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  • D3monic's Primal Journey

    Sorry, this is copy and pasted from the "what was your turning point" Thread I figured it woudl also make a great introduction about myself and how I ended up here.

    Micheal Davis

    5' 10 171 lbs

    BMI 24.6

    Fat 22.8%

    Muscle 37.6%

    Viceral fat 7

    Body age 41

    Resting metabolism 1734

    My whole life I had been on the light side. i weighed 120lbs all through highschool. I stayed really light until a few years ago when i started my new job. I was 145 when I started.
    Easy work, no manual hard labor and payed really well.
    I quit smoking shortly after starting there. i replaced cigarettes with food, I was not eating healthy.
    We would go out to eat all the time, ribeyes and bbq every other night.....before I even realized what happened I was up to almost 200lbs in less than 6 months.
    over the next two years a few more pounds packed on.

    I would get winded climbing the stairs, my knees hurt like hell all the time.
    Finally one day I was sitting on the stairs like I did every morning, I went to put my work boots on.
    I had to suck in and hold my breath to be able to bend down enought to tie my laces. If I didn't get them tied in time I would have to come back up for air.

    Thats it! Enough is enough!

    I had been wanting to do p90x for years but could never afford it. A friend of mine was nice enough to let me have her disks, I was focused and determined. I followed the meal plans and became obsessed with eating healthier and working out. in 90 days I got down from 226 lbs to 182lbs. I know its not a ton but it was very motivating (sorry I know this isn't a p90x forum just sharing what lead me to this point)

    I kind of took the winter off, i was still eating somewhat healthy but not really working out any more. This spring I got back at it. I was back up to 190lbs. I started doing p90x again but half way through started over with a P90x insanity hybrid. I was in my phase 3 at 172 lbs when i injured my back pushing myself too hard.

    currently I am not able to work out due to muscle inflamation pinching a nerve and what I keep trying to tell my doctor is a messed up disk (need to find a new doc )

    Any how, About a two months ago my wife had discovered the paleo life style and was trying to sell me on it. I really didn't pay that much attention to it since I was so focused on my current diet and exercise regemine. I didn't eat much breads to begin with altho I would have the occasional carb smart tortilla. After my injury I wasn't able to work out any more...hell I couldn't (cant) even mow the lawn without my arm and neck tingling and going numb.

    I started getting bored and decided to do some research on this paleo thing my wife was talking about. So far the basis makes perfect sense. I still have a lot of reading to do but thanks to google its pretty easy to figure out what foods are acceptable. I started practicing a week ago but had a final cheat over the weekend. I started officially Monday, sadly I have been meeting a lot of resistance from my wife who was the one that was trying to sell me on the idea in the first place. She was singing a different tune last night after my spagetti squash with a bolognese suace though. She said it was one of the best meals i have ever produced...unlike tonights chicken stir fry without was a flop.

    anyhow, this is my first post here so please also concider this my official introduction

    ohh heres a fatty before and after pic...still not ripped but on the way there

    60 days later

    and around 178 lbs

    No more holding my breath thats for sure! currently 171 but lost a lot of muscle tone since I have not been able to move any weights.

    I look forward to sharing my journey with you guys and hope to pick up lots of tips.

    We just joined a CoOp and hopefully will be stuffing the fridge full of grassfed beef soon. Whole foods is about 30min from here so every payday we load up there and I have a organic farm right down the street where I can pick up odds and ends when needed. They always seem to be out of fresh eggs (free range chickens) I should start stopping by first thing in the morning instead of after work
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    Last nights dinner was a big hit, Primal spaghetti. My wife said it was one of the best dinners she has had in a really long time and rated it a 10 out of 10

    1 spaghetti squash cut length wise, remove seeds and baked flatside down at 375 for one hour

    While that cooks combine 14 oz organic fire roasted tomatoes, 8oz organic tomatoe sauce in a med sauce pan.

    I got the following from a local organic farm I am fortunate to live down the street from

    Fresh garlic chopped (4 cloves , or slivers what ever is technically the individual seed pods)
    1 sage leaf
    oregano to taste
    basil to taste
    5 Mushrooms (not organic in this case)
    black olives (canned cause its what I had)
    you can add honey or agave nectar if you like. I used about a tsp of agave
    all chopped and added to the sauce.

    chop one med onion, half a green pepper and combine and saute with 1lb of grass fed ground beef.
    Brown and add to the sauce.
    Cover and simmer until the squash is done.

    Pull squash from oven. Use fork to shred squash running legthwise accross rind to produce noodles.

    Spoon sauce onto squash noodles and enjoy! I am not a big spaghetti fan and made this dish mainly for my wife...I enjoyed the squash over traditional spaghetti 1000 times more.
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      did 1.5 hours of yoga, supprisingly not much tingling from my pinched nerve.
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        I was running a little late this morning so I did not have time to prepare myself a lunch...not sure what kind of options I have.... I guess maybe sashimi from my old sushi restraunt. I would say habachi steak since they use grass fed beef but not sure about the oils or soysauce they use. Hmm....
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          Made a trip to whole foods tonight and loaded up on goodies...too many to list but a few highlights

          Swordfish steak, Tilapia filets, a few pounds of GF Ground beef, 3 lbs of Chicken breasts, coconut butter, few cans of pumpkin, spaghetti squash, kale, a couple pounds of green beans (love green fries) the kids eat a lot fruit so several bunches of bananas, papaya, watermelon, apples ect, FR Eggs , raw honey, cocoa and well....a couple hundred bucks of other stuff.

