteed spinach, goat cheese

                          Snack: a pear dipped in coconut oil/carob mixture ("melted chocolate"); about six almonds

                          Exercise: hour walk/run


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                            Primal Journal for 02 January, 2010

                            Breakfast: fage 2%, blueberries

                            Snack: celery sticks, raw snap peas

                            Lunch: cabbage salad, olive oil, pine nuts

                            Snack: two hard boiled eggs

                            Dinner: grilled new york steak, arugula salad, sauteed spinach

                            Snack: homemade coconut milk ice cream sweetened with stevia!

                            Exercise: null


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                              Primal Journal for Sunday, 03 Jan 2009

                              Breakfast: made sugar free grain free banana nut muffins (yes I used xylitol), and ate three of them: http://healthyindulgences.blogspot.c...0nut%20muffins

                              Lunch: IF (or at least I didn't eat lunch, so I guess that's IF even if unintentional!)

                              Dinner: big salad of spinach, snap peas, one carrot, sauteed asparagus, goat cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, and a fried egg

                              Midnight snack: fage % yogurt, a few blackberries

                              Exercise: 1/5 hour walk/run with sprints worked in