          While cleaning out the pantry I managed to find the long lost coconut flour... I am thinking fried tilapia or maybe chicken strips. Either one sounds good for lunch tomorrow. i guess we will see what the family is in the mood for.

          Life would be a lot easier if the wife and kids where sticking to paleo.

          For breakfast I just had a protein shake

          Lunch Sashimi

          Dinner my wife made a roast with carrots and mushrooms.... a little fattier than i am used to but was good.
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            Meet my Hunting partner

            This is my Hunting partner Chloe, aka Clover, aka Cloverfield, aka CavePup

            She is a Germanshepard / Bernese mountain dog Mix. By far one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned.....also the most I have ever been allergic to.

            Here she is when we first got her at two months old.

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              Now at 4 months today (happy 4mo birthday! I know a pup thats getting some bacon!)

              She loves being challenged, which is unfortunatly because of my allergies I hate taking her out in teh truck. I can barely breath. i need to see the allergist about one of those shots.

              here she is playing at the playground (still working on the rockwall )


              I would of liked to get more video of her but some neighborhood kids showed up.

              I plan on starting to work with her on stirring up game birds and retrieving. I know shes not a retriever but she sure likes chasing birds and has one heck of a nose.
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                Bacon Day Madness!

                Well with today being bacon appreciation day I figured we would start the morning off right with uncured bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

                For a Snack I made a version of Paleo projects double chocolate chip cookies

                Cranberry Walnut Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | The Paleo Project

                I made them with no nuts and Fresh dark cherries instead of cranberries.

                1 cup coconut flour
                1/2 cup honey
                1/4 cup coconut butter
                1/4 cup coconut oil
                1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
                1 cup of enjoy life chocolate chips
                4 eggs
                1/4 cup fresh cherries
                I suggest cup applesauce if you want them soft.
                Preheat oven to 325, farenheit
                In a small bowl, melt coconut butter, honey and coconut oil for 45 seconds
                In a large bowl, combine coconut flour and cocoa powder
                Add melted coconut honey mixture and eggs to dry mixture
                Mix in chocolate chips and cherries
                Place cookie dough balls on a lightly greased cookie sheet
                Bake for 15-18 minutes

                They turned out a little drier than I would like. For future notes cinnamon would be good and maybe a quarter cup of applesauce added to the recipe (already adjusted recipe above) to add some moisture and make the cookies softer.

                For dinner we are doing caveman burgers with avacado, bacon, mushrooms and onions sauted in coconut butter and organic romain lettuce leaves for the bun. George over at shared this recipe for Fat Recipes - Coconut Buns and they sound possibly tasty but I will already have my hands full grilling and sauteing.

                Heres the finished delicious product!

                Mmm oven fries as well,

                Preheat oven to 400
                Wash and cut ends off tips of beans
                Lightly drizzle with extra virgin olive oil
                Sea Salt to taste and a little garlic
                Roast in oven for 15 mins or until lightly browned
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                  Me and the Cave Pup engaging in a little Grok play at the park.

                  Grok play - YouTube
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                    Had a great day out today. Took the kids to the park and being a dork I climbed up a skinny tree pretending I was after a coconut.

                    Had a hell of a craving all day for a random handful of items. Papaya, balsamic, scallops, bacon, cilantro, avocado and lemons....

                    well for the most part I managed to put most of it all together in one delicious dish!

                    Introducing Pan seared scallops with a Spicy papaya salsa.

                    Cut and deseed a papaya

                    Chop and place in a bowl. Add 1 tbs of Lime juice, chives and a pinch of crushed red pepper. Set aside

                    Pan Sear Scallops in coconut butter on Med High heat for several minutes each side

                    Served over lettuce with a little balsamic reduction drizzled and Avocado sprinkled with lemon Juice.

                    I also had a craving for Butternut squash soup. I had some in the pantry from trader did have evaporated cane juice in it....shhhhhh don't tell on me.
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                      Changed things up for the family this morning. Growing tired of scrambled eggs so I made them some waffles! The Food Lovers' Primal Palate: Coconut Flour Pancakes and Waffles As with any baking recipe using coconut flour I recommend using a few spoonfulls of applesauce otherwise it will be rather dry.

                      From Left to right. Papaya (with rasberries on top) , Blueberry, Chocolate chip using a tbsp of cocoa and a handfull of enjoylife chocolate chips.

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                        Been doing pretty good. Lost 4 pounds this week so far bringing me down to 166 and pretty close to my goal weight. Went to the doctor to address persistent back pain pinching a nerve. They gave me prednisone and a Dr note for massage therapy so my flex spending would cover it. Yay! Had another panic attack last night and muscle tremors. Thyroid levels have been high. Hopefully once this next set of blood tests come back we can come up with a plan of action. At this point I am ready to say nuke it and give me pills.....altho that's not the caveman way. After all , what happens if the zombie apocalypse comes and I can't get my medicine any more? Other than a little evaporated cane juice in my butternut squash soup I have not had any cheats. Definatly no grains.

                        I got my daughter this weekend and her mom keeps her on an all junk food diet. its going to be hard to feed her. I am thinking maybe tortilla pizzas for her and portebella pizzas for teh rest of the family. I know she doesn't like mushrooms. After all "Whats a vegematable?" Sigh. This will be fun.
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                          Still having panic attacks, not sure whats up with that. Going back to DR tomorrow. 163lbs
                          "The only thing they can get me for is running a cemetary without a license"-Gacy